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Make your own carnival costumes with different motto – 40+ ideas with instructions

The weeks in January after the festive Christmas and a joyous New Year’s Eve are the calm before the next storm. Meant, of course, is the colorful and noisy carnival that follows. As with other big celebrations, anticipation is high for most and you can’t wait to start preparing. And with that, especially if you want to make carnival costumes yourself, you should not wait long.

Make your own carnival costumes - Easy and quick instructions with different materials

Whether for yourself, for the kids or for the whole family, if you want to make your own carnival costumes, you should plan enough time. Only then you can be ready in time with your unique models and really get ready for the upcoming party. So that this not only works out, but you also get some great ideas and inspiration, we would like to present you today some creative, fun and fancy carnival costumes. Included, of course, are instructions and explanations on how you can make the carnival costumes yourself.

Make your own carnival costumes for women – female soldier

Make your own carnival costumes with pants or skirt and sweater or top

Are you looking for a last minute costume for carnival, make a good decision with this idea. Namely, if you want to make a female soldier costume yourself, you don’t have to search long and browse many stores for the right clothes and accessories. You will find everything you need in a military clothing store. Whether you visit such one in person or prefer to order online, you can decide for yourself.

Make your own carnival costumes- DIY female soldier from ordinary camouflage clothing

And what exactly do you need if you want to make a soldier costume yourself? A jacket and pants in camouflage color, combined with a tank top in black or khaki, a pair of boots and optionally a cap in camouflage colors – that’s all you need if you want to make the female soldier for carnival costumes yourself. You are also welcome to use camouflage makeup on the face and toy weapons to make the outfit even more authentic. A pair of pilot sunglasses is also a suitable accessory

The pants can be short or long as you like or can be replaced by a short skirt. If the weather is rather fresh, a bomber jacket can also be worn, while the hair can be worn open, as well as in a ponytail, braided or pinned up. As you can see, the variants are numerous if you want to make military carnival costumes yourself.

Costume fire and ice

Make your own carnival costumes - fire and ice as a couple costume for man and woman

The perfect costume for couples is fire and ice. Of course, you can also choose one of the two if you prefer to make solo carnival costumes yourself. But with a little creativity, you can also combine both in one and make, for example, one side like ice and the other half as fire. Let’s start with a variant for the fire:

Make fire costume yourself

Make your own carnival costumes - make a campfire with firewood from styrofoam

  • Styrofoam or foam cylinder
  • Acrylic paint in beige and brown
  • foam rubber or felt in orange and yellow
  • white sheet of paper
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • box cutter
  • T-shirt and pants in yellow and/or orange
  • wide elastic band or simple ribbon

If you want to make fire as a carnival costume yourself, there are a variety of options. One of them is the following: Use a box cutter or cutter knife to cut the cylinders to the desired size. How many you need depends on the size of the fire you want to craft. Then paint a few of them with the beige color and the others with the brown color.

Fire as carnival costumes make yourself from felt - bonfire idea with instructions

While the paint is drying, you can prepare the flames. To do this, prepare three different sized stencils in leaf shape from paper. Then transfer the shapes to the foam rubber and cut them out. Glue the lower, rounded side together with hot glue. This will give you a 3D look. Then glue the painted cylinders together like the wood at a campfire. Then spread the flames between them until you are satisfied with the result.

Make your own carnival costumes for couples - fire and ice ideas to copy

Now you can either glue the finished fire directly onto the T-shirt or provide it with a ribbon that fits around your waist and tie it directly around the body. If you use gum, the length should be smaller than the waist circumference, so that the fire fits tightly and does not slip down.

Make your own carnival costumes with “ice” as theme

Make your own carnival costumes - white hair and makeup for ice costume or snow queen

The ice queen is super suitable if you want to represent ice. She is creative, attractive and a real eye-catcher. Gentlemen can also choose an ice king instead. You will need:

  • For hair: white color spray for hair or a wig.
  • For clothing: A white, silver, gray or light blue dress and a coat or cape if you like.
  • For the face: white, light blue or gray carnival makeup and lipstick; optional: contact lenses, white artificial eyelashes, glitter effects
  • As accessories: a crown and possibly also a scepter

Make your own carnival costumes - snow queen with white hair and video tutorial for makeup and crown

As elaborate as the ice queen costume seems to be, you can still put it together yourself. Quite simply, the outfit is found. A little more elaborate is rather the makeup, but even here you do not necessarily have to choose something complicated. So, if you have decided that this year you will make the carnival costumes yourself, all you need for these simple carnival costumes ideas is a white, light blue, silver or gray dress. Glitter effects on the fabric are welcome, but not mandatory.

Hairstyle idea for a homemade ice queen costume

Since it is still winter, a matching coat or cape is highly recommended. Be on the lookout for matching shoes as well. Furthermore, style your hair with a white spray and as you like, open, pinned up or even tousled. It is even easier to use a wig. This can even be chosen in a baroque style.

Ice queen with baroque wig, crown, fur coat and makeup in white and blue

Cool carnival costumes like the Ice Queen are of course only complete with the right makeup and accessories. Therefore, with the help of the following video tutorials, we will show you how to make up appropriately and how to make an ice crown from simple hot glue. If you want to make the carnival costumes themselves, they will be complete this way.

Make crown from hot glue

Make convict costume yourself

Make your own carnival costumes - convict for man and woman from black striped clothes

Whether it’s a convict costume for a woman, man or child – if you want to make a quick costume yourself for which you don’t even have to sew, you’ll make the right choice with this. Just use black and white striped clothing. Whether you choose pants with a T-shirt for this, leggings or prefer an attractive dress that flatters your figure, it does not matter. The right accessories are also important:

  • Shield with convict number
  • optional: striped cap, footcuffs, handcuffs, purse

Make your own carnival costume - prisoner costume with black tape

Tips and tricks: if you don’t have or can’t find any striped clothes at home and want to make a last minute costume for carnival, you can also just take white clothes and design them with wide black tape to get stripes. You can make a foot cuff, in turn, from aluminum foil and a few metal rings, which you then tie around the foot or attach to the pants. So, at the same time you can make fun carnival costumes that will impress with creativity.

