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Decorate lantern autumn: Turn them into dreamy eye-catchers with these simple ideas!

Lanterns are actually designed to illuminate. Accordingly, it is mostly candles that are in them. But this is by no means the only way to show off these pretty accessories. Those who do not attach importance to the fact that they glow, can also use other decorations and make the lanterns suitable depending on the season. Autumn offers a range of materials that you could use for this purpose, and today we’ll show you a few ideas on how to decorate a lantern in an autumnal way – easily, without much effort or cost.

Fill lanterns with autumn fruits

A mix of autumn natural materials to fill large lanterns

As mentioned earlier, autumn has plenty of fruits to offer that you can use if you want to decorate a lantern autumnally, starting from ornamental pumpkins , cones, chestnuts and acorns to leaves and twigs with or without berries. And all these things do not even have to be real, for example, if you want a long-lasting autumn decoration. In the decoration store you can also find artificial versions, which are cheap and are in no way inferior to the real ones.

Beautiful autumn decoration with flowers

Lantern autumnal decorate with vases and roses in autumn colors

Just because spring and summer are over, it doesn’t mean that you can’t conjure up something pretty with flowers. Even in autumn, nature offers a wonderful display of flowers, usually in warm colors. Especially suitable if you want to decorate a lantern with flowers are dried flowers, which you can also make yourself. With them, you can not only decorate the inside of a lantern autumnal, but also from the outside you can decorate it with flowers. How about hydrangeas, for example?

Decorate lantern autumnally – idea for indoors with base

Container made of wood as a base decorated with leaves and vegetables

Place lanterns, in groups or individually, on an interesting base when using them for indoor decoration. This not only adds another interesting accent and gives you room for a few more decorations around it. It is also very convenient when you need to dust. You can rearrange the whole arrangement thanks to the base (for example, tray, wooden disc, wooden box, wire basket).

Lantern autumn decorate in a wooden box with lanterns and hydrangeas

If you use a box or basket, choose a model with low walls, so that the lanterns can still be displayed well and their contents are not hidden. It is also convenient if the container has handles, especially if you decorate it with many and heavy things.

Put a vase inside

Large vase in a metal lantern with berry branches

Replace the candle with a pretty vase and decorate it additionally with any things. Not only dried and cut flowers are suitable for this purpose. Branches with berries are also wonderful from and represent autumn in the best way. Top it all off with a small pumpkin or a pine cone!

Decorate lantern autumnal – Additional decoration for Halloween

Decorate metal lanterns for porch for Halloween with bats

Do you also enjoy this spooky and interesting holiday from the USA? Then, of course, a decoration to match it would be wonderful. You don’t have to put away all your fall decorations just for this one night, only to put them back. Instead, simply add Halloween decorations. These will blend in perfectly with the autumnal arrangement.

So you can hang spider webs over the lanterns and decorate the lantern this way for Halloween, or just scatter a few bats here and there. Or place a carved pumpkin next to it. It doesn’t take much effort to transform an autumnal lantern into a spooky one like this.

Lanterns decoration times different – Cool idea for the wall

Lantern autumn decorate for the wall with grasses and pumpkins

Would you like to decorate a large lantern? A wonderful idea! But how about hanging it on the wall instead of putting it up, as usual. The idea is perfect both for the porch or terrace, and for the interior. A modern and simple model with large glass panes and narrower frames would be optimal, so that the arrangement inside will be even better, but any other is also suitable, of course.

Wall decorations in autumn do it yourself in modern, large lanterns

Be sure to really take advantage of the height of a tall model. Put a long bouquet of flowers or but, as in the example from dry grasses inside. On the bottom then put, for example, some pumpkins or perhaps a small stack of wooden discs? Experiment with what you have and create an autumnal composition that everyone will look at with pleasure.

Decorate lantern autumn – More ideas.

Lantern autumn decorate - sparkling decoration with lantern in copper and glittering pumpkins

Take a look at a few more inspirations below that you can use for your purposes.

Make wreath from berries and put lanterns in it

You can use a wreath made of berries or another type of autumn wreath to put the lantern inside and create an interesting table decoration.

Open lantern decorate autumn with candlestick and wreath of pumpkins and greenery

Corn on the cob to fill

Decorate lantern autumnally with corn on the cob for a rustic style for the Thanksgiving holiday

Simple idea with white pumpkins

Simple and elegant lantern autumn decorate with white decorative pumpkins

Simple materials with a beautiful effect

For autumn decoration buy materials in the decoration store