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Carnival costumes for men: cool DIY ideas and last minute suggestions for spontaneous men

Also this year for the carnival fools will rage in the streets. Everyone likes to take part in the carnival: young and old celebrate exuberantly and watch the carnival parade, during which hasty people parade through the cities. Confetti trickles down to the spectators, musicians create high spirits and dressed-up enthusiasts dance in the streets. But if you want to take part in the fun, you should prepare well. Right now is the right time to think about the carnival costume. While women are busy making their carnival costumes, men are often spontaneously looking for ideas. We are happy to come to the rescue and show 30 cool carnival costumes for men that anyone can quickly put together. You can make most of the outfits yourself from household items and old clothes. Attract attention with a creative costume!

Carnival costumes for men: cool ideas inspired by movies and TV series.

Cool men costumes ideas inspired by Jurassic Park

This year, Carnival 2020 starts on Thursday, February 20 and ends on February 26. If you are invited to a party or maybe organize a carnival party yourself, then you need a creative costume. Get inspired by your favorite movies and TV series! The sequel to the Jurassic Park movies, the Jurassic World trilogy, starring American actor Chris Pratt, is perfect for group costumes.

Here’s how to make group costumes yourself: in the “Jurassic World” movies, the main hero wears a leather vest, a blue shirt and dark blue pants. Additionally, you can find inflatable T-Rex and Velociraptor costumes in numerous online stores.

Cool group costumes: Great Gatsby

Cool men costumes inspired by the movie Great Gatsby

The Roaring Twenties are all about glamour, opulence and pure joie de vivre! Turn the Mardi Gras party into a cool Gatsby celebration. The women can turn into divas with Charleston dresses with pearls and hair bands with feathers. The men wear either elegant black suits with bow ties or light gray pinstripe suits. By the way, the costumes have another crucial advantage: you can also wear them to other festive occasions, such as family celebrations or weddings, or organize a Great Gatsby-style theme party after the carnival.

Carnival costume ideas for men: superheroes

Cool carnival costumes for men inspired by X-men dress up as Ice man

In the US they have been very popular for decades, in Europe the Marvel movies made them popular in recent years: the superheroes from the comic books . The X-Men movie series, for example, offers enough inspiration for carnival enthusiasts. Like Iceman, a mutant who can manipulate ice, freeze objects and even turn himself into ice. Making an Iceman costume yourself is very simple: you need a black leather jacket and black jeans/leather pants. Spray the right half of the clothes with water-soluble artificial snow and apply white makeup paint on half of the face.

Spontaneous carnival costume ideas for cool disguise Superman Clark Kent

You can also make your own carnival costume spontaneously. You just need glasses, a black jacket with a zipper and a blue T-shirt or blue blouse with the Superman logo. Optionally, you can print the Superman logo on adhesive paper, color it and then stick it on the T-shirt. Open the black jacket so that the logo is visible. Now all that remains is to pose for photos with your friends.

Spontaneous carnival costume for men dress up as Wolverine

Wolverine, the main character in many X-Men movies, is a mutant who has a regeneration ability. His body can heal quickly and even fatal wounds disappear within a few seconds. His trademark is the three extendable blades he has on each hand. He is also recognizable by his Wolverine whiskers. To recreate his look you either have to visit the barber or you can buy fake self-adhesive whiskers in specialized stores.

Cool carnival costumes for men: ideas from TV series

Cool costumes men ideas in medieval style dress up as Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

The next idea for carnival costumes for men is inspired by the main character in the TV series Game of Thrones Jon Snow. In the first season he was a warrior, part of the Night’s Watch. But gradually Jon Schnee has worked his way up to the king and won the hearts of the audience. No wonder that even after the end of the last season, the many fans of “Game of Thrones” like to talk about his development into a prince.

Carnival costumes for men ideas Spok from Star Trek

Spock, the first officer aboard the starship Enterprise, is probably one of the best-known characters from the TV series “Star Trek.” His trademarks are his hairstyle, his uniform shirt with printed starship logo and rank mark, and his pointed ears. You can also make a Spock costume yourself from an old blouse. You can find a matching wig and ears made of latex in carnival stores.

Spontaneous carnival costume for men Harry Potter make yourself

Harry Potter, perhaps the most famous wizard in the world, is also easily recognizable by his hair, the scar on his forehead and his round glasses. If you look like the actor Daniel Radcliffe, then you can transform yourself into Harry Potter for the carnival. All you need is a wooden wand with LED lamp at one end. Style your hair into a casual hairstyle and make up the Harry Potter lightning scar. Ready!

