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Advent arrangements 2022: These beautiful ideas for Advent decoration with candles you can also do yourself

The first Advent is just around the corner and if you do not have an Advent wreath yet, you can use the remaining few days to get to work. Of course, you can also buy the Advent flower arrangement, but where’s the fun in that? A homemade decoration can also be much cheaper if you use the right materials, as well as know a few tricks. Today we would like to show you how you can make wonderful Advent flower arrangements 2022 yourself, which are in no way inferior to the purchased versions. All it takes is some creativity and a little bit of craftsmanship.

Advent arrangements 2022: What are the current trends?

DIY Advent flower arrangement 2022 modern with dried flowers

Advent, Advent, ein Lichtlein brennt … Soon it’s that time again! The Advent season begins and from this week we light a candle on the Advent wreath every Sunday to count down the time until the birth of Christ.

For a long time now, the classic fir wreath has not been the only option for Advent decor. Advent wreath trends 2022 are colorful and versatile, offering a suitable idea for every taste. From floral arrangements made from dried hydrangeas, to knitted wreaths, to edible alternatives – everything is allowed this year. Whether purist and classic, or modern and fancy – you can personalize your Advent arrangement.

But which idea to choose when the selection is so large? We’ve rounded up the most beautiful Advent arrangements 2022, as well as a few tips and instructions on how to recreate them yourself.

DIY Advent arrangements from different materials

It does not always have to be fir . In the following collection, you’ll find several great examples of an Advent floral arrangement that takes a step away from the classic while still keeping tradition within.

Quick Advent flower arrangement to make yourself with poinsettia

Modern Advent decoration with candles do it yourself for the table

The poinsettia is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Christmas plants. With its gorgeous red leaves, it can instantly put our homes in a festive mood. Whether arranged in a pot or as a table decoration, the ideas for Christmas decoration with poinsettias are pretty much endless. You can even use it to make your own Advent flower arrangement for 2022. A simple idea follows.

DIY idea for simple advent flower arrangement with poinsettia in pot

An Advent flower arrangement is nothing more than a flower arrangement with candles. However, if you’re not so good at tying and assembling flowers and branches, you can try this super simple idea. It looks like a flower arrangement, but the plant is not destroyed, but placed in the center of a wreath blank, along with the pot. The blank can be covered up as you like. But we just love this idea with pink fluffy fabric, which perfectly harmonizes with the leaves of the poinsettia. Don’t forget the candles either – these can be tucked in between the poinsettia leaves, so it’s best to use tall stick candles.

Pictures and idea from Stars Unite Europe

Make your own Advent arrangement with fir greenery in a bowl

Advent arrangement in bowl do it yourself with natural greenery

If you do want to include the classic fir greenery, you can use it to arrange a modern Advent arrangement on a tray. Instead of tying a wreath with it, you can place a piece of stick foam on the tray and simply stick the branches into the foam. Whether you leave the arrangement green or decorate it with a few red and gold accents is up to you.

Colorfully design the Advent wreath 2022

DIY Advent arrangement 2022 with eucalyptus and painted pine cones

Wrap a candle holder for four stick candles with eucalyptus twigs and buds and stick a few brightly painted pine cones in between. It really is that easy to make this colorful arrangement yourself. Sure, you need some crafting skills, but even inexperienced crafters can do well with it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, said the wise man.

Advent arrangements 2022 make yourself with dried flowers

Colorful Advent wreath with stick candles in autumn colors

Ah, how beautiful are dried flowers in Christmas decorations! If you are looking for a truly original alternative to the classic, this year you should go for an Advent wreath made of dried flowers. This modern Advent decoration was still a hit last year and will remain with us in 2022.

However, if you’ve ever tinkered with dried flowers, you definitely know how tricky the task is. That’s why we offer a trick: get artificial dried flowers to save yourself the hassle. Hydrangeas, mosses, lantern flowers, white berries and whatever your heart desires (or you can find in the craft store) can be used to craft a stunning Advent 2022 arrangement. If the color fits, you can also add what dried orange slices – they add a very special effect.

The inexpensive: do it yourself Advent flower arrangement for under 10 euros.

Simple DIY Advent flower arrangement from inexpensive materials

Have you ever seen the current prices for ready-made Advent wreaths? Because we have not found any under 100 euros. But in fact, you do not need expensive materials to make a pretty flower arrangement with Advent candles for the table. For example, you can use a wooden disc or an old baking dish to save money and still make a pretty decoration. We reveal how to do it.

DIY cheap advent flower arrangement in 2022

First, you should choose a base. For example, how about an old round cake pan that’s not being used right now? Then we come to the secret weapon – the plugging foam. Buy an inexpensive (preferably online) piece that is large enough, such as a plug foam ring. Then add it to the mold and stick 4 stick candles equidistant from each other. Then it’s the greenery’s turn. If you have evergreen branches in your garden, you can cut a few and use them to finish your Advent arrangement. To do this, first wet the stick foam and then stick the branches directly on top until you are happy with the shape and look of your arrangement. That wasn’t complicated at all, was it?