Make your own carnival costumes with white shirt and black tape - Prisoner idea

Make your own carnival costumes and dress up as a farmer’s wife

Farmer's wife costume easy to make yourself with dirndl or dungarees and rubber boots

Would you like to make a farmer’s wife yourself as a costume? Nothing easier than that! Rubber boots, a plaid shirt or blouse, dungarees or dress made of jeans and a pair of rubber boots are all you need for this idea. You can complete the costume with a straw hat and a rake, a shovel or other garden tools, or even a basket with fruits and vegetables (made of felt, for example). You can also use a dirndl with an apron as a costume for carnival. Braided hairstyles, ideally pinned up, are the perfect styling.

Sleep cap costume make yourself

Funny sleeping cap as a disguise for carnival with pajamas and slippers

Simple costumes are also the sleeping cap ideas. Anything associated with sleeping can be used if you want to make such carnival costumes yourself. Fluffy slippers, nightgowns or pajamas, a robe, a sleeping cap, a pillow and even eye glasses that you wear on your forehead. You are welcome to use makeup to discreetly make up circles under your eyes. Would you also like to do something with the hair? Pretty styled is wrong here! Instead, tousle your hair and fix it with hairspray.

Make your own juggler costume

Make a hat for the juggler costume from foam rubber and bells

If the carnival costumes are homemade, you will make a great impression. Therefore, you can make the most appropriate figure for carnival as well as carnival costumes themselves. This refers to the juggler. Typical for him is the fancy cap, which you can craft from various materials such as paper, foam rubber or felt, if you do not want to sew it separately. Here are instructions that you can use for all three materials:

  • printed templates (see below).
  • Felt, foam rubber or construction paper in any color you like
  • glue stick or hot glue
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Hole punch
  • bells or pom-poms

If you want to make the juggler’s hat out of paper, use glue stick and small pom-poms or the paper circles from the template (bells are too heavy for paper), while for foam rubber or felt hot glue and bells or pom-poms are suitable.

Craft instructions for a juggler cap made of foam rubber or paper

Instructions for paper: print out the templates (the first page three times and the other two once each), using the colored paper right away. Then cut out the elements. You will get: 3 strips, 6 triangles and 12 circles. Glue two of the strips together at one end each (or all three if they are not enough) and hold the resulting long strip around your head to determine the necessary length for your head circumference. Cut off the excess. However, leave a piece for gluing.

Dress up as a juggler and make your own hat for the costume

Now arrange the triangles on it, but without gluing them. Depending on the length of the strip, they may need to overlap a little. Also leave a piece free to glue the two ends of the strip together at the end. If the 6 triangles are not enough, print out another template. Once the strip is covered, test the size again and glue the ends together. The strip should be on the outside.

Juggler cap made of paper in blue, yellow and red - craft idea for beginners

Now glue circles on each tip and then on the other side of the tip as well. Use the stars to decorate the hat. Finally, bend the tips down slightly by using a pencil to help. The juggler is super suitable if you want to make children’s costumes yourself. But of course, it also looks great on adults and can be chosen in different color combinations even for a group costume.

Make your own joker hat out of foam rubber in easy steps

For the felt or foam rubber version, print out the templates on regular white paper and then use the cut-out shapes as a template to transfer them to the felt or foam rubber. For gluing, use hot glue and the same steps as in the tutorial above. Create the tips with bells or pom-poms instead of paper circles.

Template to print here .

For a Mexico themed party make your own carnival costumes

Host Mexico theme party for carnival - ideas for costumes

Are you invited to a Mardi Gras party and the theme of the party happens to be “Mexico”? Then you really have a lot of options to dress up. A Mexican with sombrero, poncho and mustache is just one of them. We would like to offer you four other variants:

Make your own Mexican costume

Mexican woman as carnival costumes make yourself - Simple ideas from normal clothes

You will need:

  • An off-the-shoulder blouse with ruffles and a matching skirt or pants or an off-the-shoulder ruffled dress.
  • Cowboy boots
  • Sobrero or flowers as hair decoration

Want to make the Mexican costume yourself, you may even find the necessary things in your closet. If not, look for a bargain offer in an ordinary store. You can wear your hair open with light waves and a big flower as a hair decoration. Bright colors are preferable. If you choose a white blouse, at least look out for a colorful skirt.

A sombrero and cowboy boots fit the Mexican woman as well as the Mexican man. We also find very funny the idea with gun and cartridge belt, which gives the costume a revolutionary look.

Pinata as a funny costume idea for carnival made from crepe paper

Or how about the pinata costume above, for which you cut strips of felt, foam rubber or crepe to create fringes and then glue them to any article of clothing with hot glue? The cactus as a costume is also suitable for the theme.

Tequila costume with salt and lemon or cinnamon and lime.

Tequila as a group costume with salt and lemon or cinnamon and lime - Creative ideas

Tequila is also suitable for a solo costume, but you can also choose it if you want to make group carnival costumes yourself for 3 people. One person is the tequila and the other two are either salt and lemon or cinnamon and lime depending on the type of tequila. You will need:

  • white or silver dress for white tequila; yellow or orange dress for gold tequila
  • white dress for salt; light brown or bronze dress for cinnamon
  • yellow dress for lemon; green dress for lime

Of course, you can also mix and match the dresses as you see fit. For example, a green top for lime can be worn with a black skirt or you can opt for a simple pair of jeans. The point is to use as many elements as possible for these carnival costumes from your own closet instead of buying new.

Salt costume do it yourself for tequila costume with Mexico theme

Still, a little bit of tinkering is needed to make sure people recognize what you want to represent. Simple lanyards with the word “salt” or “cinnamon” and with the label of a tequila bottle work best. You can also design a lemon or lime on a shirt using white felt (see instructions below), and simply write or print “tequila” and “salt” on the top with a sharpie. Creativity is key here, but that also means the possibilities are numerous.

