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Panda make-up: Simple make-up instructions for adults and children

Whether for carnival, for children’s birthday or for a costume party for adults: only the right carnival make-up makes the costume complete. Today we explain step by step how to make up a panda. We have prepared a makeup tutorial for adults and children.

Panda make-up: the necessary make-up

Panda make up woman ideas for carnival makeup

You want to make up as a panda bear for a special occasion? Then you need the right makeup. In craft stores, special carnival or theatrical make-up is sold for this purpose. Colors for body painting are also perfect for adults, and for children Aqua make-up paints come into question, whose skin compatibility has been dermatologically confirmed. For children, you can also use the so-called make-up pencils. They are based on grease makeup and can be applied quickly and easily. Perfect for impatient children and inexperienced parents are also water-soluble make-up paints. If you want to make up a panda face, you can also use normal makeup. For this you still need:

  • a sponge
  • a flat brush
  • a fine brush

Panda eyes make-up: make-up instructions for adults and children in elementary school.

Panda make up simple ideas tutorial

First, apply white theater paint to your face with the sponge. Before you make up your panda eyes, you need to shape your eyebrows to match. Draw them with an eyebrow pencil.

Panda eyes make-up: instructions

Panda bear makeup tutorial for woman step 1

Then apply a white eye shadow on the upper eyelid and blend it with the sponge. Then apply a dark gray eyeshadow along the crease of the eyelid with the flat brush and blend it.

Make yourself up as a panda: a simple make-up tutorial.

Panda make up woman tutorial step 2

Set accents with glittery eyeshadow, emphasize your eyelashes with mascara and the panda eyes are ready. By the way, if you don’t have dark eye shadow, you can wet a makeup brush and apply makeup pencil color with it. Optionally, you can paint the area around the eyes black.

Woman make up as panda instruction for carnival make up

Now apply a dark lipstick on her lips. If you don’t have a dark lipstick, then you can also use creamy eye shadow or makeup pencil. To make the color last longer and not smudge when you talk, you can first apply concealer or primer on her lips.

Panda face make up tutorial for carnival make up step 3

For the last step, use a fineliner or a thin brush to draw a heart-shaped nose. Fill in the contours with black paint.

make up as a panda instruction

Style your hair to match the panda makeup and put on a white faux fur sweater to create and complete the desired look. Here’s a tip: You can vary this makeup idea any way you like. For example, you can paint two lines connecting the heart nose to the mouth and then ending in the two corners of the mouth.

Panda face make-up: Another tutorial for adults

Make up face as panda bear with carnival make up

If you have already painted your face once, then you can easily master the next idea. In the beginning, simply apply white theater paint on the whole face. Then draw the contours on the mouth, nose and around the eyes with a fine brush and aqua makeup paint and paint them with black makeup pencils. Finally, you can paint details like fur or ears with the makeup pencils.

Panda makeup: simple instructions for carnival makeup for children.

Children love to be made up at carnivals, birthdays and kindergarten parties. But not all parents are grand masters of the art of drawing. But the next make-up idea is super simple and with a little practice will succeed even inexperienced beginners. However, since you need to make up the whole face, you should first test the makeup on the child’s forearm. Apply it to the child’s skin and let it rest for an hour. If during this time there are no allergies, the skin is not itchy and no redness is visible, then you can use the makeup. But first you need to apply a foundation. Greasy creams are best for this purpose. In this way, you will protect the delicate skin of the child from the effects of the weather, and at the same time ensure that the makeup does not smudge. Then you can use a fat-based makeup and apply white paint on the face with a sponge. Then draw the black circles around the eyes with a black makeup pencil and fill them with aqua makeup. No later than 6 hours after you make up the child’s face, you should remove the makeup. Depending on what color you used, you can remove the child’s makeup with water, soap or baby oil.

Admittedly: It’s incredibly fun to put on makeup for carnival or fancy dress party. Children’s birthday parties also offer the opportunity to dress up and make up as an animal. Especially in corona times it is a welcome change for the kids.

Simple idea for panda face makeup: make up only the mouth and nose.

Make up as a panda and put on a panda costume