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How to organize a colorful carnival party for kids at home!

It’s always the same with children: they can make any occasion unforgettable, infect us with their enthusiasm and ability to surprise us. Do you want to organize a carnival party for children at home? Then we present a few ideas on how to decorate your home for carnival and what fun games you can prepare for the kids. The following suggestions are suitable for older children between 5 and 8 years old.

Carnival party for 3 children: how to decorate the house for Carnival?

Organize colorful carnival party for kids

To host an unforgettable carnival party at home, you must first decorate the room where the children will play, so that they can immerse themselves in the carnival atmosphere.

Sometimes you need very little: with colorful paper carnival garlands , which are attached to the window frame or a wall, the whole room will look very colorful! They also provide a great backdrop for photos.

Making simple garlands from clay paper

garlands made from paper and thread

Let’s start with a colorful paper garland made of XXL confetti. It is very easy to craft and will instantly add a touch of liveliness to the party room and make everything more festive.

Choose cheerful shades, for example: sunny yellow, golden yellow, fuchsia, blue, green and orange. Use scissors to cut out circles in different sizes: small, medium and large. Precision is not a must here. If you have circle punches, the work will be sped up considerably.

Punching out circles in different sizes

Once all the circles are cut out, start creating long garlands: Simply sew them together with a white sewing thread until the desired length is reached. How to do it:

  • Pierce through the paper circle with the needle, not too close to the edge.
  • Then lock the thread with an overlock stitch.
  • Pierce through the center of the circle with the needle and make another overlock stitch.
  • Now take the next circle and repeat the steps.

Alternative to sewing? You can use thin tape or colored washi tape.

Want to simplify this task even more? Tape the colorful circles on a large white cardboard and let the kids do it: this is also a creative activity that you can propose at the party to entertain the kids. The backdrop would also be perfect for photos.

Table decorations for the carnival party: pompom plates and DIY cake stands.

Decoration for kids party with pompoms

The carnival decorations are wonderfully colorful and also make a good mood on the table. If you want to serve snacks for the kids on paper plates, you can jazz them up with colorful pompoms.

Use very little gel glue to stick the pompoms along the edges of the plates and let them dry overnight. Be careful not to dirty the inside of the plates. This is also a task that we can assign to the children to involve them in preparing the decorations for the carnival party.

colorful snacks for carnival party kids

DIY cake stands, for example, for carnival cupcakes , can also be made extremely inexpensive: Stick the plates on upside-down colorful plastic cups using adhesive pads. You can then take everything apart again at the end of the day so as not to waste the dishes.

Instead of a tablecloth, you can simply use colorful tissue paper and also spread some colorful paper circles on the table.

DIY carnival masks for the kids

Carnival party for kids games and craft ideas

For children, there is no carnival without dressing up: be it a funny mask for fun or to make a little theatrical show.

The simplest carnival masks ever are made from colored paper and glue. This would be a great idea for a creative workshop at the carnival party for kids. For example, you can provide each child with a craft kit to create their own mask and then take it home.

You can put the materials and tools needed in gift bags. Get some neutral colored paper bags and decorate them with lots of colorful dots – in the same color palette you used for the garland earlier. Glue the dots onto the bags and fill them with the stencils, leaves of colored paper, glue stick and scissors.

make animal masks out of paper

Each child can figure out for themselves what kind of animal to make from the materials provided and create their own carnival mask. To make this task easier for the kids, you can also include a photo of the animal in question in the bag.

Here are a few ideas for 3 kids:

  • A koala with cheeks made of tissue paper confetti.
  • A lion with a paper mane and pompom cheeks
  • A fox with golden fur

Let the kids get creative and add the details to their mask by gluing different decorations on it or drawing the facial features with colored markers. This way you can still offer the kids decorations like tissue paper balls, rhinestones, colorful pom poms and beads.

fox mask from clay paper to make with children

Of course, an adult must necessarily help if it is necessary to cut out the eyes from the mask, as this must be done with the cutter and on the cutting pad (so as not to ruin the table and not to hurt themselves).

Masks for storytelling

carnival party kids decoration and games

One of the most fun games to play with kids at the carnival party is to let their imaginations run wild and hear what stories they can make up.