Make your own carnival costumes – carnival costume flower

Make your own carnival costumes - mask and headdress in one from paper

Colorful and cheerful, flowers are super suitable for the occasion. In addition, there are really simple ideas and techniques to make a flower costume. If you want to make flowers as carnival costumes yourself, we have a few recommendations for you. The first idea is not about a specific type of flowers. Therefore, you can play with the colors as you like. Used foam rubber and felt, but paper is also suitable.

  • foam rubber in any colors
  • yellow felt
  • white sheet of paper
  • paper plate
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • rubber
  • pins
  • Hot glue

Make your own accessories for carnival costumes with foam rubber - craft flowers

If you want to make a flower yourself as a carnival costume, it is best to start by cutting out the petals. To make them all the same, first prepare a template from white paper and transfer the shape to the foam rubber. You can choose the shape of the petals yourself. Then cut out the inner circle of the paper plate, leaving a ring. The hole should be large enough for your face to fit through. Therefore, an oval hole may also be better than a round one.

Then, using the hot glue gun, glue the flowers to the back of the cut out plate. Since the ring is still visible afterwards, it should be covered with the next element. For the examples once a wavy ring was cut out and for the other flower from the yellow felt small pieces with fringes. But you can also come up with something of your own.

Once you are done with the flower, punch holes in it in two places opposite each other and tie a rubber with which you can fix the flower to the head. You can either imitate the stem with green clothes or you can also make it out of foam rubber and glue it on the normal clothes you want to wear for carnival. You should also include a few leaves.

Make your own carnival costumes – dandelion costume

Funny dandelion with matching headdress and green dress

The dandelion is really an original idea when it comes to homemade carnival costumes for adults and children. In the picture below you can see the materials needed. However, the fluffy ends of the seeds can be made from a wide variety of materials, so feel free to get creative. We now present a quick tutorial and a few alternatives:

As you like, use holders for balloons, shish kebab skewers or other types of sticks, the tips of one of the sides of which you can then stick white feathers, white absorbent cotton or fake fur. Apply hot glue to the stick foam and stick it into the hat. Glue the hat to the foam this way so nothing can slip. Then craft the seeds and stick them through the cap into the foam.

Dandelion as a costume - possible materials for carnival disguise

If you don’t have skewers on hand or would rather not have them because the costume is for a child, for example, you can leave them out and glue the white material directly onto the hat. In this case, no plugging foam is needed, and instead of a cap you can use a thin ladies’ stocking, which does not keep as warm. To match the headdress, wear green clothes that will imitate the stem.

Make your own sunflower costume

Instructions for a simple sunflower made of yellow felt

If you want to make the popular sunflowers as carnival costumes yourself, you can, on the one hand, choose the first flower instructions and simply use for the flower the colors yellow and dark brown. Or how about making such a headband as an accessory for the carnival costume ?

  • yellow felt
  • brown felt
  • hairband
  • hot glue or textile glue
  • white sheet of paper
  • pins or clamps

Sunflower as a costume idea for carnival with flower for the head

Cut out a petal from the paper. Then use this shape as a template and transfer it to the yellow felt. Cut out the petals, as well as a brown circle (about 7.5 cm) and a brown strip (about 5 x 30 cm). Then fold the strip in half lengthwise, as shown in the picture, and clamp or pin the sides so it doesn’t unfold again. Cut the strip along the fold several times at a small distance from each other, then roll the strip up like a snail, applying glue at regular intervals.

Make your own hairband with three sunflowers for carnival costumes

Now glue the brown circle onto the headband. Fold part of the yellow petals at the bottom and glue the two sides together. This will create a 3D effect. Glue these petals along the circle on the upper side. On the bottom side, again spread unfolded petals offset from the others. Finally, glue the brown snail on the flower and your headdress for carnival is ready.

Make your own carnival costumes – ideas for the food costume

Numerous foods you can make yourself for carnival costumes

Food as a costume idea is not only funny, but also very popular. Ideas range from fruits and vegetables to fast food, candy and desserts. We will show you a few ideas on how to make such carnival costumes yourself below. Let’s start with healthy fruits!

Costume pineapple

Variations for the pineapple costume to make for children and adults

As you can already guess, you can come up with just as many variations for the pineapple if you want to make carnival costumes yourself. We show you once a suitable headdress , as well as a few ideas for the rest of the clothing.

Yellow dress and leaf crown for an exotic pineapple costume

Make the leaf crown for carnival costumes yourself

All you need for the green crown is:

  • green felt
  • Hairband
  • Toilet paper roll
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • hot glue

Simple instructions for pineapple leaf crown - how to make the headdress

Following the length of the felt sheet, draw leaf shapes like a garland, so to speak, a zigzag line. The leaves don’t have to be perfectly shaped, and each new garland should be a few inches narrower than the previous one. Start with the widest one, gluing it around the loo roll. Then glue the next largest one on top of it and continue like this until the narrowest garland is glued on as well. 5 to 6 layers should be enough.

Make your own carnival costume accessory from felt and a headband

You can then carefully bend the leaves down. If you find the top too bare, you can also cut out individual leaves from the felt and glue them inside. Now glue the finished crown onto the headband and you can get ready for the carnival party. Now let’s show you how to make the outfit for pineapple carnival costumes yourself!

Pineapple disguise for young and old with homemade poncho made of yellow felt

Make your own carnival costumes – the clothing

In the example above, you have already seen that it takes nothing more than a yellow dress or shirt with yellow pants to make the carnival costume complete. So, it is the perfect last minute costume that is made in a few minutes. But below we also show you a practical poncho made of felt, which you can make not only for children:

  • large sheet of felt in yellow
  • black sharpie or acrylic paint
  • scissors
  • T-shirt of the person for whom you want to make this kind of carnival costumes yourself

Yellow costume craft from felt - A poncho for the pineapple costume simply made without sewing

Fold the felt once in the middle and then another time. Think about how long you would like the poncho to be and then mark that length, measured from the folded corner, in several places. Cut out this quarter circle. Now when you unfold the felt, you will have a circle that you fold in half once. Take a t-shirt, center the opening for the head on the fold, and mark both ends and the bottom center of the opening on the felt. This will give you the correct size for the opening of the poncho.

