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Ideas for children’s makeup for unicorn – What variations are available and instructions.

The unicorn has become a really popular mythical creature among children and especially girls. Thus, the theme not only adorns the children’s rooms, but is also popularly chosen as a party theme and also as a costume. And the perfect costume, of course, includes the right makeup. In principle, all you need is a lot of bright colors and you can create a beautiful unicorn makeup. A few ideas for children’s makeup for unicorn you will find today in this article.

Simple children’s makeup for unicorn

Blush and glitter for subtle unicorn makeup for girls

It does not have to be something extremely flashy. It can be quite enough to just set a few accents with the makeup and thus give the costume the finishing touch. You can see such an example in the picture above. Spread on the cheeks a very little blush for a cute blush and over it a little glitter. Glitter stones can also be spread here and there with a little eyelash glue around the eyes. If you want, you can finish them this children’s makeup for unicorn with mascara and why not with an eyeliner (an original idea for an eyeliner can be found below).

Subtle kids makeup for unicorn with glitter stones and metallic lipstick

Here, glitter stones were used as well and glued on the forehead and below the eyes. Use bright colors that are best also in the costume. The lips, of course, may be made up as well. A shiny metallic lipstick , but also glittery are best suited. If it should not be quite so flashy, you can also choose a simple lip gloss or a subtle pink.

Simple as unicorn makeup for costume with heart on cheek

Unicorn make-up for children – instructions

Children's makeup for unicorn easy to make yourself - instructions for the forehead

  • Foundation
  • Eye shadow in rainbow colors (one-stroke colors)
  • Make-up sponge
  • white, pink and yellow make-up
  • flat brush
  • pink blush
  • Fixing spray

First of all, apply a primer. This guarantees that the make-up will last longer. The eyelids make up in rainbow colors , blending all the colors well together. There are also special eye shadows where the colors are ready arranged next to each other and you then only pick them up with a sponge and transfer them to the eyelids (one-stroke colors). With a flat brush and white makeup you then paint above the forehead the unicorn ears and forehead. You can also paint the ears with pink makeup or blush.

Kids makeup for unicorn in white and colors as accents

If you want, you can also apply blush on the cheeks. Then paint on a horn in yellow and set the final accents with pink contours. If you like, you can also draw a few squiggly patterns on the outer eye in pink and a few sparkles around the horn in white. With a fixative spray you seal the finished design at the end and ready is the unicorn children’s makeup. You can also vary the colors for this unicorn makeup (e.g. purple, light blue or turquoise instead of pink). To match, you can also make up the lips in the same color that you used for the contours.

Unicorn face paint

DIY kids makeup for unicorn - white makeup and rainbow for mane

  • Primer
  • White and black makeup
  • One-Stroke Colors
  • Brush
  • Fixing spray

Or how about this idea for kids makeup for unicorn? Here, the head of a unicorn is painted on part of the face. After priming, apply white makeup with a sponge. Here you roughly form the head, an ear and the horn of the unicorn. With one-stroke colors, you can then create the rainbow in a simple way for children’s make-up and create the mane. Now use a brush and black paint to trace the contours.

Children’s make-up unicorn made easy

Instructions for children makeup for unicorn with one-stroke makeup

If you wish, you can add small details such as stars, sparks, hearts or the like as accents at the end. The finished children’s makeup for unicorn you then fix with a fixative spray, so that it also holds the entire party.

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Ideas for children makeup for unicorn to copy

Eyeliner of squiggly lines in blue remind of the horn

Unicorn face make up with nose

Include the nose in the children's makeup for unicorn

Idea in green, yellow, orange and red

Apply makeup in green, yellow and orange with a sponge for blending

Girls make up as unicorn in white, purple and pink

Beautiful idea for kids makeup for unicorn costume for girls in pink and purple

Simple horn make up

Eye make-up for girls with stars and horn

For kids unicorn make up around eye

Simple children's makeup for unicorn for carnival for girls

Unicorn on one eye and fire and ice on the other

Painting unicorn with carnival makeup over one eye

Unicorn makeup with glitter

Make up face and apply lipstick in pink

Easy kids make up for beginners

Ideas for children make-up for unicorn with white ears and golden horn

For kids makeup unicorn in motley colors choose

Colorful make-up for children to do yourself for carnival

Unicorn and wings

Advanced makeup idea - unicorn with colorful mane on the forehead

Children makeup for unicorn with beads around the eyes

Kids makeup for unicorn for beginners - ears over eyes, horn on forehead and colorful beads

Only with rainbow

Make up rainbow, clouds and confetti for a unicorn on the face

If the costume already clearly shows what kind of costume it is, you do not need to make up a real unicorn extra. Then you can either choose a plain version as described above, apply only a colorful eye shadow and/or eyeliner or add other accents such as stars. Rainbows are also perfectly suitable. See in which way you could design the rainbow:

Rainbows combine on the forehead and cheek

Unicorn makeup easy for kids with one-stroke makeup for quick rainbows.

Last minute makeup idea for unicorn with one-stroke makeup for rainbows

Unicorn makeup simple for kids with rainbow

Elaborate idea with rainbow and flowers

Small rainbow and stars over the eye

Rainbow makeup with sparks for unicorn costume