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Tips for carnival party for children – decoration and games ideas & what you can serve on the buffet.

Most adults have a lot of fun at carnival. Now imagine how much fun then the little rascals have! A carnival party for children is therefore a great idea and it does not matter whether it is carnival in kindergarten , at school or a private party at home. Carnival costumes, delicious snacks and drinks and of course the right games are a must so that the fun is guaranteed!

Organize carnival party for kids - tips and ideas for food and drinks, decorations and games

And to make sure everything is just right and you organize the perfect carnival party for kids, we want to help you. For this purpose, we’ve put together some great ideas for the buffet, for the decorations and, of course, for fun games that you can use or use as inspiration for similar ideas. And once everything is planned down to the last detail, all you need to do is hand out the homemade invitation cards and wait for the big party day. HELLO!

Carnival party for kids – carnival buffet for kids.

At the carnival party for kids can be served pizza, hamburgers, beliners and cupcakes

Let’s start with one of the most important things of the party: the food and drinks. After all, fun and games make you hungry, so the kids must always have something to eat handy . Especially good for this purpose is a buffet, which the children can access at any time when they feel like a snack or thirst quencher.

Carnival party for kids - buffet ideas with sweet and savory snacks

What children’s carnival party food can not miss at all, of course, is the doughnut, filled with jam. They are the carnival snack par excellence. Whether you bake them yourself , get them from the supermarket to defrost and bake, or order in advance from a baker, you decide. Chocolate kisses are also classics. Otherwise, finger food is also good for the carnival party for children. For example, how about these delicious bananas on a stick, which are quick and easy to make:

Chocolate bananas on a stick as snacks for carnival party for kids.

Snack for carnival party for kids - Simple and delicious chocolate bananas

  • Bananas
  • Chocolate (dark, milk and/or white chocolate to taste)
  • Sprinkles, chopped nuts, M&M’s, gummy bears, oatmeal and other edible decorations
  • Wooden sticks

Simply melt the chocolate in a water bath. In the meantime, peel and cut the bananas in half and stick a stem in the cut side of each. You can then dip the bananas into the melted chocolate and sprinkle with nuts, sprinkles or other goodies while the chocolate is still liquid. Alternatively, you can put these decorations in plates and roll the chocolate bananas in them. Then they will be covered even better. Ready are your treats on a stick !

Serve fruits and vegetables in the form of funny characters at the carnival party for kids

Other fruits can also be jazzed up this way. Also try adding vegetables to the buffet: Celery sticks, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes and the like are often well received by children. At the same time, you can play with the visuals and make fun animals that will tempt you to snack on them.

Muffins with theme carnival for the party for children and other snack ideas.

Mini pizzas and carnival-themed cupcakes go down well with kids

You can also bake creative cupcakes and then design them to match the kids carnival theme. For example, the idea with clown in the picture above is very suitable. For the hat, simply use an ice cream cone that you design with colored icing. For the face, choose any topping and syrup, for example. Otherwise, salt sticks, popcorn, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza and chips are also super suitable to make the children’s hearts beat faster.

Prepare the pizza in a different way in the form of bites, snails, rolls, in the cup & on a stick.
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Kids fancy dress party ideas for drinks

Make your own punch as a drink with fruits and gummy bears

The most suitable drinks are freshly squeezed juices, but also homemade lemonades. Homemade punch is common at carnivals, so you can’t go wrong with that either. You can create great variations with iced tea. A true thirst quencher is also plain mineral water. So put a few bottles on the buffet for kids who prefer still water.

Carnival party for kids – ideas for costumes

Costume idea for children's party for carnival - angels and devils for kids

In principle, yes, all kinds of costumes are suitable. But if you want, you can choose a specific theme for the theme party for carnival. For example, you can choose the theme 80s. But then you should also note this on the invitation card.

Any costumes can be worn at the carnival party for children

However, animal costumes are also very popular among children, so this is a wonderful theme for the carnival party for kids. This can be equally divided into sea animals, animals from Africa, insects, jungle animals or forest animals, for example. Especially if you are celebrating the carnival party for kids at home, you can impose such a dress code. If the carnival costumes are for kindergarten, everyone should have free choice.

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Decoration for carnival in kindergarten, school or at home

Table for carnival colorfully decorate with garlands, confetti and other decorations

Nice and colorful it should be and confetti, streamers and balloons are a must ! Confetti can be spread on the table or you fill the balloons with it. There is also edible confetti with which you can decorate cupcakes and other desserts. And what you do with the rest of the decorations is entirely up to you. Your children are welcome to help with the design.

Rainbow decoration with balloons for the table at the children's party for carnival

If you are looking for ideas for the carnival at school or for the kindergarten, you can also make and prepare the decorations together with the children a few days in advance. For carnival crafts in kindergarten garlands and other ideas with paper are super suitable. Also a few masks should not be missing. They can be made in advance or during the party or bought ready-made.