Costume DIY without sewing for craft beginners to easily copy - pineapple

Then cut out a half circle (which becomes a full circle when unfolded) and cut the felt once about 5 cm. If you want, you can add openings (slits) for the arms. For this purpose, pull the homemade poncho once briefly to get an idea of where they would be most practical. Then cut the felt in these places and you can draw the pineapple pattern from the letter “V” upside down with the sharp paint or a sharpie.

Costume mushroom ladies

Cute mushroom carnival costume and how to make the cap yourself

The only thing you need to craft if you want to make mushrooms as carnival costumes yourself is the mushroom hat, but this also takes a little more time. For the rest of the costume, just choose a solid color dress or pants, leggings or skirt and shirt, top or blouse in one color: depending on the mushroom, in white (for example, toadstool or mushroom) or in light brown or beige (for example, porcini). We show you a toadstool in the example, but you can also make another mushroom by simply changing the colors.

  • red felt
  • white felt
  • cardboard
  • white muslin or other textured fabric
  • wide ribbon or elastic to tie the hat on
  • stuffing cotton (optional, but recommended)
  • hot glue
  • paper tape
  • scissors
  • Cutter or box cutter

Instructions for a mushroom hat made of cardboard and fabric - making toadstools

Cut a strip from the cardboard that is about 3.5 inches wide and has the circumference of the head, plus 2 inches, since there will be fabric between the head and the cardboard later. Glue the ends together and cut two more strips of the same width from the cardboard. Attach them to the ring in an X shape. Next, cut out a large circle of cardboard several inches larger than the circumference of the head.

As a mushroom disguise for carnival and make a hat yourself

Then take the headrest you just made as a template to draw a circle in the middle and cut it out. You can then adapt this hole to the shape of the head and cut it further. On the ring thus obtained, then glue the headrest, as well as four other strips of cardboard offset from each other. Their length depends on how high you want the mushroom hat and can be chosen individually.

Make your own carnival costumes from felt - toadstool in red and white

From the fabric cut out a circle that has a circumference 30 cm larger than the head. In the center cut out a hole 20 cm larger than that of the cardboard ring. Turn your cardboard frame over and glue the fabric to it with hot glue. Create plenty of folds as you do this, which should work out wonderfully due to the larger circumference. Then flip the hat back over and place the red felt on top to get the perimeter you need. The felt should be a little longer for safety’s sake. After you’ve attached it to the hat, you can trim off the excess.

Toadstool idea for carnival with homemade cap and white clothes

Then, from the white felt, cut out patches of different sizes and shapes, which you then spread and glue on the mushroom hat. Then, on the inside of the hole for the head, just fix a piece of ribbon to tie under the chin or a piece of rubber in two opposite places.

Make your own carnival costumes – cucumber costume

DIY spice cucumber for adults and children to make themselves

If you want to make a vegetable costume, you have a wide choice. We show you once gherkins made of felt, which you can make as carnival costumes yourself. For this you need to sew, but this is really easy!

  • dark green felt (khaki)
  • felt of a lighter shade of green
  • green ribbons
  • hot glue or textile glue
  • pins

Cut out the front and back for the trim from the dark green felt. For this purpose, you can use your clothes from your closet (or another person who will be wearing the costume) as a guide. Feel free to cut the area above the legs straight and baggy. Don’t worry about the exact measurements, as they don’t have to be perfect. Also, allow a few extra inches for the seam and for the costume to fit loosely. So feel free to be more generous.

Homemade gherkin for girls in dark green

Then place the two pieces on top of each other (right sides together if you are using a different fabric) and sew the two sides together below the arms. Below the shoulders, glue or sew the ribbons to tie them, after which you can try the costume on once to find the right places to open the legs. Pin the part to be sewn together left side, take off the costume again and sew the places together. However, you can also wear the costume like this. Then it will be like a dress.

Finally, cut out a few circles of different sizes from the lighter felt, spread them on the carnival costume and glue or sew them. Wear a top in a similar color with it, as well as pants, tights or leggings.

Make lemon costume yourself

DIY lemon from foam as a disguise for children and adults

Making carnival costumes yourself can be so easy! This lemon costume, which you can craft in just a few minutes, proves that.

  • yellow dress or other yellow clothes
  • white felt
  • hot glue or textile glue
  • a piece of cardboard
  • white paper

Make your own fruits as carnival costumes - lemon and lime crafts

Draw a lemon segment on the paper and cut it out. Now draw the outline along the template on the white felt. Exactly how many you will need depends on the size. Cut out the segments, as well as a ring, which you then glue onto the shirt or dress. Alternatively, you can choose the variant from the picture above, or the following, for which you will need show fabric, yellow acrylic paint, cardboard, glue, brush and a wide rubber band:

Cut a circle from the foam and a lemon segment from the cardboard as a stencil. Paint a border around the foam circle with the yellow paint, then place the stencil on the circle and use the paint to trace its outline. Repeat until you have created enough segments. Then paint them out and let the paint dry. Glue a piece of gum on the back that is slightly shorter than the waist circumference and you’re done.

Make grapes costume yourself

Make grapes from balloons with leaves from green felt

Probably the easiest option for a grape costume is to use balloons. You can choose between light green and purple grapes. It’s best to take a romper or t-shirt and pants of a similar color, blow up the balloons and attach them by putting safety pins through the knots and fabric. This works best while someone is wearing the clothing.

Make a simple grape out of purple balloons and wear it to carnival

You can then use green felt to make a collar in the shape of leaves to wear. You can close this with a safety pin at the neck as well, or add a snap. Alternatively, you can use a wreath of leaves as a headdress and use green or brown pipe cleaners to create the tendrils. If you want to make partner masquerade costume costumes yourself, one can choose green grapes and the other purple.

Create grape costume with leaves and branches from pipe cleaners

Make strawberry costume yourself

Create cute strawberry from a red dress and seeds from felt

If the costume is to dress strawberry ladies, you can use a red dress and green leggings. Men can also take a simple red t-shirt and green pants. From yellow, black or white felt cut out small drop-like shapes that will be the seeds. Then take green felt, fold it lengthwise in half and place it on the neckline.

