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Table decorations for carnival with ideas from confetti, balloons, sprinkles and candles DIY

Make the place colorful and cheerful and shout loudly “Heeeelau!”, because finally the “5th season” has come. You’ve planned a party, but you don’t quite know how to decorate the table so that it really creates a good mood and looks neither too cluttered, nor too kitschy? If you too are fed up with the classic streamers blown across the table, why not get inspired by our decoration ideas that you can even make yourself. We’ll show you how to craft and put together cool carnival table decorations with ideas using confetti, construction paper, glitter stones and even colorful sprinkles! Let the carnival celebration begin!

Table decoration for carnival with ideas from confetti and glitter stones

Table decoration for carnival with ideas for pom poms on napkins or glitter stones on skittles

It does not have to be thematically printed napkins. Just take some with plain, monochrome design and spice them up as table decorations for carnival with ideas that are more fancy! For example, such flowers made of tissue paper are perfectly suitable. They are reminiscent of the pom-poms that usually decorate the hats of clowns. In this article, we have already given you some cool instructions for paper flowers that you can use for this purpose. Fold a cutlery pocket from the napkin and glue a flower on it.

Create table runner with confetti

Make table runner from gold confetti on fabric for carnival

From large confetti you can again make such a table runner – whether in gold as here or motley, you decide. You need any fabric or a long strip of paper (you can glue together yourself from normal paper), which you then stick the dots. Use the largest dots possible, otherwise this task could really take a lot of time. Or you can apply damp glue one piece at a time and pour finer confetti over it. Then move on to the next area until you have covered the entire table runner.

Table decoration for carnival with ideas for the center of the table - paper garlands or table runners

You can arrange the cones on the right in the first picture in groups on the center of the table. Craft them from colored paper and stick glitter stones, sequins or other materials on them. The above picture again shows a kind of table runner that you can make yourself from simple crepe paper or tissue paper garlands, simply folding them along the length of the table. On it you can then distribute party hats for the guests or other decorations (for example, the cones just mentioned). Or scatter colorful paper dots across the table.

Glittery confetti place mats

Table decoration for carnival with ideas from confetti - Pretty place mat with foil

All you need for such mats is paper, strong adhesive foil as well as colorful confetti, which you are welcome to make yourself. First, cut the desired mat shape and size from paper. It does not have to be rectangular, as in the example. Feel free to come up with other shapes as well. This paper shape will now become your template for cutting identical pieces from the foil.

Simple craft idea for colorful table mats for decorating at carnival

Transfer the outlines on the foil. You will need two pieces per mat. Remove the protective film from one foil, spread confetti evenly over the adhesive surface, taking care here not to create too thick layers, otherwise the mat will be uneven and glasses could fall over. Finally, remove the protective backing from a second cut piece of foil and stick it, sticky side down, to the foil with the confetti to seal the whole thing.

Confetti eggs or balls as table decorations for carnival make yourself.

Cool Easter eggs filled with confetti and sayings or lucky charms

How about some funny slips of paper with a challenge à la truth or dare? Just fill such plastic eggs with confetti and just such a note. Of course, it can also simply contain a congratulation or a wise saying, it’s up to you. The eggs, which can also make the children for table decorations for carnival, then place either on the plates or in a group on the center of the table together, so that everyone chooses his own egg.

Fill clear Christmas tree balls with colorful paper confetti

Alternatively, balls can be used if the eggs remind you too much of Easter. You can touch up or combine any table decoration for carnival with ideas according to your taste.

Decorate the center of the table with colorful sprinkles.

Table decoration for carnival with ideas from sprinkles - decorate tray with sugar sprinkles

Take a simple tray or plate and fill it with colorful sugar sprinkles for an interesting carnival table decoration. This will now provide you with the perfect base for more decorations. And you can snack on the whole thing to boot! For example, doughnuts can be stacked on top of it or you can make a beautiful bouquet and place it on the tray. Come up with something interesting!

Table decoration for carnival with ideas for the tableware

Tableware design with dots or felt pom poms

Decorate the tableware! Here you have so many options at your disposal. The areas that come into contact with the food, you can design with special colors for glasses and porcelain . With all other materials you design only the outside. For example, glue felt pom poms or confetti to the outside of the glasses. Especially with transparent dishes such decorations come out best.

Paint transparent glass tableware and imitate confetti

Table decoration for carnival with ideas from balloons

Balloon garland for the center of the table

DIY table decoration for carnival with ideas from different materials

Tie multicolored balloons into a garland and place it over the table. Use smaller or larger balloons as you like, or combine the two. The colors can simply be jumbled together or follow a specific color scheme (e.g. rainbow). How to make such a balloon garland, we explain in this article .

A bouquet of balloons as table decorations for carnival

Table decoration for carnival with ideas with balloons in a vase as a bouquet

Make small bouquets of balloons in a vase or other container. This is also a wonderful idea if you are looking for carnival table decorations to make yourself, which is simple and quick. You can either attach the balloons to balloon sticks for this purpose, or use helium and string and tie them to a small weight, which you in turn place in the container. You then fill up transparent containers with a suitable material to hide sticks or string – confetti, sprinkles, colorful beads, candies, bubble gum balls or just colorful crumpled paper.

Mini balloons

Table decorations for carnival with mini balloons in the middle of the table

Dress up stick foam with paper (or arrange it in a wooden box). Then blow up mini balloons and tie or glue them to sticks or paper straws. You can then easily stick these balloons into the stick foam and you’ll have an interesting arrangement as a table decoration for Mardi Gras with ideas made of balloons, perfect for Carnival.

Candles for the center of the table

Table candles

Table decoration for carnival with ideas from candles - Kunterbunte table candles on wood

How about table decorations for carnival with ideas from candles ? For the first idea you will need table candles, either glue them on a block of wood or drill holes and then put the candles inside. If you plan to light the candles later, be sure to stick them. If they are only for decoration, it is enough to stick them on. This carnival table decoration is also suitable for children, provided that you do not light the candles, as there is a high risk of fire.

Drill wood or use plugging foam to plug thin candles

Tip: You could arrange instead of wood also plug foam in a wooden box. Then you can add holes for the candles without a drill.

Table decoration for carnival with ideas for lanterns

Homemade lanterns with sprinkles as sticks or hearts

Pour candles yourself and create interesting lanterns as table decorations for carnival and other parties. The special thing here is that colorful sprinkles are incorporated, no matter in what form. Moisten the glass from the inside with water, add sprinkles and turn and turn the glass. Because of the wet walls, the sprinkles should stick. Then put the wick inside, melt the wax and pour it into the jar. You should not use paper confetti, because it quickly catches fire as soon as the flame comes into contact with it. If you still want to use confetti, simply decorate the outside of the jar to get an equally beautiful table decoration for Shrovetide.

Sugar sprinkles as carnival decoration in a candle made of beeswax