Games for carnival party for children

Game ideas for carnival at a party in kindergarten, at home or at school

The invitations are distributed, the decorations are ready and the buffet is set up. While guests will be enjoying themselves at first, it will soon be time to use some carnival party kids games to keep their spirits up. Here are a few ideas for carnival games in elementary school, kindergarten or at the party in your own home .

Memory with gloves

For this idea for kids carnival games you really need many, many pairs of gloves. Place them in a pile and mix them well. As soon as the start signal sounds, the children run to the pile and quickly try to find two gloves that belong to each other. Whoever manages to do this must then put them on and hold both hands up in the air.

Party game food guessing - choose tasty and less appetizing food

Guessing food

One of the children is blindfolded and food is placed in their mouth with a spoon or fork. Then they have to guess what it is. It is especially funny if there are also things that are less appetizing for children (e.g. olives or mustard). The one who recognizes the most wins. For this purpose, you should determine an equal amount for everyone to guess. For this game, it is important to check in advance with all parents about any allergies.

Obstacle course

Use the balloons not only for decoration, but also for this great game idea for carnival. Build an obstacle course. For this, you can use simple household items, such as the chairs to climb over or pillows, cups and the like for a slalom run. Also get a rope that you can string at any point so that the children have to crawl through at the bottom. Each child must now traverse this course with a balloon, but not by holding it in their hand, but by poking it in the air. In the process, the time is stopped and the winner is the one who was the fastest.

Chair dance is great fun for kids and provides entertainment at any party

Carnival games – chair dance

We probably do not need to give an explanation for this classic game for carnival and other parties. For the game you do not need any special things. You already have everything at home: chairs, music and good-humored children.

Competitive eating with pretzels

Another classic game for carnival is eating pretzels. For this you need one pretzel for each child , all of which you hang on a line. The line should be taut so that it is firm and the children can just reach it with their mouths. At the start command, the children begin to eat, but without hands! The first to finish their pretzel wins. This idea for carnival party for kids also works with chocolate kisses.

Twister is a perfect party game for kids and adults


Young and old love Twister. It’s just huge fun! So if you have the opportunity to get the game, we recommend it. In addition, the mat on which the children play, also fits super to the theme of carnival party for children, because the colorful dots remind of confetti.

Fun hat game

All you need is a hat. If you don’t have one available, you can also take an alternative object. All the children sit in a circle and pass the hat to each other one by one while the music is playing. But before you can get rid of it, you have to put it on, stand up, bow and sit down again. Of course, the whole thing has to go quickly, because whoever is still holding the hat when the music stops is eliminated.

Balloon dancing is a party classic and a great game for carnival too

Balloon dance

Games with balloons are super great and one game that should not be missing at any carnival party for kids (and adults too) is the balloon dance. Pairs are formed and a balloon is clamped between the two bodies. At which place, you decide yourself. The forehead and the chest or the belly are suitable. However, the task becomes especially funny and difficult when the balloon is between the buttocks and the players are standing with their backs to each other.

Now you just have to dance without losing the balloon. Of course, the hands must not be used to hold or push the balloon. The winner is the couple that can hold their balloon the longest.

A ticking time bomb

Similar to the hat game, the bomb, consisting of a ticking alarm clock in a box, is passed around until the music stops. A certain time is set by the alarm clock after which it should ring (e.g. 3 minutes). This time can be changed with each new round. Whoever holds the package when it rings is eliminated.

An even more exciting variant would be the following: The package is not just passed around, but may be given to the next player only after a question has been answered (e.g., “What is the largest sea creature?” or “How much does 7 x 8 make?”). Prepare the questions in advance, which should be age appropriate. This is also a great variant for the carnival at school or kindergarten, where what was learned in class can be tested in a fun way.

Play petrification dance for kids to let off steam at the carnival party

Petrification dance

Games for children’s carnival that involve dancing are especially fun. That’s why we have another idea for you. The music is on and all the kids are dancing and jumping wildly around. If the music goes off, everyone has to stop immediately and is not allowed to move. Anyone who still wobbles (or loses their balance) is eliminated.

Tip: Instead of just letting the children stand at random, you can also add an additional task. For example, when the music stops, everyone has to stand on one leg, lie on their stomach, stretch all their arms upwards, or assume any other pose.

or how about the newspaper dance? Couples are formed and each couple stands on a spread newspaper. Then they dance to the music and no one is allowed to step next to the newspaper. If this happens, the player is eliminated (the partner may continue). With each music stop, the players step off the newspaper and fold it once in the middle. In this way, the dance floor gradually becomes smaller and smaller.

Centipede run

Our last game idea for the carnival party for children requires team spirit and good coordination. Two teams of equal strength are formed (if there are a lot of children, there can be more teams). All players of one team line up one behind the other and hold the hips of the person in front. At the start signal, both teams run from the finish line to a turning point and back to the start. As they do so, they must be careful not to let go of the person in front or tip over. Which team is the fastest?