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Wednesday costume: ideas on how to recreate the look of the youngest Addams for Mardi Gras 2023

Mardi Gras 2023 is just around the corner and since the release of the series “Wednesday” on Netflix, the costume of Wednesday Adams is more popular than ever. In this article you will learn what are the must-have elements of the look of our favorite character, brilliantly embodied by actress Jenna Ortega, and how you can look exactly like the youngest member of the Addams Family.

Wednesday costume mock up – What elements are a must have

Wednesday costume recreation - what elements are a must have

Wednesday is known for her dark humor and striking looks. While the youngest member of the Addams family can be seen in movies, television and even on Broadway in many different looks, she is best known for her long, dark braids and is always seen in her signature black dress with a white collar. If you have both, complete the look with a vampy lipstick and a pair of dark shoes. So if you want to channel your inner goth look (or your little one’s), here are some ideas for you. You’ll find everything you need to create your own iconic Wednesday costume.

The black dress and the white pointed collar

The first thing you need for a Wednesday Кcostume is a long-sleeved black dress

The first thing you need for a Wednesday Кcostume is a long-sleeved black dress. Since this may not be easy to find, you can also opt for a long-sleeved shirt and a black sweater, as well as a skirt in the same color. Your shoes also need to be black, it is best to choose black oxford style shoes or at least elegant shoes.

You will also need a white pointed collar to put over your dress, as this is one of the most characteristic elements for a Wednesday costume. You can simply wear a white shirt under your dress.

In the new series, Wednesday’s iconic dress has been refreshed with floral polka dot motifs. So if you have a dress with a pattern, you can use it just as well. The only important thing is that it’s black and that you complement the look with other signature details.

Black and white stripes and hoodies

Let your inner Addams come alive with a black and white striped hoody outfit

Comfort can definitely be pretty too, and Wednesday’s outfit definitely proved that with the multi-layered hoodie and black and white striped blouse or dress (depending on what you have in your closet). And the best part is that you probably already own some (if not all) of the clothes you need for this look. Complete the casual outfit with flared leggings and platform boots for a modern touch.

And don’t forget about Wednesday’s signature braids. If you have long hair, part it straight down the middle of your hair and braid a braid on each side of your head. If not, you can find a black Wednesday wig with braids or braid them yourself.

Recreate Wednesday Costume – The Nevermore Academy Uniform.

Wednesday costume mock up - The uniform of Nevermore Academy

If you thought this type of look was only for the office or a work event, think again. With a few adjustments, like a shorter skirt or a looser tie, you can go to a girls’ night out or Mardi Gras 2023 in this outfit. Whatever the occasion, Wednesday knows this look will be fire.

The dress for the prom – splendor of tulle and lace

recreate this whimsical elegance for Mardi Gras 2023

I think I can speak for everyone when I say our mouths dropped open when Wednesday came down the stairs in this stunning dress. The tulle! The purity! Create this whimsical elegance for Mardi Gras 2023. Since the dress in the show has a hint of vintage and you probably don’t have such a dress in your closet, you can pair a black lace shirt with a long tulle skirt for this look. Wear lace-up boots with it, wear an updo hairstyle, paint your nails with black nail polish and complete your look with a bright burgundy lipstick.

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The characteristic for Wednesday Adams makeup

Look like the youngest member of the Addams Family with these makeup tips

As for Wednesday Adams makeup, it shouldn’t be difficult as you only need to use a light foundation to make your face a little pale. Use dark eye shadow to fake dark circles under your eyes, because even the youngest member of the Addams Family looks like she hasn’t slept for a few days.

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Wednesdays softly smudged brown-plum or reddish lips can be achieved by mixing lipstick in the right color and putting some clear balm on your lips. Please don’t forget the black eyeliner, it’s a must! And if you are in the right mood for it, you can also add some freckles on your face.

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