Make your own carnival costumes - DIY idea for a strawberry for beginners

Using a pencil, lightly mark the cutout on the felt. Cut out a half circle (when unfolded, you will now have a hole in the center of the felt). Around it cut out the leaves, so that a collar is created. Finally, cut this open so that you can put it around the cutout from the neck and also put it on. Glue it and the seeds to the clothing. Done!

But you can also make a poncho of red felt as in the instructions for the pineapple as a carnival costume itself and then glue the green leaves to the neckline. A headdress can also be made to add to the costume. For example, the idea for the crown of the pineapple is good.

Make your own carnival costumes – French fries costume

DIY costumes for beginners without sewing - French fry bag with craft instructions

  • Cardboard
  • red and yellow spray paint
  • thick foam (about 7.5 cm thick)
  • box cutter
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • white ribbon
  • yellow dress

From the cardboard, cut out the elements for the French fry bag, as follows: The back is 83 cm high at the highest point, the front 48 cm at the lowest; both are 63 cm wide. The side pieces are 38 cm wide, the back sides of both as high as the outside of the back pieces, and the front sides as high as the outside of the front piece. Then spray the finished cut-out elements red (preferably outdoors or with the window open).

Simple fries bag craft from cardboard and red paint

Once the paint has dried, glue the elements together with hot glue. Feel free to be generous with the glue. Stand in the bag and see where the ribbons should be so they rest on your shoulders. Mark the spots and glue the tapes there at the desired length.

Cut foam into long fries and spray with yellow paint

Then, using the box cutter, cut the foam into strips that are about the same width as the show fabric as well (so the fries will have four sides of the same size). Cut fries of different lengths (60 and 100 cm in the example). Then spray the strips yellow, quietly creating a blotchy look. Arrange the fries around the edge of the fries bag and tape them down. Remember to leave room on the sides for the arms.

Funny idea for making carnival costumes yourself - French fries from long balloons

Tip: You can also use long balloons instead of foam and label the bag (for example, with “fries” or a McDonald’s logo).

Make your own carnival costumes – cheese costume

Simple cheese carnival costumes make yourself with cardboard, plug foam and yellow paint

  • 2 large craft boxes
  • yellow acrylic or spray paint
  • circle cutter for paper
  • rubber band
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • clothes in yellow

For the headdress also:

  • orange paint
  • stick foam
  • brush
  • hair band or headband
  • box cutter or small saw
  • tablespoon or teaspoon Craft yellow cheese with holes - instructions for signs to hang around your neck

Use the circle cutter to cut out circles of different sizes from both cardboard boxes. Then paint or spray the cardboard boxes with yellow paint. If the inside of the holes are not colored when you spray them, you can help them out with a paintbrush. Cut two pieces of the rubber band of the same length and glue them to the two cardboard boxes so that you have straps for the shoulders.

Craft Swiss cheese with holes and wear it to carnival

For the headdress: cut a triangular piece from the stick foam and scrape out a few holes here and there with a spoon. Spray the stick foam yellow as well and then paint the holes with a brush and orange paint. Glue the resulting cheese onto a hair band or headband.

Costume Rocher ball

Ferrero Rocher costume in gold and bronze for men and women

For a Ferrero Rocher costume, all you need is a brown skirt and a shiny gold top. Other options with which you can make such carnival costumes yourself are:

  • golden dress, which is pasted with the brown rocher paper in the lower part
  • brown top with golden skirt
  • skirt and/or top can be pasted with real Rocher balls
  • instead of looking for a golden garment, you can also stick a simple one with golden foil

You are welcome to use the Ferrero Rocher costume as a group costume and combine it with other treats like Raffaelo, Ferrero Küsschen and the like.

Make your own carnival costume – candy costume without sewing

Playful and colorful carnival costume - colorful candy with tulle and felt

  • felt in different candy colors (pastel colors), including white
  • white tulle
  • fabric scissors
  • hot glue
  • Filling absorbent cotton
  • safety pins
  • rubber band
  • Ribbon

Think about how big you want the candy to be and cut out two circles of this size from the white felt (in the example 75 cm in diameter). For this purpose, you can use a hula hoop or a large wash bowl as a template, for example. Then from the colored felt fabrics cut out several swirls in two different sizes. To make them all the same, you can prepare a template of white paper for each beforehand.

Crafting for carnival - kids costume tutorial for candy

Spread the swirls on one of the white felt circles and glue them in place. Simply cut off any excess fabric. Then turn the circle with the colored side down in front of you and the other circle over it. Glue both edges together with hot glue. However, leave a small opening for you to put filler batting through. Once you are satisfied with the amount of filler batting, glue the opening closed.

Make your own candy as carnival costumes with foil and party hat

Using the safety pins and then some glue, attach elastic to the back where the arms will later be poked through. Then spread tulle in front of you, place the candy on it with the colored side down, wrap the tulle around it and tie the two ends with the ribbon. In the same way and with a stick, you can make a small lollipop accessory.

Make your own candy costume

Ideas for Candy Girl with real candy, wig and homemade lollipop

Would you like to make a candy girl costume yourself? Then it can be really colorful and you can use a wide variety of materials to craft any candy and combine them for the carnival costume. All kinds of clothes with a bold color or pastel color are suitable as clothes. Here are a few ideas that you can use to make this kind of carnival costumes yourself:

Playful costume ideas for carnival and halloween with candy as accessories

  • colorful paper rolls for sprinkles
  • glue real candies or gummy bears on the clothes
  • tutu made of colorful tulle strips as a skirt
  • pink colored absorbent cotton for cotton candy
  • colorful pom-poms
  • necklaces made of real candy
  • pink wig

Or how about candy in large size, like this lollipop and rock candy:

Candy Girl idea - creative accessories for the costume with rock candy and lollipops

You craft the lollipop from a foam circle and wooden handle, which you spray paint white and stick into the circle. Paint the foam with bright colors, creating swirls. The rock candy stick a styrofoam ball to one of the ends a wooden stick and color both beige. The sugar itself you craft from a pool noodle, which you first cut into slices and then into small pieces. Glue plenty of these cubes to the wooden stick and then spray them in any color (tape the wooden stick for this).

