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Make carnival garlands yourself: try these fun craft ideas for young and old!

Hanging beautiful garlands can transform a room into a festive atmosphere. Here are some super simple craft ideas on how to make carnival garlands yourself. Make long garlands of your favorite variety, or mix and match for a versatile look. Here’s how!

Curly garland craft

Make carnival garlands yourself - Try these fun craft ideas

The best DIY projects are the ones that use readily available, inexpensive materials and are easy to make. Something as simple as wrapping thin strips of paper around a pencil yields impressive results.

Materials needed:

colored cardstock
Cutting mat
Exacto knife
Needle and thread
Wooden dowels (use kebab skewers!)

Making a felt ball garland is as easy as pie

Crafting steps:

  • Using the knife and ruler, cut very thin strips from the cardstock. Be careful with your fingers!
  • Wrap the strips around a pencil to form cute “curls”. Make some tighter and some looser. Variety is always good.
  • String a bunch of curls into a garland or glue a few onto a wooden dowel to make a drink stirrer. Be crazy and stick a few finished dowels in a cake or some cupcakes. This would be super cute.

Make your own carnival garlands from felt balls

Hanging cute garlands can transform a room into a festive atmosphere

Making a felt ball garland is easy as pie. What you want to know is where to get the felt balls. You can either buy them or make them yourself.


Wool scraps
colored beads – optional

Here are some super simple craft ideas on how to make carnival garlands yourself

Here’s how to make your own felt balls:

  • Take a handful of wool scraps and loosely wrap them in the palm of your hand. Hold under warm water and shape into a loose ball.
  • Add soap, enough to create a good lather (any kind of soap will do, as long as it lathers).
  • Begin rolling the wool into a ball between both hands, as if you were rolling dough into a ball. Roll gently at first. Once the ball becomes firmer, you can roll it a little more vigorously.
  • The fibers will begin to “felt” as you continue to roll while you rinse the wool under warm water, adding more soap as it washes out.
  • Continue to roll and rinse. You can alternate hot and cold water to shock the fibers if you like. Your felt ball will look like a ball and be firm. Sometimes there will be small tears where the ball didn’t quite grow together. It doesn’t matter. Just wrap another thin layer of wool around the whole ball, add more soap and roll the ball between your hands again until the outer layer is felted to the bottom layer. A perfect garland ! And also perfect for little hands to help out.
  • Now just thread the needle and string the beads. You could tie a knot between each ball.

Make fun decorations with the kids

Here are five more cute garlands that you can make quickly and easily with your little ones at home.


Colorful paper
Brown card stock
Mixed wool
Various strings and cords
Various artificial flowers
Raffia cord
Circle cutter
Double-sided tape

1. make floral fiesta

Make carnival garlands yourself - get inspired by nature

Take inspiration from nature with this beautiful garland of faux flowers.

  • Carefully pull the leaves and flower parts off a bouquet of faux flowers, making sure the leaves and flowers stay together.
  • Thread a large-eyed darning needle onto a raffia string. Carefully thread the flowers through the holes in the flowers and leaves onto the raffia. The flowers should sit securely on the raffia. This is how easy it is to make carnival garlands yourself.

2. make festive fans

These little fans are a cute, colorful way to decorate a room

These cute fans are a colorful way to decorate a room. You can match the colors of the fans to the theme of your party.

  • Cut strips of crepe paper (you can use different colors) that are about 6 inches wide and 20 inches long. Fold each strip using small accordion folds.
  • When the strip is fully folded, staple one end about 1 cm from the edge, then punch a hole above the staple.
  • Thread each fan onto a colored string and tie each fan to the string. Gently pull apart the accordion folds to create a fan shape.

3. simple paper balls

Create the illusion of a ball with two simple circle shapes

Create the illusion of a sphere with some simple circle shapes.

  • Using a circle cutter (or trace something circular), cut a series of circles from brown cardstock. Fold each circle in half. Staple a few circles together along the fold line.
  • Make two staples for each circle, then pry apart each flap of the “ball” to make a round shape.
  • Use a darning needle to thread the balls onto a long piece of string. Thread them through the gap in the center of each row of staples.

4. rainbow ribbons

This garland can be made with thin strips of colored paper

This garland can be made with thin strips of colored paper or with colorful ribbons, it’s up to you!

  • Cut an assortment of paper (or ribbon) strips that are about 2.5 inches wide and 15 inches long.
  • Fold each strip in half at an angle so that the edges spread apart.
  • Attach the strips to a long piece of string on the inside of the fold using double-sided tape. The string should be on the inside of the fold of each strip.

5. party pom poms

You can make carnival garlands yourself at home and have lots of fun

Who doesn’t love them, the pom poms? These colorful pom poms look extra festive in a room.

  • Use a pom-pom maker (available at craft stores) to make an assortment of pom-poms in different sizes. You can make them in any color you like.
  • When you have made all the pom-poms, use a darning needle to thread them onto a colored piece of wool or string. We hope you will have a lot of fun making your own carnival garlands!