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Mardi Gras decorations craft to hang: Decorate for Mardi Gras with these colorful craft ideas!

Carnival may not be quite as big again this year due to the pandemic, but it still doesn’t have to be completely cancelled. Whether in your own four walls, in kindergarten or in elementary school – such a bit of party and carnival mood should not be missing. Therefore, we have collected for you some fun and cheerful decoration ideas. Garlands are the classic par excellence for this occasion. And today we stay on the upper levels of the room – we show you what you can make so funny as carnival decorations to hang. If you make the following suggestions for carnival decorations to hang, you can perfectly complement or even replace the garlands.

Carnival decoration for hanging – Simple spirals with masks

Make spirals as carnival decorations to hang from colored paper with carnival masks

If you want to make a carnival decoration to hang, simple spirals hanging from the ceiling or lamp are quite enough. If this is still a little too boring for you, add typical carnival masks. Clowns or other motifs are also suitable, of course, depending on what you like. If you want, you can also make this carnival decoration for the window. How to make it:

  • Colored paper (the thinner, the further the spirals hang down), foil is also suitable
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • string
  • adhesive tape
  • optional: compass or plate

Make carnival decorations – instructions

Instructions for paper spirals as hanging decorations for carnival

Take a sheet of paper and draw a large circle. For this purpose, you can use a compass or plate, but the task is also possible freehand, as irregularities will not be noticeable later. Once you have cut out the circle, you can now determine the width of the spiral (it is best to measure the radius and divide it into equal sections). Measure it from the edge of the circle, mark the spot and measure the same length from this point another time. Repeat until you reach the center point (the wider the strip, the less the spiral will stretch).

Faschingsdeko basteln to hang up - mask for decoration spirals with template to print out

Now start cutting into the circle in a spiral, using the marks as a guide. Now draw and cut out another mask or other motif and glue it to the spiral. At the other end of the spiral, attach string. That’s all you need to do when you make this carnival decoration to hang! Really simple, isn’t it?

Tip: The garlands look great even without an additional motif! Or how about sticking them to balloons with helium?

Make spirals from any paper or foil yourself with balloons for carnival

Although this carnival decoration for hanging is really very easy to make freehand as well, you can make the task easier for yourself and use the following template to print out. This is especially advantageous if you want to make a larger number quickly or if you have children tinkering along. It is best to print the template directly onto the colored paper.

Template for spirals and masks to print .

Carnival decoration tinker to hang - paper spirals make yourself for the ceiling

Carnival decoration for kindergarten and at home – clown made of paper.

Funny clowns make yourself with children at home or in kindergarten

Clown is also a character that belongs to the carnival as well as the circus. And he can be crafted in so many ways that he is also perfect when you make carnival decorations to hang. Create his individual parts (hat, face, bow tie and shoe) and hang them together with string. This way you hint at the character in a funny way, without worrying about the more complicated body parts. Then you can use them to decorate a door, the walls or the window for carnival.

Depending on the age of the children, you can provide the individual elements of the hanging decoration and then just let the children glue them to string. This is suitable, for example, if you make the carnival decorations in the nursery. If, on the other hand, you are making the carnival decoration in elementary school, you can also let the children independently cut out the elements or even draw them.

Celebrate carnival with the children and homemade carnival decorations

Such clowns can also be made with other materials such as masking tape or other ribbons, with paper plates for the head or a hula hoop for a spherical belly as a carnival decoration to hang.

Colorful rings with pom poms

Cut out the edge from a plastic plate and stick pom poms on it

Really very simply made, but still very pretty to look at, are such rings, which are equipped with colorful pom-poms. You can cut them out of paper plates or freehand from paper. But the carnival decoration will look especially good if you use a transparent material (for example, the edge of a transparent plastic plate).

This carnival decoration is best suited for the window, but also hanging freely in the room, the colorful rings look very nice. In both cases, you should stick pom-poms on both sides of the rings so that they look pretty when viewed from all sides.

Make carnival decorations to hang from paper in bright colors

Pendant as carnival decoration with diamonds, fans or fringes made of paper

For carnival you can also craft the classic fans, put two of them on top of each other and glue them together, and then stack this detail with others to get such pendants as in the picture above right. So you could also craft simple carnival garlands in kindergarten. From colorful diamonds, a black mask and a hat, in turn, you can recreate the original wall decoration for Carnival (left in the picture). You attach the individual elements to each other with string.

You can also make something creative with toilet paper rolls: Cut strips of colored paper to fit around a roll. Cut the strips lengthwise several times to the middle to make fringes. Glue these strips around the roll, overlapping each other. So easy to make a cool and thematic carnival decoration!

Faschingsdeko tinker to hang up - Colorful craft ideas for children and adults