Make your own carnival costumes – Peppy red and white costume homemade

Red and white costumes easy to make for carnival and costume parties

Red and white are popular colors for Mardi Gras and for costumes in general. Besides the toadstool from the tutorial above, there are numerous ways and themes you can use the colors for. Here are a few ideas on how you can make carnival costumes yourself in this color combination:

Make your own lighthouse costume

Funny lighthouse for red and white carnival costumes make yourself

The simplest variant with which you can make lighthouse carnival costumes yourself is to use white clothes and wide, red tape with which you create stripes on the clothes. This basically works like the convict tutorial above. A loose dress that narrows towards the top works best, but if need be, white pants with a white t-shirt are also suitable. On the head put a helmet, which you provide with a headlamp.

Make your own headdress for the lighthouse and decorate it with a flashlight

Also this hat, originally intended for a cat-in-the-hat costume, but also super suitable as a top for the lighthouse.

  • red and white foam rubber or felt
  • cardboard
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • adhesive tape
  • Hairband

Make your own carnival costume - lighthouse hat for the costume

Shape a cylinder from a thin piece of cardboard and tape the ends together. From another piece of cardboard, cut out two circles that should have a slightly larger circumference than the cylinder. Use this circle as a template to cut out one circle each from the red and white foam rubber/felt, again larger than the one from the cardboard. Line both cardboard circles with the foam rubber circles. When doing this, fold the rubber inward and glue it to the cardboard circle.

Instructions for a striped hat made of cardboard and foam rubber to match the lighthouse costume

Furthermore, you need three strips of each color, cut out lengthwise about 3.5 cm wide. Glue these strips alternately around the cylinder (start with red at the top and end with white at the bottom). It may be that the last strip is too wide and needs to be cut a little narrower. Now glue the cylinder to the red side of the red circle and then glue the unsightly side of the white circle to the cylinder. Fix the finished hat on a hairband. If you want, add a pocket light or LED light.

Tip for last-minute hat: alternatively, you can use white cardboard for the cylinder, on which you then paint red stripes with felt-tip pen or acrylic paint.

Make your own popcorn costume

Popcorn carnival costumes make yourself in simple steps - Several tutorials to recreate

Whether it’s a dress with red and white stripes for carnival or a homemade cardboard bag like the French fry bag example, a popcorn costume can be put together quickly and easily in a creative way. You can find some great ideas with instructions in our post for popcorn costumes. Included is even a baby carrier idea so you can attend the carnival party with your baby yourself.

Make your own Queen of Hearts costume

Queen of hearts with crown made of cards in a red dress for carnival

By now, the Queen of Hearts costume is mostly associated with the Queen of Hearts from the movie “Alice in Wonderland” and this is also a really trendy carnival costume. We have already presented you a few ideas for the Queen of Hearts costume , as well as instructions for makeup. If you would like to make the Queen of Hearts costume yourself, however, you can also take the actual playing card as a theme and get really creative.

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland has been one of the most popular costumes for several years now

A red dress is the basis if you want to make heart lady carnival costumes yourself. Alternatively, a white one is also suitable. For makeup, of course, use the same colors and here a white face with red lips and possibly red eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids and cheeks is preferable. You can also make up a small heart on the cheek. The accessories are just as important! Glue three playing cards to a hairband and make a lace scepter out of cards. Or how about a collar?

Make princess disguise yourself

Princess with purple tulle skirt and crown made of paper- ideas and instructions to copy

A long, homemade tulle skirt and a crown are already almost everything you need if you want to make princesses carnival costumes yourself. A top and possibly a pair of tights in matching colors also comes naturally. And this applies to both children and adults. Of course, you can also look for a suitable dress in the store. But you should at least make the crown yourself, because then it is guaranteed to be unique

Princess crown craft – DIY ideas for carnival or children’s birthday party.
Crown craft from different materials to match the costume
Princess costume for girls – quick and easy DIY project without sewing

Costume disco ball

Make a disco ball out of papier-mâché and decorate it with shiny paper

  • approx. 90 cm round balloon
  • newspaper
  • flour
  • water
  • holographic tape (or paper that you cut into strips)
  • adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • silver ribbon or ribbon with sequins
  • parcel tape
  • silver, white or gray top and shorts (not visible)

Craft instructions for the disco ball with large balloon and newspaper

Mix the flour and water in a 1:1 ratio to make a paste for the paper mache (a consistency like thick glue). Then blow up the balloon and tear or cut the newspaper into strips. Dip a strip into the glue, squeeze out excess liquid, and place the strip on top of the balloon.

Repeat this many, many times until the entire balloon is covered. You will then need three more layers, letting each layer dry before applying the next. Once the fourth and final layer has also dried, you can cut the balloon and you will be left with the papier-mâché envelope. Cut two holes at the top and bottom, the bottom one should be a little wider so you can walk when you carry the ball.

Make your own carnival costumes - Make a sphere for disguises like ball, apple and more

Cut long strips of holographic tape and cut one of the long sides several times to make fringe. Tape the strips all around the ball, starting at the bottom and slowly working your way up. Each new row should overlap the previous one. Now all you need are straps. Ask someone to help you measure out the correct length while you are wearing the costume. Then attach the finished silver or sequin ribbons for the straps to the inside of the ball with parcel tape (or with a stapler).

Tip: You can also use a papier-mâché ball for numerous other costume ideas (such as the candy costume above).

Make your own doctor costume

The doctor costume is a classic and quickly put together with simple things

You’ll need a white gown. For kids, you can use a white adult shirt and for an adult, you can use an oversized shirt. Alternatively, a plain white t-shirt can be cut open in the front if you don’t have a shirt on hand. On the made-up smock, paint a red cross if you like.You can get the final touch with the right accessories: a stethoscope, a thermometer, a mask, a syringe (without a needle!) and the like are super suitable and can be obtained at a pharmacy or toy store.

