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Carnival wall decor: Many atmospheric and simple DIY decoration ideas for the perfect carnival party!

Helau and Alaaf! In a few days it will be that time again and we are already looking forward to carnival! Colorful costumes, happy faces and lots of good humor – carnival time is the best season and an excellent opportunity to live out our joie de vivre and creativity. But not only our hairstyles and outfits can be really colorful, funny and gaudy. You want to throw your own party this year in addition to the carnival parade? You have probably already thought about the music and the food. But what can’t be missing from any party? The right carnival wall decorations, of course! How about homemade balloons garlands or a fun photo booth for the best photos ever? With our creative ideas, you can transform your home into a real party space!

Carnival wall decoration: balloons garland tinker yourself

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To make a wall decoration for carnival yourself is time-consuming? Far from it! In the carnival season, actually everything is allowed and therefore there are absolutely no limits to your imagination. Think of colorful garlands, confetti, pom poms, streamers, etc. – pretty much everything that immediately creates a good mood. Or how about making your own balloons garlands and decorate the walls with them? And no, you don’t have to be an experienced hobbyist to do this, because it’s actually super easy. We’ll tell you exactly how it works in our step-by-step instructions.

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Materials needed:

  • Balloons in different colors and sizes
  • Air pump
  • Needle and thread
  • Transparent adhesive tape

Make your own balloon garland:

  • Before you make your own balloon garland, you should consider how big it should be. As a guideline, about 20-25 balloons per meter. For an extremely creative and atmospheric carnival wall decoration, we recommend using balloons in different colors and sizes.
  • Whether you arrange the balloons alternately, totally mixed up, as a rainbow or in a fine color gradient is purely a matter of taste.
  • First, of course, you should inflate the balloons with the air pump. To get different sizes, you should fill the balloons to different degrees.

Balloon garland make your own wall decorations carnival DIY (1)

  • Next, thread the balloons one by one with a string or a needle and thread. Make sure that they are directed in different directions and are not threaded too tightly together. If this is too complicated for you, you can alternatively use special balloon discs. To do this, thread the discs and then equip them with the balloons.
  • You can either fix the finished balloon garland with nails or alternatively tie it to the wall with adhesive tape. Another great alternative, which will make your work much easier, are self-adhesive hooks.

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  • Once the balloon garland is hanging, you can fill the gaps created with additional, smaller balloons. These are best attached with double-sided tape.
  • The carnival wall decoration looks even funnier if you fill the balloons with confetti or decorate and paint them as you like. When it comes to carnival decorations, the rule is: more is more and the more colorful, the better!

Or how about making your own photo booth?

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Have you ever had a great party, but at the end of the night you thought “We forgot to take pictures!”. Trust us – it happens all the time. Or maybe you don’t want to walk around like a creepy paparazzo taking pictures of people. The solution? A fun photo booth for your carnival wall decor! After all, photos with our loved ones are a great way to keep the best moments and memories alive. Here, too, everything is allowed that you like and you can really let off steam creatively. Whether classy and glamorous or rather funny and colorful – a photo booth as a wall decoration for carnival immediately puts you and your guests in a happy mood!

Make a photo booth out of paper plates: It’s that easy!

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For a creative and fun carnival wall decoration you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money. Super cheap, quick to make and a real mood lifter – this photo booth made of paper plates is the perfect background for your funny photos!

Materials needed:

  • Black, red and yellow paper plates
  • Adhesive tape
  • Emoji stickers
  • Photo props, such as party hats, glasses, and anything else you can think of

Wall decor carnival do it yourself photo booth from paper plates instructions

Make your own photo booth out of paper plates:

  • First, arrange the paper plates into the shape you want on the floor.
  • Stick the emoji stickers on them and press them down for a few seconds.
  • Think about how high the photo booth should be and stick a long piece of double-sided tape on the wall.
  • Next, stick the paper plates on it in the shape you want.
  • Place the photo props on a small table and give the camera a big smile!

Hanging strips and balloons as a fun carnival wall decoration

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Paper strips and balloons in every color imaginable are best for an inexpensive and super attractive carnival wall decor! Whether in the hallway, living room or kitchen – the atmospheric decoration comes into its own wonderfully in any room and always ensures a good mood.

Creative and cheap: photo booth made of towels as a wall decoration for carnival

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Funny, individual and a bit crazy – that’s how the perfect carnival wall decoration should be. And here comes a really great DIY decoration idea that is totally uncomplicated to implement. A few colored handkerchiefs, a pair of scissors and 10 minutes of time – that’s all you need for this photo booth! Just cut the handkerchiefs into different sized triangles, attach them to the wall and voila – your carnival decoration is ready!

Carnival wall decoration: the most beautiful decoration ideas for your carnival party!

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Pure glamour: carnival decorations in gold and black

Wall decor carnival DIY balloon garland decoration ideas (1)

Colorful balloon garlands are simply part of a carnival party

Balloons garland do it yourself simple quick carnival wall decor (1)

Capture your memories with a glittering photo booth as a carnival wall decoration

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With the carnival decoration you can really let off steam creatively

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It simply doesn’t get any cheaper: use old newspapers as fancy carnival wall decorations

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Colorful paper strips turn your walls into a great, atmospheric photo background

Tinsel stripes decoration ideas carnival wall decorations DIY (1)