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Cake decoration for children: creative ideas how to decorate the cake for the children’s birthday

No matter how big or delicious a cake is, the decoration is what makes it eye-catching. And especially for a child’s birthday, the cake must be eye-catching. In the article we have collected great ideas for cake decoration for children, which make children’s hearts beat faster. Whether only decorative, or also edible – here you will find many examples as inspiration as well as practical tips to copy.

Cake decoration for children – there are so many possibilities

Dinosaur cake decoration kids simple toys

Whether you bake the cake for a child’s birthday yourself or simply want to decorate a simple cake, the variations for a great cake decoration for children are virtually endless. You can choose ready-made toppers and toppers or make beautiful figures out of fondant yourself . With sugar writing can conjure up any inscriptions, while the sprinkle decoration can quickly spice up any plain cake. Fruit gums in various shapes as well as popular sweets , such as candy bars or marshmallows, are equally perfect as decorations. If you really need to go fast, you can also put various toys to use. The main thing is that the cake decoration is atmospheric and pleases the birthday girl. Get inspired by the following ideas and decorate the children’s cake yourself like a pro.

Edible cake decoration for children

Unicorn cake decoration kids from fondant and buttercream

One of the best variants for decorating the cake is the edible cake decoration. With this, you won’t worry about someone accidentally swallowing a part of it at the party. The edible decorations can also be very delicious and complement the taste of the cake well. Here are a few options of what you can use for edible cake decorations for kids:

  • Buttercream
  • Chocolate
  • Fondant
  • Marzipan
  • Sugar icing
  • meringue
  • fresh fruit
  • sweets, such as wafer cups, chocolate bars, chocolate lentils, fruit gums, lollipops, etc.

Decorate cake with buttercream

colorful cake decoration for children rainbow from buttercream

The classic buttercream is an essential part of most cakes. It can be used not only as a cream between the cake layers and to spread the cake. With it, you can also make great motifs as cake decorations yourself and decorate the birthday cake as you like.

beautiful cake decoration for children from buttercream fox cake

With a piping bag and the appropriate nozzle, you can create wonderful patterns and decorations from buttercream. In this article there are many tips on how to decorate your cakes yourself with different piping nozzles.

Homemade inscription for children’s cake decoration

Cake decoration children sugar writing make yourself

For many, the classic “Happy Birthday” inscription on the cake simply can not be missed. For edible inscriptions is suitable both sugar writing, and chocolate ganache. You can prepare both yourself without much effort and write the desired inscription with the help of a piping bag and a small nozzle. However, we recommend practicing on a piece of baking paper first if this is your first attempt.

Decorate birthday cake with sprinkles

homemade birthday cake for kids decorate with sugar sprinkles

Sprinkles for cakes come in many different variations. From classic sprinkles, elegant sugar beads, to any decorative motifs such as stars, flowers, hearts and so on. You can use them to create beautiful patterns as well as decorate the whole cake. Just make sure that the colors of the decoration contrast with the buttercream. This way, the designed motifs will certainly come into their own.

Ice cream cups as cake decorations for children

edible cake decoration children from ice cream cone

With waffle cups you can not only beautifully set your cupcakes in scene . If you place an ice cream cup upside down on the cake and let the icing drip on the edge of the cake, then you also create a great cake decoration for the children’s birthday party in the summer.

Conjure up colorful motifs with chocolate lentils on the cake

Rainbow cake for children's birthday decorate yourself

Is there any child who does not like chocolate lentils? We think not. These little sweets are not only popular for snacking, but are also perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes. Whether you create a simple motif like this atmospheric rainbow, or make a fancy version like the Gravity Cake itself, is up to you.

Instructions: Peppa Wutz cake for children decorate yourself with pink M&Ms

Peppa Wutz birthday cake decorating with M and Ms

Decorate the cake for children’s birthday with colorful sweets

edible cake decoration children from sweets

A colorful cake decoration always goes for a child’s birthday. You can even use the leftover candy from Easter or another celebration. Just spread buttercream on the cake and stick the candy in the icing. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Cake decoration for children with meringue

cake decoration children from meringue monster birthday cake

Who says meringue has to be white? With food coloring, the iced meringue can be prepared in any color and used as a decoration for the cake for a child’s birthday. If the colorful meringues are decorated with sugar eyes, for example, then funny monsters are created for a corresponding birthday theme.