Make your own rainbow costume

Colorful rainbow made of felt to wear around your neck for carnival costume

Effective and at the same time easy to make is the rainbow costume, which in combination with a sun and a rain cloud with lightning , raindrops or snowflakes is wonderful for a group costume with the theme “weather”. You will need:

  • Felt in different colors of the rainbow
  • white felt
  • Scissors
  • hot glue
  • ribbons for the straps

Cut out half ellipses or half circles from all the colors (except the white one) as follows: Start with the lowest color, which you can then use as a guide. Cut out a half circle (or ellipse) of any size. Then place this on the next color, measure a distance of about 5 cm and cut out this color as well. Then place the second semicircle on the third color and repeat all the steps until you have cut out all the colors. Then glue them on top of each other or cut out all the elements one more time for the back.

From the white felt cut out clouds with which you will decorate the bottom of your rainbow. Glue the tape on the inside and hang the obtained shield around your neckoryou use another shield for the back and glue the front and back together with two equal length tapes to hang the costume over your shoulders. Wear clothes of any color with it (for example, light blue for the sky).

Great rainbow ideas with colorful tulle skirt, floating noodles or felt

In the picture above you can see a few more ideas for making the costume. For example, pool noodles can also be used for crafting or a DIY tulle skirt made of colorful tulle strips. As a headdress, a small cloud that you glue to a headband is suitable.

Carnival costume ideas from the bathroom

Ideas from the bathroom - how to dress up for this theme

The bathroom offers plenty of items and ideas for making an original and super fun costume. Here are a few ideas that you might like if you want to make carnival costumes yourself:

Make your own carnival costumes – costume bubble bath.

Make your own carnival costumes with balloons - bubble bath idea with white balloons, shower cap and sponge

Make your own carnival costumes and imitate a bubble bath? Not only does it sound fun, but it is! You will need white clothes and white balloons to imitate the soap bubbles and foam. You will then make the costume using the same instructions as for the grapes. Additional accessories you can use are a shower cap, brush, bath duck, sponge or bottle of shampoo. Come up with something fun!

Make your own carnival costumes – costume shower.

For the costume shower one partner can dress up as a toilet made of cardboard

  • PVC pipes, large enough for the hula hoop to fit inside
  • Connectors
  • Pipe insulation
  • Shower curtain (plus rings if not included)
  • Shower head
  • Pipe cutter
  • cable tie
  • wide paper tape
  • any accessories (e.g. shower cap, brush, sponge

Make your own shower as a carnival costume from PVC pipes and a shower curtain

If you want to make showers as carnival costumes yourself, you will need a support for the shoulders that will hold the curtain. You will build this from the tubes and connectors by following the template in the picture above. It is better to cut larger tubes first, which you can shorten afterwards if necessary. The elements that will be on the shoulder, you still cover with the insulation and cover them with paper tape.

Showers as carnival costumes can make yourself even beginners

Shorten the hula hoop if necessary. Open it at its original opening and try to pick up the connecting piece to be able to put the shortened hoop back together. Insert the remaining cut piece into the shower head and then into a longer PVC pipe, which you in turn insert into one of the two lower openings of the prop. You are welcome to spray paint the hoop white or wrap it with paper tape.

You will also provide the other openings with pipes long enough to reach the hoop. Hang the shower curtain and tie the support to the hoop with cable ties (cut off any ties that stick out). Include the hoops in this process so they can’t slip. Hang soap or a sponge, put on a hood and you’re ready to go.

Make your own carnival costumes – idea for a toothpaste costume

Toothpaste costume make out of white clothes

The prisoner, soldier or witch you somehow do not find so original and boring? All these are admittedly quite common carnival costumes ideas. If you are looking for funny costumes that are fancy to boot, the toothpaste costume is without a doubt a wonderful option. And funny it should be at the carnival, after all!

Improvise. Take a sheet in which you cut a hole for the head, a long dress or white shirt with white pants. Then on it write the name of any toothpaste. Or make a tube out of cardboard (glue it together to make a cylinder) and add straps for the shoulders. You can use a larger paper cup as a hat to imitate a lid. It also goes well with a toothbrush for a partner costume.

Make your own Cookie Monster costume

Funny cookie monster in dark blue with feather or tulle skirt and face made of felt

Felt is ideal if you want to make simple carnival costumes yourself. The great felt also comes into play again with the Cookie Monster. You will need:

  • light brown and dark brown felt
  • black felt
  • white felt
  • dark blue clothes (e.g. top, leggings and tutu)
  • optional: dark blue feathers

Possibilities for the Cookie Monster as a disguise for carnival and instructions for headdresses

A dark blue t-shirt is the basis if you want to make carnival costumes yourself. On it you design the face of the Cookie Monster and it’s really easy. From the white felt cut out two circles of the same size and from the black as well, only that they must be smaller than the white ones. Then in the chest area, glue on the eyes. Whether you create a slithering monster, have it look up, down or sideways is up to you. Just experiment before you glue everything on.

rompers and overalls in dark blue are suitable for the Cookie Monster as a carnival costume

You can also shape the mouth any way you like out of black felt. Next, you will need a few cookies made of large light brown circles and small dark brown felt pieces. You can spread such cookies all over the costume. To the mouth, again, glue a bitten cookie. And that’s it! For this you can make a tutu from blue tulle or feathers. Gentlemen can also just wear the shirt and dark blue pants with it. If you want, you can make the headdress from the instructions above in the picture (styrofoam balls, headband, blue feathers and black felt).

Make your own fir tree costume

Make a fir tree to dress up yourself from tutu, tulle, cardboard or felt

A green top, a green tutu and a green cardigan, with which you wear brown tights or leggings (for the trunk) and decorate with Christmas garlands and fairy lights is all you need for the fir tree. But, of course, this is far from the only option. But since this variant does not have the classic fir tree shape, the Christmas elements should stick a clue to the theme of the disguise.

