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Paw Patrol Birthday – ideas and tips for the cake, games and decorations for a perfect party

Paw Patrol is one of the most popular children’s series and is therefore also a popular theme for children’s birthday parties. And even if you haven’t seen the four dog heroes on TV yet, you’ve at least seen them on T-shirts, bedding or children’s tableware. If your child is also a big fan and has wished for just such a party, you may be looking for a little help and inspiration for planning. We would like to provide you with some Paw Patrol birthday party tips and ideas to help you plan the perfect kids party where everyone will really have great fun. Get ideas for Paw Patrol invitation cards, the party decorations, games and of course, the all-important cake.

Buy, print or craft invitation cards

Paw Patrol birthday card with all the dogs to print out

So that the guests also know when and where the birthday party will take place, they need of course invitation cards. And these should ideally also already indicate the theme of the party. For this purpose, of course, you can find templates for purchase in stores, which you then simply fill out. But you can also look online for templates to print or even make your own Paw Patrol invitation.

Paw Patrol birthday planning - dog paw and bone printable for party decorations

It doesn’t have to be a complicated crafting tutorial either. It’s perfectly fine to simply print out the heroes of the cartoon and then have your child cut them out. You can then label the back with the necessary information about the Paw Patrol birthday.

Free printable invitation card template to write on

You are also welcome to use our free templates to print. Also included is a Paw Patrol paw printable, as well as other elements you can cut out and paste onto the card for your own design. Just be creative – the children themselves will bring the necessary imagination.

Paw Patrol birthday – decoration ideas with “woof” effect.

Paw Patrol birthday - ideas and tips for planning the children's party

Of course, the kids will really get into the mood as soon as they enter the Paw Patrol birthday party location and find decorations matching the theme of the birthday party. Again, no complicated and elaborate things are necessary. Just by using the right colors, you will make a big difference. What are the colors in this case? The main colors are blue, red and white and these should definitely be present. In addition, there are the typical colors of the respective dog colors. For example, if your child is a fan of a certain character, you can choose that:

Dessert table with balloon garland, pennant chain and cupcakes

Paw Patrol – All Dogs and Their Colors:

  • Marshall, the Dalmatian in red
  • Chase, the German Shepherd in blue
  • Rubble, the English mastiff in yellow
  • Rocky, the mongrel in green
  • Zuma, the Labrador in orange-brown
  • Skye, the Cockapoo in pink (female)
  • Everest, the Husky in white (female)
  • Tracker, the Basenji in brown-white
  • Liberty, the longhaired dachshund in light brown

Serve food and snacks in dog bowls for Paw Patrol birthday

Tablecloths with matching motifs, streamers in suitable colors or paper plates with the dog pups from the film are just a few of the possibilities. Feel free to print dog paw prints on cardboard, cut them out and spread them on the table as decoration. If you’re using confetti, why not make it yourself by getting a punch for tiny paws or dog bones. Name tags with the heroes or stickers on cups/glasses are also a great idea for Paw Patrol themed party decorations.

Make simple garlands yourself from cardboard or foam rubber

Pinhatas are also very popular with young and old and are a great idea for a Paw Patrol kids birthday party that is not only decorative but also fun. Instead of bowls, use dog bowls for snacks and serve edible decorations like bone-shaped cookies, for example. Hats with the motifs and even dog masks you can provide as guest favors on the table.

The highlight of any party: the cake

Fondant cake with theme - dog characters on a pink cake

Well, to choose a Paw Patrol cake for a birthday is actually not really complicated. Especially with the help of fondant, you can always make just the right one in terms of motifs and colors. It doesn’t have to feature all the movie heroes either. Surely your child has a favorite that you can pay more attention to instead. If a motif cake for the Paw Patrol birthday is too elaborate for you, you can simply stick to the main colors mentioned above.

Instead of birthday cake for kids serve cupcakes with motifs

A good alternative to the classic cake or a Paw Patrol cake are also cupcakes or muffins, respectively, which are also decorated with colored cream or motifs and even simple plugs that you can make yourself. Or how about cake pops or cookies?

Paw Patrol birthday cake decorations for 4th with stars and dogs

Paw Patrol Birthday – Party Games Ideas

Play games at Paw Patrol birthday party

To make sure everyone really has fun, Paw Patrol birthday games are in demand. How about throwing cans , which is called “Put out the fire with Marshall”? Glue fire and flames on simple paper cups and place them on top of each other like a pyramid. With little bags or soft balls must then throw the cups over.

Or cut out bones or dog paws from white paper and provide the kids with various decorations such as sequins, paper cutouts, pipe cleaner pieces, beads and the like, which they then use to glue onto the templates. Simple Paw Patrol coloring pictures are also a great activity or regular Paw Patrol toys, especially if the kids are still quite young.

Older kids are guaranteed to have great fun with a Paw Patrol scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. This game is best organized outdoors, but planning indoors is also quite possible in bad or cold weather. For the scavenger hunt you can also use can throwing or how about rescuing animals with Zuma (toy animals float in the water and must be fished out or hide some in the sandbox in the garden)?

Pastel colors for girls

Paw Patrol birthday for girls in bright pink, yellow and blue

Skye as a pinhata for the children’s party

Paw Patrol party with Skye as pinhata for decoration and to play with

Blue tablecloth and red plates

Table decoration with blue tablecloth and red plates

Dessert table with paws as motifs

Paw Patrol birthday with decorations in matching theme colors