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Carnival hat crafts with kids: Cool last minute ideas on how to make and decorate a paper hat yourself.

Finally, it’s that time again! It’s carnival time again and even the stormy weather can’t spoil the festive mood, especially for the kids. If you want to keep the little ones busy and conjure up a great last-minute costume together, you’ll find plenty of ideas for one of the most important accessories – the hat. We’ll show you how to make some simple carnival hats with kids by folding and decorating a simple pointed paper hat. Get inspired!

Simple carnival hats craft with children

Colorful carnival hats craft with children simple last minute costume

At a carnival party for kids, some funny carnival hats simply can’t be missing. However, you don’t necessarily have to go to the carnival store, because you can easily make colorful carnival hats yourself. And the best thing is that the little ones can also join in. We’ll show you how to make a classic lacy party hat yourself and decorate it to match the carnival costume.

Clown hat craft from cardboard

Funny clown hat craft from cardboard for carnival

Clowns are simply part of the carnival! With this easy craft project, you can make a simple clown hat quickly and easily without using expensive materials. Little ones are sure to have fun decorating the hat with colorful circles and making colorful curls out of ribbon.

Clown hat from cardboard and ribbon tinker with children

Here’s how:

First, craft a pointy hat out of green clay cardboard by forming a cone and holding the shape together with a few staples or some glue. You can also use a template for this. Then curl some colorful gift ribbon with scissors to make the clown’s wig, then glue it inside the hat along half of the bottom edge. Decorate the hat with colored paper circles and glue a pink pom pom on the top. Finally, punch two holes on each side and add an elastic cord. Done!

Fun ideas for monster hats

Monster hats from cardboard tinker in the kindergarten

You can make these fun carnival hats with toddlers too! All you need is some colorful clay cardstock for the hats and white paper for mouths and eyes. Add some wiggle eyes in different sizes to make the monster hats even more fun. This project is also wonderful for carnival in kindergarten .

Monster hats for carnival craft

You can also use colored tape to decorate the hats. Cut out the selected shapes and use them to decorate the solid color hats.

Make your own hat for a robot costume

Last minute costume robot hat craft carnival

From an old party hat, some aluminum foil , craft felt and a pipe cleaner can also create a great robot hat. He offers itself as a cool accessory to the robot costume and when crafting can also participate in the child himself.

Instructions robot hat for carnival

First, line an old party hat with aluminum foil and glue the brim back together with some hot glue. Craft an antenna out of a silver pipe cleaner and tuck the ends into the top of the hat. Cut buttons from red and blue felt and glue them to the hat. Et voilà – the robot hat for the carnival costume is ready!

Princess pointed hat craft with kids

Princess hat make yourself simple

Crafting a classic princess hat isn’t as hard as you might think, either. This simple project is perfect for girls who love to craft and want to turn into a fairytale princess for Mardi Gras.

Step 1: Cut out the paper and make a veil out of crepe paper.

Princess hat craft with children for carnival

Step 2: Glue the pointed hat and tie a piece of elastic cord.

How to make a carnival hat princess herself

Unicorn carnival hats craft with colorful tissue paper

Unicorn carnival hat craft with kids

The unicorn is also a popular choice for the carnival costume . Since every unicorn should have a beautiful horn, you can make it together with the child from a cone hat. To do this, cut a few strips of colored tissue paper, which you fringe with scissors. Then glue them in rows to the hat to make the unicorn horn. For a sparkling detail, you can decorate the top of the hat with some glitter paper.

Make a carnival hat for a mermaid disguise

Mermaid hat craft with children

Mermaids are also very popular with little ladies. From a sheet of glittery paper, you can craft this pretty carnival hat to complete your little girl’s mermaid costume. You can find the template for the mermaid tail and the pointy hat at the end of the article.

Craft a wizard hat: Here’s how!

Magic hat with children craft for carnival

Is there anyone at all who has never dreamed of becoming a wizard? If you’re looking for a quick costume idea for this year’s carnival, you can craft this simple wizard hat. All you need are two large sheets of clay cardstock – one for the pointy hat and one for the brim of the hat, and some glittery paper in gold to decorate the hat.

Magic hat craft for carnival last minute costume

First, craft a cone and cut slits in the bottom edge. Then measure the diameter of the cone to create the hat brim. To do this, cut out a large circle of clay paper and draw a second circle inside with a diameter equal to this of the hat. Then apply some glue to the bottom of the hat brim and slide it over the cone. Press with your fingers to glue both parts of the magic hat together. Then cut out different shapes like stars and moons from gold paper and glue them to the hat.

Make your own dino hat for carnival

Dino hat for carnival craft from cardboard and wool

With little dinosaur fans you can also make these cute dinosaur carnival hats. The procedure is really simple: you first make a simple pointed hat and measure the side. Then cut out a piece of clay paper with the same length and cut a jagged pattern. You then glue the jagged paper to the inside of the hat and finish by adding a pom pom to the top.

Make and decorate carnival hats with kids: Idea with pom poms

Party hat with colorful pompoms decorate with children carnival

A colorful carnival costume with a matching hat always goes down well at Mardi Gras. If you’re looking for a last-minute idea for the kid’s costume, you can quickly and easily decorate an old party hat with colorful pom-poms. Glue the large pom poms to the bottom of the hat and the smaller ones further up to make a fun, fluffy accessory to the costume itself.

Mermaid Carnival Hat Printable Template