If this is too Christmasy for you and you would rather make neutral fir trees as carnival costumes yourself, draw the tree on a large sheet of paper or cardboard and cut it out. You now have a template that you can use to transfer the fir tree to cardboard, green felt or green foam rubber twice as you like and cut it out. If you are using cardboard, paint it green afterwards. Then tie both elements together at a greater distance and put on the costume.

Felt you can also sew together and then put on. In this case, you should make the two elements large enough to fit inside. This is especially true for the hole for the head. If you want it to go especially fast, felt can be gladly just glued together.

Make your own carnival costumes – as an animal for carnival

Dress up as animals and make the carnival costumes yourself - cat, leopard and bear ideas

Animals as a disguise for carnival are without question a classic for both adults and children. Of course, the choice is endless, because not only mammals can be chosen, but also insects, reptiles and fish. We will now show you four popular ideas for animals that you can make yourself as carnival costumes.

Cats disguise make yourself

Assemble black cat from normal everyday clothes

Even though the color black is usually chosen for the cat costume, it doesn’t have to mean that you can’t choose other typical fur colors. Either way, you can use normal clothes like a shirt (long or short sleeved as you like) or top and leggings or pants. The accent is more on the cat makeup and accessories when you make a cat costume yourself. Other ideas:

Ideas for the cat ears made from pipe cleaners, wire, felt or paper

  • fluffy sweater
  • vest made of faux fur
  • tutu made of tulle
  • short dress and leggings
  • (open) gloves

Ears for cat costume made of wire, felt, pipe cleaners or lace

Make your own ears for carnival costumes

For the ears you need a headband in the color of your costume. You have plenty of variations to choose from for the ears. You can cut them out of paper, felt, foam rubber or fake fur, but also shape them out of wire or pipe cleaners and attach them to the headband.

Cheshire cat as an alternative to the normal cat as a disguise with video for the make-up

Cheshire cat make your own carnival costumes

Or how about choosing the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland instead of the classic? Here, the color purple should also not be missing in the costume. But it’s the makeup that matters most here.

Make your own carnival costumes – leopard costume carnival

Leopard for women costumes from clothes with animal print

Since animal prints are extremely fashionable at the moment, you’re bound to have a few leopard print clothes in your closet, right? If not, it doesn’t matter, because you will find the right clothes in probably every store, so you can quickly and easily make your own leopard costume ladies. And the best thing is that you can continue to wear the clothes after the carnival.

Make up the face properly for the leopard costume

It is best to use the following types of clothes, some of which can be black, so as not to overdo it with the pattern:

  • Top
  • Sweater
  • Leggings (e.g. dress with leopard print and black leggingsor vice versa)
  • Coat (with leo print over black sweater, top or shirt)
  • Vest (over long sleeve shirt)
  • Boots (black with leo leggings/pantsor animal print with black legwear)
  • Jumpsuit

Leopard make up

The spots are basically made very simple with black paint. However, it is practical to add a few more colors as well to achieve the typical beige-orange look of the leopard. It is also important to use a good foundation to make the leopard makeup last.

Sheep costume kids make themselves

Quick and easy sheep costume with a white vest and cotton balls

  • white tunic or short dress and beanie cap or vest with hood
  • black long sleeve shirt (if you use a vest) and leggings or pants
  • black shoes
  • black felt
  • cotton balls
  • hot glue

All you need to do if you want to make a sheep costume yourself is to glue the entire vest (or tunic) with the cotton balls. Cut out elongated ears from the black felt and glue them to the sides of the hood (or cap). Put on the black clothes and the vest over them. For makeup, a simple black dot on the nose will do.

Make bear costume yourself

Brown bear for men, women and children - how to make the carnival costumes yourself

Especially for children, you can quickly find a simple sweater with a hood in a store, which also has bear ears. Then you just need to make up the face accordingly and find brown pants or leggings to go with it. But if you prefer to do it yourself, you can also make the ears yourself. For example, how about a DIY lucky bearchi, which you can also use as a group costume.

Panda made of black and white clothes and round glasses

Make your own carnival costumes – panda costume

For the panda costume you can use the same clothes as for the sheep costume, only this time you don’t need cotton balls. You can make a panda face and ears out of felt and attach them to the hood. But you can also make up the face: white face and black circles around the eyes, that’s all it takes. But we also find the idea with the glasses very cute. These should be big and round.

Polar bear with jumpsuit or vest in white with hood or cap

Make your own polar bear costumes as carnival costumes

For the polar bear, of course, you need white clothes. If you make the carnival costumes yourself, you can create sleeves and trouser legs or shoes with claws made of black felt and on the hood or a white cap a bear face. Of course, you can also just attach ears and make up your face instead.

Make your own carnival costumes – racing driver costume

Racing driver make your own carnival costumes - ideas with jumpsuit and car from cardboard

Are you or your child Formula 1 fans? Then racing themed costumes are just the thing for you. And the best thing is that racing drivers, for example, can be made as carnival costumes themselves in an extremely simple way. All you need is a jumpsuit or sports suit of any color (for example, red for Ferrari), which you design with black and white checkered tape. Also, don’t forget the baseball cap when you put together the carnival costume. Alternatively, you can imitate a retro leather cap with glasses as in the picture above.

Optionally, you can also stick advertising banners on the back and a flag on the chest.  If desired, you can also stick the tape on the shoes. Real craft enthusiasts, in turn, can try their hand at a race car made of cardboard, which is hung on the shoulders. Instructions can be found in the video below. In turn, the link to the template for printing in the comments of the video.

Make Falbala costume yourself

For the Falbala costume for carnival you need a white skirt and a blue top

The clothes of Falbala from the movie film Asterix and Obelix is quickly imitated and also does not necessarily have to be an exact copy. A blue, longer top and a tight-fitting skirt in mermaid look, the bottom hem of which you create with a blue strip of felt or tape, is all you need. You can wear a white belt with it in the waist area, as well as blue earrings and a bracelet.

Falbala from Asterix and Obelix design for a costume party with motto movies

The blonde hair is a trademark of Falbala. So, if you don’t have blonde hair, we definitely recommend you to use a wig. Great accessories that you can consider are a braided basket or else a bouquet of flowers.