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Mermaid make-up for children – simple instructions & creative ideas

Just like the unicorn, the mermaid is currently one of the most popular costumes not only among adults, but especially among children. If your daughter has chosen a mermaid for carnival this year, you probably still need some ideas on how to make up the mermaid for kids. You don’t have to be a professional stylist to suggest the beautiful mythical creature with some makeup. We’ll show you a few tips, tricks and tutorials on how to make up a mermaid.

Mermaid makeup for children – The scales.

Mermaid makeup for kids in blue colors and with scales and glitter stones

Apart from the right colors, ideally reminiscent of fish, coral and / or the sea , you will of course need a beautiful scale pattern. This is guaranteed to make it clear to everyone what kind of mythical creature the costume is about. But you do not have to make up the scales individually by hand, because there are very simple tools that you can use when you make up the mermaid for children. Meant ordinary nets or else grids, which are perfect as a stencil.

Mermaid makeup for kids in gray and turquoise with large glitter stones and scales

Then get makeup in shades of blue, gray and / or green, preferably with metallic or pearlescent effect (after all, the fish’s scales shimmer beautifully). Silver and gold also work well. Other decorations you can use are glitter stones or fine glitter and even pearls, which are wonderful to glue on with eyelash glue. In the following instructions you will learn the basics with which you make up the mermaid for children and adults . Of course, you can vary the colors to suit your taste.

Mermaid make-up for children – instructions

Mermaid make up for kids tutorial with net stocking or grid for scales pattern

  • Net (e.g. fishnet tights)
  • Make-up in cool colors that fit a mermaid or shimmering eye shadow
  • Cosmetic sponge


  • Fine brush and white makeup
  • Glitter stones or glitter and eyelash glue and other makeup like lipstick, mascara, eyeliner etc.

Mermaid make up for kids with grid or net

Before you make up the mermaid for children, apply moisturizer to the child and tie and pin the hair. Take a net, a coarse screen or any other kind of grid and hold it to the desired place. A pair of mesh tights is best for this purpose and can be comfortably pulled over the head without constantly slipping. Pick up the first color with a sponge and dab it on the desired areas. Repeat with all the other colors. The sponge provides an even transition between the individual colors and through the net at the same time the scale pattern is created .

Creative mermaid make up for kids on the forehead

Now you can carefully remove the mesh (if you chose tights, be extra careful not to smudge the makeup) and, if you want, trace the contours of the scales with a brush and white paint to highlight them a little more. Finally, you can apply eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner and a lipstick , if you make up the mermaid for children. The final touches are glitter stones, pearls and other decorations.

Mermaid makeup for child without scales

Simple mermaid make up for kids with blue glitter and eye shadow

Of course, the scales are not mandatory. If it is to go particularly quickly, it is also quite sufficient if you simply apply a matching eye shadow and, if necessary, an eyeliner or design the face with glitter . This variant was also chosen in the example above. Blue glitter and eyeshadow were simply distributed around the eyes, which in principle creates the same effect. So it does not have to be something complicated when you make up a mermaid for children.

Mermaid face make-up – More ideas

Mermaids paint on the face for a party

If the makeup is not to be costume-accompanying, but simply for a party, you can also paint a whole mermaid on the face. For such children’s makeup with mermaid is already a little talent required, but of course, beginners may try it once. Or instead of scales just paint a shell crown on the forehead! There are numerous variations that you can consider and are not necessarily difficult to implement. In the following gallery you will find some more great ideas on how to make up an original mermaid.

Mermaid makeup for kids and scale free hand painting

Discreet scales and shell crowns

Creative ideas for makeup for girls for a mermaid costume

Mermaid makeup made easy – accent temple and forehead with scales.

Discreet mermaid make up for kids with scales pattern in pink

Large glitter stones for a made-up mermaid crown

Elaborate mermaid make up idea for kids with glitter stones

Make-up idea in aqua

Maritime mermaid makeup for carnival in green color

Choose bright colors for fancy mermaid makeup

Pretty wreath and scales for a mermaid makeup in green, blue, yellow and orange

Exotic colors or subtle in blue, white and gold

Idea in yellow, orange and green and elegant in blue, white and gold

Mermaid makeup with shell crown with pearls

Mermaid make up for kids with shell crown with pearls

Mermaid makeup for kids in green

Green makeup for forehead and nose and lipstick

Create sinuous mermaid makeup for kids around the eye

Sinuous mermaid with purple fish tail around eye

Mermaid makeup for kids around the eyes

Mermaid eye make-up for carnival costume

Idea for the whole face

Mermaid makeup for kids in white, purple and turquoise

Mermaid makeup for kids made simple – fish tail with self painted scales

Mermaid tail on temple in turquoise and purple