Edible cake decoration for children from fruit gum strips

cake decoration children edible from fruit leather make yourself

If you want to decorate a cake like a cute animal, then you can also use fruit gum strips. Here is an example of how to turn the birthday cake into a cute fox with strips in yellow and orange and a few chocolate drops. If you like it a little healthier, you can make fruit leather yourself and use it instead of store-bought fruit gum.

Healthy cake decorations for kids made from fresh fruit

edible cake decoration children with fresh fruit number cake for 1st child birthday

For kids who love to eat fruit, fresh fruit is a great alternative to candy. You can use it to add the finishing touch to any simple cake. Fresh fruit can also be used to decorate the modern number cake. A combination of delicious buttercream and fresh berries, kiwis and oranges on it looks really great and also tastes delicious.

Decorate the cake with marshmallows

cake decoration children marshmallows birthday cake lamb

Marshmallows are sweet, light and soft. With them you can also conjure up a pretty cake decoration for children. You can use the marshmallows to create an animal, such as this little sheep or a bunny. However, the marshmallow is also quite suitable for finishing complicated cake designs.

Decorate the cake for children’s birthday with toys

simple idea for children's birthday cake decoration

The cake decoration for a child’s birthday does not necessarily have to be edible. If you need to do it quickly, you can simply arrange a few children’s toys on it and you’re done. However, it is recommended that these match the theme of the party and may be decorated accordingly. For example, if you decide on animal characters, as in the picture above, then you can make small party hats out of paper for them and put them on the animal heads. This will make the cake decoration even more eye-catching. If you buy the toy new as a cake decoration, then the child will get it as a gift after the birthday party.

Peppa Wutz figurines as decoration for a chocolate cake with Kit Kat bars.

Cake decoration for children Peppa Wutz figures Kit Kat cake

Make your own cake decorations for children’s birthday party

DIY cake decorations children from tissue paper

Cake toppers are another great way to decorate cakes, as they are eye-catching, and add extra height to the cake. Although you can find numerous varieties of toppers and cake toppers online, it’s also not hard at all to make them yourself. For example, there are many instructions and ideas for cake garlands in this article . Below you can see for yourself how easy to make a colorful tassel garland for the children’s cake.

Make your own cake garland from tassels

Make your own cake garland from tassels instructions

For this cake garland you only need lollipop sticks (wooden skewers are also suitable), string, scissors, colorful tissue paper and a glue gun. Follow the steps in the picture tutorial and see for yourself how easy it is.

Happy Birthday pennant chain and chocolate bunnies as simple cake decorations for kids

simple cake decoration children chocolate bunnies happy birthday pennant chain

Make your own balloon cake toppers

Cake children birthday decorate DIY balloon topper

You can also make these simple cake toppers from a few mini balloons in any color. Blow up the balloons, tie them to a wooden skewer and stick them on the cake. Done! Make as many toppers as you like and set the balloons at different heights for a great effect.

Craft number and pompom cake toppers

Cake decoration children do it yourself scatter decoration and pompom topper

You can use any material you like to craft the pins. Here is an example of great cake decorations for kids created from wool and felt. For the number topper, cut out the corresponding number twice from craft felt and glue it to a wooden skewer. The pom poms are just as quick and easy to make out of wool and stick on the skewers.

DIY butterflies as toppers for the cake for a child’s birthday party

DIY crepe paper butterflies cake decorations

These pretty butterflies on the cake are a real eye-catcher. They make wonderful fairytale party decorations and aren’t hard at all to recreate out of crepe paper.

Make a paper leaf topper for a pineapple cake for a child’s birthday party.

toppers for kids birthday cakes homemade

So, from paper you can make almost any cake topper for children’s birthday yourself. To do this, you just need to cut out the same motif twice and glue it together with a skewer in the middle.

Ideas for cake decoration for children’s birthday girl

Decorate princess castle cake with ice cream cups, sprinkles and candy by yourself

cake decoration children birthday girl castle cake

Elsa cake for girls decorate with buttercream (use piping bag with star cover)

cake for birthday girl decorate with doll and buttercream

Mermaid cake decoration for girls: create doll with fin from chocolate lentils and fruit gums

cake decoration children birthday girl mermaid motto

Ideas for boys cake decoration

Decorate simple chocolate cake with lego and toy cars

Cake decoration children's birthday Cars simple chocolate cake decorate

Cake decoration for children’s birthday with Cars theme: Lightning McQueen on a road made of black fondant

DIY cake decorations for kids birthday Cars themed birthday cake

Cool dredger cake for boys with homemade pennant chain

Excavator cake for children's birthday boy construction site theme