To do this, create cardboard frames that represent different characters, for example, with a fairy tale theme. Princesses, pirates, unicorns, fairies, kings and queens, and knights are perfect. You can also take inspiration from a famous cartoon or the farm. Then suggest the children to create a short play.

Carnival party for kids ideas with cardboard

For crafts you need a few sheets of corrugated cardboard. They are easy to cut with a cutter and are also very stable. With a white pencil draw the selected motif, keeping in mind that you need to remove the part of the face, where the children will put their faces. Do not do without a cutting mat, so you do not damage the table.

carnival party for kids games and crafts

When you are satisfied with the result, start painting with bold and bright colors. Simple school paints are opaque enough, so it is not necessary to paint everything white first. To paint, line the table with newspaper.

Finally, when the colors have dried, emphasize the outlines of the figures with a black felt-tip pen. This way, the portraits will be clearer later and visible from a distance.

All the kids have to do is pick a character, put their face in the frame and interpret their character through jokes and attitudes.

In this article you will discover more great ideas for party games for kids!

Creative snacks for kids

snacks for carnival party kids

A great carnival party can’t be complete without snacks. Here are some ideas for sweet and colorful food, matching the general theme of the party.

You can also make freshly squeezed juices or offer the kids exceptionally colored syrup drinks: Lemon, strawberry, elderberry, mint, cherry, chokeberry, etc. The colors of the drinks come out wonderfully in glass bottles. Vegetables, tomorrow!

Hand painted sandwiches

carnival party kids food bread painting

Prepare sweet sandwiches that the children can paint with food coloring. Get new, clean painting brushes for this purpose. Dissolve the food coloring with water in cups and let the kids paint rainbows, dots, stripes or stars on the toast slices. The food coloring can also be replaced with natural dyes, such as turmeric, strawberries, red cabbage. Which fruit or vegetable is used for which color, you can read in this article .

Once the colors are dry, you can spread the slices of bread with a layer of honey. For the salty version, ham, tuna mousse and cream cheese are ideal.

Decorate cookies with icing

Decorating cookies with icing

Cookies always go over well with kids, too. Prepare a simple shortbread dough and cut out the cookies with a medium sized glass. Bake them for a few minutes without browning them too much.

Then there are two options: You can decorate the cookies before the little guests arrive, or you can let the kids decorate the cookies themselves, giving them a creative workshop to break up the party and keep them busy for an afternoon.

In either case, it is recommended to prepare an icing without raw egg. Simply mix powdered sugar, a few drops of food coloring and add very little water, about a teaspoon. The icing must be quite thick so that it does not run off the cookie before it dries.

Dip the cookies in the colored frosting and let the kids sprinkle sugar confetti, sprinkles or pearls on top. Let the cookies dry for about half an hour before tasting them. You can also serve warm milk with them.

Funfetti cake

cake for kids carnival party

Last but not least, a confetti cake would be a worthy ending to the kids’ carnival party. Just bake a yogurt cake or choose another recipe for a simple cake base that has always worked well for you.

Before you pour the batter into the baking dish, add the colored sprinkles. When the cake is baked, cut 3 circles with the help of a bowl: we want a three-layer cake, but not too big!

Prepare the cream by whipping together a package of mascarpone with powdered sugar in a 2 to 1 ratio. A few drops of lemon juice would add a refreshing light touch to the cream. This frosting is very rich, but definitely contains less fat than the classic American buttercream .

Now you need to assemble the cake. Layer the mascarpone cream alternating with the cake layers. Once the third cake layer is on, spread cream all over the cake, including the sides. Finally, sprinkle the cake with the colored sugar sprinkles, both on top and on the sides, and place it in the refrigerator for half an hour before serving.

Important: the rules of contact still apply

Carnival party for 3 children at home

Hosting a carnival party for children at home is not so complicated with good planning! Especially with such a small number of guests because of Corona. Think about a rough course of the party and adapt the ideas presented to the preferences of your child. It is best not to invite more than 1-2 children to play and if possible, ask their parents not to come. It is best to find out about the contact rules in your state. As a general rule, limit overall contact to as few households as possible.