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How to make up a flower? Instructions, tips and beautiful techniques

Whether for carnival or for a child’s birthday, a beautiful face painting is always a good idea for children and adults. Flowers are beautiful and go perfectly with different costume ideas, such as a forest fairy or a unicorn. Make up a flower is not difficult at all, but you need some practice. Today we will show you how to make up beautiful flowers yourself.

Flower make-up made easy

flower and blossoms make up face kids make up

Flowers come in numerous colors, shapes and sizes. You can choose a classic rose, an exotic Hawaiian flower or a simple blossom. Beginners should rather start with simple designs, such as a few petals. Before you apply the makeup on your face, practice on your arm or on a piece of paper first. After just a few tries, you’ll get the hang of it.

Simple daisy make-up

Flowers on face make up simple carnival

Our first idea is wonderful for beginners without much face painting experience. For these simple daisies, all you need is a round brush and aqua makeup paint in yellow, white and green. They look like pretty freckles and can also be made like a mask .

Make up small flowers – simple instructions

Instruction flower make up simple daisies

1. first paint some yellow dots on those places where you want to have the flowers. You can use the bottom tip of your brush for dots of the same size.

2. now paint eight thin white lines around each dot to make up the petals.

3.Finally, paint a few thin lines in green here and there around the daisies to create leaves. Done.

Make up flowers with the One Stroke technique

idea for children make up flowers

Have you ever heard of the one stroke technique? It is often used on the fingernails to paint motifs with two or more colors at the same time. For flowers and leaves, this painting technique is super suitable. We will now show you how to paint One Stroke flowers with water-based make-up colors.

These utensils are needed

Materials needed flower make up carnival

The necessary utensils for this technique are not much different from the classic tools used for face painting. Depending on what kind of flowers you want to make up, you will need appropriate brushes and paints. In our example, an angled flat brush is used to make up a calla and a classic round brush for the simple flowers. A very thin brush can then be used for details and small elements like vines and small leaves. For the beautiful two-tone designs, you can either buy the so-called “split cakes”, which consist of several colors, or mix the desired colors yourself on a palette.

Make up simple two-tone flower

simple flower make up instruction carnival

First you need to dilute the make-up color with a little water. Then wet a round brush (the larger the brush, the larger will be the flowers) and pick up the main color (in this case, white). Wipe off the excess color on a kitchen towel and dip only the tip of the round brush into the second color. Now stamp six petals at a time from the tip to the base of the brush to create a flower. With little practice, this technique can be mastered quickly.

Use Split Cakes for One Stroke Technique

One Stroke technique face painting materials

To make up more complicated flowers like roses and hibiscus flowers you need a flat brush. It comes in straight and angled versions, but in this example we will use the angled brush. You wet this one first and then dip it into the Split Cake Palette with a few back and forth motions to pick up enough color. You should dip the longer bristles into the lighter color and the shorter bristles into the darker color. Now to paint.

One Stroke flower makeup tutorial

Calla flower make up learn carnival

Before you make up the flower on the face, make a few attempts on a smooth surface. This is how to paint a calla flower:

1. press the brush vertically on the face and bend it a bit and pull it down.

2. repeat the stroke in the opposite direction to complete the other side of the flower.

3. to create the center of the flower, make a V stroke at the bottom, making sure the lighter color is still at the top of the brush. While doing this, connect the end of the V stroke to the edge of the first stroke.

Tip: To prevent the colors from running into each other, make sure the first layer is completely dry before doing a second one over it. To dry the made-up area faster, a dry sponge can be used. Dabbing a few times over it is enough.

4. To finish the calla flower, make a small S stroke at the bottom from left to right.

Beautiful children’s makeup with flowers: here’s how!

Calla flower make up tutorial step by step

Now that you know how to make up the different flowers yourself, you can make a beautiful design out of them. Here are step-by-step instructions for children’s makeup with callas and flowers, which you can make up on your child’s face for Carnival.

Calla and flowers paint on skin tutorial

To complete the makeup, paint white and green strokes with a thin brush to create the leaves and vines. A little glitter here and there can make this kids makeup even more eye-catching. Just give it a try!

Carnival flower makeup – colorful pansy

Flower make up pansy tutorial

The colorful Split Cake palettes can also be used to make up other flowers. For example, how about a pretty pansy for carnival? You can create this one in any color you like so that it goes well with the costume.

Make up rose step by step with One Stroke technique

One Stroke flower make up rose tutorial

A rose wouldn’t be that hard to make up either. Follow the steps in the picture tutorial to make up the queen of flowers on your child’s face. You can also watch the steps a little closer in the video.

Ideas for beautiful makeup for children with flowers

Simple flower and petals makeup

Flower make up kids simple with petals

Pretty roses with stems and leaves

flower make up kids face painting with roses

Make up flowers as colorful carnival mask

colorful flowers make up flower crown carnival

Make up flower crown from different flowers

flower crown child make up idea to copy carnival

Hawaii flower make up – the hibiscus flower as a perfect addition to the costume

Hawaii flower make up carnival