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Decoration with pumpkin: Why not use the butternut to decorate in autumn and Halloween!

Autumn time is pumpkin time and with the pretty fruits can be prepared not only tasty dishes. They are also extremely popular for fall decorations, as you know. And while in most cases rather the classic orange and round ones are used for decorating (especially for Halloween), the butternut seems to rather fade into the background. Yet it really has great potential if you want to decorate with pumpkin, as we will show you in this article. Namely, we have found a few original ideas for pumpkin decoration with butternut, which we would like to share with you.

Simple and autumnal decorate with pumpkin

Beautiful autumnal decoration with pumpkin butternut and leaves

This decoration with pumpkin is made so wonderfully simple, but still looks incredibly beautiful. All you need to do is make a crown out of leaves or form a wreath out of a branch, and then add a face to the butternut. This can be easily drawn with a sharpie. It is best to make a group of three. Headdresses you can craft as follows:

Decoration with pumpkin – wreath from a branch.

Make wreath from twig with leaves for pumpkin decoration

Take the branch and place it once around the selected pumpkin to determine the necessary circumference. Hold the place where the two ends of the branch meet well, and then wrap wire around the to tie them together. Now the wreath is ready. Place it on the “pumpkin head” and draw eyes and mouth underneath. Then this decoration with pumpkin is also ready.

Crown made of wire and autumn leaves

Make your own crown with leaves and wire

For a beautiful crown, proceed in a similar way. First, put wire around the butternut squash and cut it a little longer to have room to tangle the two ends. Now design the ring you get with colorful foliage leaves by attaching them to the wire using liquid glue. Apply some on the round side, place the wire over it and fold the tip of the leaf over.

You can use lots of leaves for a more lush crown, or just a few less like this if you like it more purist. Place the crown on the butternut squash and trace the face to finish the decoration with pumpkin.

Deco with pumpkin – A touch of glamour for autumn with glitter.

Decoration with pumpkin and glitter - sparkling autumn decoration for indoors and outdoors

Let it sparkle outside or inside with glitter in any colors. For example, if you want an autumn decoration for the entrance to the house, which is modern, you can use this idea. And here you are spoiled for choice in terms of colors: Take typical autumn colors or create interesting color contrasts instead. You can also paint the pumpkins or leave them in their original color. Either way, the result will be simply enchanting. Here’s how to make decorations with pumpkin:

  • Butternut squash
  • Glitter glue or liquid glue and glitter for sprinkling
  • Brush
  • Paper tape
  • sharpie
  • optional acrylic paints for coloring

Paint pumpkins and design them with glitter powder for the mantel or shelf

If you want to recolor your pumpkin , start with it. Apply one coat of paint and let it dry. If necessary, apply another one to get an opaque color and let it dry well too. Then you can tape off the area you want to create with the glitter. Apply glue to the desired area and immediately sprinkle glitter over it. Work quickly in this step so that the glue doesn’t dry before you sprinkle it with glitter particles. Carefully peel off the tape. Then also let the glue drip well and carefully tap off excess glue. Ready is the decoration with pumpkin!

Use butternut for Halloween

Hollow out and carve butternut squash for Halloween

Would you like to make decorations with pumpkin yourself again for Halloween and design the entrance area with a few creepy grimaces, butternut pumpkins are also ideally suited – also in combination with the classic round. And here you can decide for yourself whether you hollow out the pumpkins and then carve each pumpkin (for an interesting pumpkin lighting also like to put a tea light inside) or just draw a few grimaces with sharpie or paint them with acrylic paints.

Decoration with pumpkin for Halloween - butternut pumpkins design with grimaces

You can also use black felt or foam rubber for this purpose if carving is too much work for you (we admit that the butternut’s rather hard shell is a bit difficult to cut). Large wiggle eyes are also a great idea for such a decoration with pumpkin!

Decorate pumpkin with flowers

Decoration with pumpkin - Turning butternut into a vase for autumn flowers

If you want to make a pumpkin decoration yourself, you can choose autumn flowers as a combination partner. With dried flowers, in turn, this decoration will last extra long. Cut off the “head” of the pumpkin and hollow it out. Now you are welcome to process the pulp and cook something delicious from it. The shell, in turn, turns into a great vase in which you can display the most beautiful flowers from the garden.

How about decorating a tray in the fall and present on it this interesting vase? You can also create an autumn decoration with hydrangeas in this way, drying the flowers and placing them in the pumpkin vase. So you have quickly and easily homemade table decoration for autumn!