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For carnival make decorations for the entrance to the house: How to decorate with wreaths, balloons and garlands.

Create a crazy-happy carnival atmosphere for Carnival 2022 with the right decorations! After we have shown you a few quick craft ideas for hanging, we would like to dedicate ourselves today specifically to the house entrance. How could you design the front door to create the right mood as soon as you enter the house? We have collected some ideas that you can quickly and easily implement if you need decorations for the entrance to the house for Carnival. Take an afternoon and get really creative!

Carnival decoration for the front door with wreaths

To the carnival decoration for the house entrance itself make with balloons - door wreath idea

The front door is one of the first things you see when you come home. So it is only logical that it is also the perfect area to decorate for Carnival. Door wreaths are thus a wonderful idea if you want to make decorations for the entrance to your house for Mardi Gras. We have collected some ideas.

Door decoration for carnival with a wreath made of balloons

How to make a door wreath for carnival with balloons

You want to make decorations for the entrance to the house together with the children for carnival? This wreath is made so simple that you can choose it for this purpose.

  • blank from straw or styrofoam
  • colorful balloons
  • pegs
  • Ribbon

All you need to do is to put a balloon in a clip and then put it in the wreath. In this way, cover the entire balloon, making sure to alternate the colors well and not leave too much space between them so that the blank is completely covered. Then tie a ribbon to hang it up and you’re done!

Venetian style door chancel with sequins

Italian style carnival wreath idea with sequins and feathers

Styrofoam rings are best designed with sequins and you can use a wide variety of colors and patterns – motley and crazy like in Germany or in typical Venetian colors such as purple, green and black. You will need:

  • Styrofoam ring in any size
  • sequins in any shape, color and size
  • many pins
  • any other decorations (e.g. Venetian mask, feathers or toots)
  • ribbon for hanging

Put a pin through a sequin and place it where you want it. Next to it, then stick the next one, making sure it overlaps the previous one (like fish scales). It is also important that you always keep the same direction to get an even pattern. When the ring is completely covered, tie another ribbon (you can also fix it with pins at the beginning and only then add the sequins).

Door wreath with fabric as a decoration for carnival

Upcycling door wreath for carnival as a decoration for the entrance to the house from fabric scraps

All your motley fabric scraps finally come in handy – craft such a carnival decoration for the front door with them and a metal blank for wreaths. The strips need to be long enough so that you can tie them well around the wire, and the ends will still stick out enough afterwards to create a bushy look at the end. Also make sure the strips are all about the same length.

Decorate the inside of the front door with DIY curtains

From ribbons a curtain as Zum Fasching decoration for the house entrance make

Since it still gets windy outside fairly often, you can use some of the decorations for the inside as well. Thus, a simple curtain can be made from ribbons as a carnival decoration for the apartment, by gluing or tying the ribbons to a stick. Then, when you open the door, bright colors welcome you. So that the hanging ribbons do not interfere, they can also be taken to the left and right and like a classic curtain with tiebacks.

DIY door decoration for carnival - tie garlands to a curtain

If you would prefer to place this decoration at the entrance to your house outside, it is advisable to take into account the weather conditions. And on the other hand, it is recommended to use weatherproof materials (for example, instead of masking tape rather wide gift ribbon made of fabric or plastic).

Entrance door decorate with garlands in confetti style from paper, foam rubber or felt

Or cut dots out of paper and glue them twice at several intervals on string to make a curtain. This is reminiscent of the confetti that no carnival party should be without. For outdoor use, you can also use foam rubber or felt instead of paper. Pom-poms and felt balls are another option.

Make your own carnival decorations for the entrance to your house – garlands made of balloons

Balloon garlands as for carnival decoration for the entrance to the house in bright colors

If you want it to be really pompous and eye-catching, garlands made of colorful balloons are ideal – again, depending on the weather, as a carnival decoration for the entrance to the house inside or outside. Use different colors as well as gladly those with smileys, add ribbons or other decorations as you like. In the same way, you can also create a curtain as described above. But then it is best to use smaller balloon sizes.

For carnival make decorations for the entrance to the house with balloons and gift ribbon

How to make a balloon arch or balloon garland yourself, we explain in this article .

Garlands made of fabric

Garlands for the front door in Venetian style in green, purple and gold

If you feel like something more elaborate, you can also make decorations from fabric and various decorations for carnival and create such garlands, with which you can frame the front door. In the example you can see two ideas in Venetian style , but you can also simply change the colors and accessories and thematically pick up, for example, the Cologne Carnival and make a homely-looking carnival decorations yourself.

For example, combine with classic carnival masks instead of Venetian (you can find a template to print in our first link), with paper snakes, horns, artificial doughnuts or whatever else comes to mind and is associated with carnival. You can make decorating ideas for carnival just as you like.

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