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Celebrating parties is fun: tips and ideas for celebrating in the outdoor season.

We love to celebrate parties. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings or simply a beautiful summer day are welcome occasions for this. Of course, this is only a small selection, because reasons to celebrate are a dime a dozen and they are used gladly and extensively. It’s most fun when the weather is nice, because then the party can take place outdoors, which greatly expands the scope of possibilities.

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Preferably under the open sky

The barbecue as a popular idea for a summer party

As soon as the temperatures rise and the evenings are long enough to celebrate outside, the absolute favorite among the parties is the popular barbecue party in the garden. The number of guests is open to the top and there is usually no such thing as a dress code. On the contrary, whoever comes is welcome and if they bring something to put on the grill or pour into the glasses provided, all the better. The greater the variety on the table, the more comfortable the guests feel, especially if the range of food and drinks is arranged with particular care. The eye eats with you, as we know, and so an original decoration creates the right atmosphere for a perfect barbecue .

Celebrate on a grand scale

Have big party outside with party tent

The private setting in the garden of a semi-detached house is ideal for family celebrations or small parties with friends. But there are also parties that would certainly go beyond this framework, because the number of guests would simply overwhelm the capacity of the house and garden. This is definitely the case with corporate events or the soccer club’s cup celebration. Here you need significantly more space. And not only that: all the equipment needs to be on a much larger scale: tables, chairs, crockery and enough helping hands to ensure that guests are catered for to their satisfaction.

White party tent in garden

To ensure that the weather does not spoil the fun of celebrating, it is essential to have a roof to keep the guests and the catering buffet dry in the event of a rainstorm. For this reason, organizers of large outdoor parties should always rent a party tent nearby. It not only offers protection from the vagaries of the weather, but also adds a visually appealing touch to the entire event. Size and equipment depend on the number of expected guests and if the budget allows, professional staff for assembly, disassembly and cleaning will also be provided.

The right theme

Summer party celebrate with motto

It is always a good idea to put the party under a certain motto and align the ambience and activities accordingly. If you are looking for inspiration, you may find some creative ideas for an unforgettable summer party here.

The day after

Summer party outdoor celebration tips

The party in the party tent on the sports field or on the municipal meadow has another invaluable advantage: Your own garden is spared all the traces that such events leave behind. That means you can use it again the very next morning for the usual outdoor activities for the whole family, as if nothing had happened. No trampled lawn, no cigarette butts disturb the picture and nowhere are dirty dishes that need to be collected and cleaned.

Playing and relaxing in the garden with friends