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Back-to-school games: Outdoor and indoor ideas that guarantee fun!

The children are especially looking forward to the first day of school. For first graders and their families, starting school is a special reason to celebrate. But parents also like to throw a little party for the older children. In addition to the delicious food and presents, the right back-to-school games should not be missing. They provide entertainment for young and old. We list several games for outdoors and indoors, with which the fun is guaranteed.

1. back to school games for outside

Back to school outdoor games ideas and tips

There are many outdoor games that children can play in good weather. You can change them a bit to better fit the theme of the party, which is back-to-school.

1.1 Relay games for back to school

Relay back to school games to organize in the garden ideas

For example, you can organize different relay games.

Running biathlon with sugar cones

Number of players: at least 4

Materials: boxes, little hats, clay or plastic flower pots, plastic buckets, empty sugar cones, candy or other small items to fill the sugar cones.

Game Description:

Set up an obstacle course and divide the players into two teams that line up behind each other at the starting line. After the start signal is given, the first two participants run off. They should reach a turning point as quickly as possible. There is a table there. On it are sweets, small presents and two empty school bags (one school bag for each team). Each participant is supposed to fill one candy into the school bag of his team and then run back to the starting line (the bag remains on the table). The goal: to complete the lap as quickly as possible while filling the school bags with candy. The team that has all the runners at the finish line first wins and gets to eat all the candy in the school bag. The losers only get to keep half of the candy they collected.

You can vary the game as you wish: Have the kids run to the table in a crab walk (on all fours, back facing up), have the kids run to the table with hoops around their hips. There are also numerous courses with obstacles to balance on.

1.2 Back-to-school games: The big school supply hunt

Organize back to school games outside School supplies search

The school supplies hunt is very similar to the Easter egg hunt or the treasure hunt.

Number of players: at least 2

Materials: school cones in different colors, candy, balls, small stuffed animals, crayons, coloring books or individual sheets with coloring pages, puzzles, paintbrushes, pastel crayons and glue dots in different colors (one color for each player).

Game description:

Back to school games for outside for school enrollment

Each participant gets a one-color school bag. His or her prizes (coloring sheets, candy, etc.) are marked with the glue dots in the same color as the school bag. The first child knows that only gifts marked in green may go into his green school bag. The second child collects only gifts marked in red, and so on. This way you make sure that all children get the same presents and that nobody is disappointed.

You can vary the game as you wish. The first graders can search for the presents in the garden (similar to the Easter egg hunt). The older children can play together and get a map where all the gifts are marked (similar to a treasure hunt.)

The game is played until the children have found all or at least most of the gifts. They can pause and resume the game if they wish.

1.3 Back-to-school games for children: three-legged race or sack race

Back to school games for outside tripod and sack race for back to school party

Especially in Corona times, it is not possible to invite many guests to the back-to-school party. If not all of your child’s friends can be there and the celebration is more of a close family affair, you can organize games like three-legged race or sack race. Parents can also participate in this.

Number of players: at least 2 for sack race and at least 4 for three-legged race.

Materials: rope, a canvas bag for each participant

Game description: In three-legged race, two children or adults of the same height line up next to each other and you tie the left leg of the right participant with the right leg of the left participant. Someone gives the start signal and the participants start running.

In the sack race, participants compete one at a time. Everyone gets into their canvas bag and holds it with their hands at waist level. Then everyone lines up at the start line and hops off after the start signal.

Beautifully wrapped school bags are waiting for them at the finish line.

1.4 Back-to-school games for outside: long throw

Back to school games for outside long throw with crayons and erasers

If desired, you can also organize a long throw with school supplies. New crayons (not sharpened) and erasers work well for this.

Number of players: at least two

Materials: crayons (new, not sharpened), erasers, 75-mm-wide paper tape, scissors, colorful markers.

Game description:

All participants line up one behind the other at the starting line. Each player has three attempts and should try to throw the crayon or eraser as far as possible. Only the best attempt counts. The place where the crayon fell on the floor is marked with tape. On it you can write the child’s name with a marker. You can use a different color for each participant so that everyone can quickly orient themselves.

1.5 Back-to-school games: throwing game

Back to school games make your own throwing game in the garden

Alternatively, you can organize a throwing game with erasers.

Number of players: at least two

Materials: colorful erasers or small balls, three plastic containers or toilet paper rolls

Game description:

All children line up at the starting line. Each player receives three erasers and is supposed to throw them into the plastic containers or toilet paper rolls.

2. back-to-school games for indoors

Back to school games for indoors start of school ideas

If it rains outside, parents of first graders face a big challenge. How to entertain the children indoors? In this case, these games are suitable:

2.1 Painting by letters

Paint by letter back to school games organize

In principle, painting by letters is the same as painting by numbers. The individual colors are not marked with numbers, but with letters. For example:

  • B stands for blue
  • G stands for green
  • Gr stands for gray
  • W stands for white
  • Gb is for yellow
  • O is for orange
  • R is for red
  • Br is for brown
  • Rs is for pink
  • P is for pink
  • L is for purple

2.2 Back to school games for indoors: Painting letters

Indoor back to school games letter painting tutorial

An adult paints different letters on a sheet of paper with watercolors. The children have to color them in as quickly as possible.

2.3 Back-to-school games: Building a castle out of books

The children are given books of different sizes and are asked to build a castle out of them. Whoever has the highest castle wins. Alternatively, you can reward the child who built his or her castle the fastest.

2.4 Games for the back-to-school party: eraser dominoes

Back to school party games eraser dominoes

You can find various eraser domino sets in online stores. However, you can also make them yourself by painting solid colored erasers like dominoes.

2.5 “Way to school” game

Indoor back to school games practice the way to school

The next game will help children remember the way to school. Parents can take pictures of certain places on the way to school and ask the children to virtually take them to school, arranging the photos in the correct order. Is it necessary to cross the street first or go straight ahead? Is the tall tree directly in front of the school or is it in front of your own front door?