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Carnival costumes for the family – Carnival ideas suitable for all

Children look forward to the carnival season. Then they can dress up like their favorite fairy tale character – a beautiful princess or a brave little superhero . All the preparation is also very exciting for the parents. But it would be much more fun if the whole family dresses up appropriately. It is not a competition for individuals, but a joint celebration and should be fun above all. All family members would have their unique costume but as a part of the big picture. Check out these fun carnival costumes for the family and get some inspiration.

Partner costumes always go down well with families


If you decided to celebrate carnival with friends again this year, then of course you need a costume to match. A great idea for a family would be to choose a specific theme and create a cool partner look. In this article we have gathered several ideas that are perfect for a costume party, whether for Mardi Gras, Halloween or any other occasion.

Carnival costumes for the family inspired by movies and series.


The themes are quite different. Your choice depends on whether your family is large or small. If this carnival will be the first for your baby, then you need to make it more special. The lobster baby in the pot between the two chefs is an idea to try this year. The Flintstones family is also a classic, but The Incredibles and I – Simply Incorrigible are fresh and instantly eye-catching. The Addams Family is perfect for large families because it includes more characters.

Creative ideas for unique carnival costumes for the family.


In the following image gallery you can see a number of original costumes that you can use as inspiration for this year’s look. We hope you enjoy browsing through them!

Cute idea for carnival costumes for family with baby


Dress up like characters from the Middle Ages


Carnival costumes for the family will make the celebration unique

Pirate costumes for carnival

Fun and creative carnival costumes for the family

I simply incorrigible costumes carnival

Carnival costumes for the family with baby – Popeye and Olivia

Carnival costumes family with baby Popeye the sailor Olivia Oyl

Flintstone family

Family Flintstone costumes with child and dog

The Incredibles

The Incredibles costumes carnival for family with children

The Wizard of Oz theme

Costumes inspired by The Wizard of Oz

Family Superheroes

Carnival costumes for family superheroes

Star Wars fans

Carnival costumes for the family star wars theme children

Peter Pan

Carnival and Halloween partner look family Peter Pan

Cat in the Hat

Carnival costumes for family Dr. Seuss

Lucky Bears

Family costumes carnival the lucky bearchis

Ghost Busters with baby

carnival costumes family ghost busters baby casper

Lobster Baby in the Pot with Parents Cooks

carnival costumes family baby lobster chefs

The Addams Family – perfect for big families

Family look costumes Addams Family

Captain America


Toy Story




Mary Poppins


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

carnival costumes for family goldloeckchen-baeren-idea-blue-dress