Carnival costumes men ideas Scorpion from the movie Mortal Combat

24 years ago, the movie “Mortal Kombat” opened in theaters and grossed more than 120 million USD. Despite criticism of the plot, nowadays it is still one of the most successful movies based on a computer game. Accordingly, the movie characters are easily recognizable. To make a Scorpion costume spontaneously by yourself is very easy. The cool carnival costume is guaranteed to earn you compliments.

Cool carnival costumes for men the Mario brother

Computer game characters Mario and Luigi also enjoy great popularity. The two twin brothers wear dungarees, which Mario pairs with a red blouse and a red cap, and Luigi – with a green blouse and a green cap. Mario’s peaked cap has the letter “M” on it, and Luigi’s has the letter “L” on it. Luigi is taller and slimmer than Mario, and both brothers have mustaches.

Cool men costumes dress up as a chef ideas

If you want to put together a spontaneous carnival costume, then the evil chef from the Disney movie “Ratatouille”, Skinner offers. For his outfit, all you need is a matching mustache and a white chef’s hat. Done! To complete the look you can take a Ratatouille plush rat and carry it in your hand. You can pose for fun photos with the toy. The costume is also perfect for children’s parties or for a celebration in kindergarten.

Cool men costumes for carnival dress up as joker ideas

The Joker , the opponent of Batman, is one of the most popular villains from comic books. Australian actor Heath Ledger has already won an Oscar for his portrayal of Joker. This year Joaquin Phoenix has followed in his footsteps. The American actor is nominated for the coveted award for his role in the eponymous film “The Joker.” A good reason to dress up like this villain.

Cool men’s costumes and ideas for group costumes: fairy tale and book heroes

Cool carnival costumes for groups ideas for men dress up like a prince

Not only movies and TV series offer inspiration, you can also find many interesting characters in fairy tales. You can take inspiration from the many Disney movies and dress up as a prince. Carnival costumes for men inspired by the fairy tale world are perfect for children’s parties. Children will surely quickly recognize their favorite characters and are guaranteed to be very happy.

All you need is a green hat, a grass green t-shirt and green pants to dress up as Peter Pan. Complete the look with a leather belt. This is also a perfect idea for inexpensive costumes for couples invited to a carnival party together.

Carnival costumes for men inspired by Disney movies Beast

True beauty comes from within – this is the lesson of the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. There is hardly a more romantic story, in the end Belle manages to redeem the enchanted prince from the curse. The perfect idea for carnival costumes for couples! But singles can also dress up as the beast and take a red rose. Who knows, maybe there will be a Belle at the party to whom you can give the rose?

Whether romantic, playful or funny: in the photo gallery below you will find more ideas for carnival costumes for men that are guaranteed to make you the star of the carnival party. Let us inspire you!

Cool men’s costumes for carnival: steampunk

Carnival costumes for men ideas in steampunk style

Cool men’s costumes in steampunk style – The inventor

Cool carnival costume for men in steampunk style with hat and suit

Cool costumes for men in the style of the 80s

Cool men costumes ideas for carnival dress up as singer Elton John

Carnival costume ideas for men in the style of the 80s

Cool carnival costume for men DIY disguise for singer from 80s with velvet suit and patterned shirt

Cool costumes for men: Run DMC carnival costume in 80s style

Cool costumes men and couples inspired by 80s himself as Run DMC

Cool carnival costumes for men: Bodybuilder

Carnival costumes men ideas in the style of the 80s

Cool 80s style carnival costume: singer Bruce Springsteen

Carnival costume ideas men Bruce Springsteen

Ideas for carnival costumes for men: pilot costume inspired by the movie “Top Gun

Cool carnival costume for men in 80s Top Gun style

Hippie carnival costumes for men: flower power

Carnival costumes for men do it yourself flower power with hippie shirt in 80s style

Carnival costumes for men, circus theme ideas

Carnival costume ideas for men circus director

Cool carnival costumes for men: circus weightlifter

Costumes spontaneous do it yourself for men on the theme of circus

Spontaneous carnival costume: dress up as a spaceman

Spontaneous carnival costume for men dress up as Spaceman

Cool carnival costume ideas for men: Lord Voldemort

Carnival costumes men ideas dress up as Lord Voldemort

Carnival costume ideas for men: Dr. Evil

Costumes spontaneous do it yourself ideas for men dr. Evil