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Craft autumn decorations for windows: Ideas and arrangements for the window pane, the windowsill and for outside

Autumn decorations already decorate your home for a few weeks, but the window somehow still looks too bare? Then you should come up with something nice especially for this area. Here you can include not only window pane. Also the windowsill provides the perfect base for beautiful arrangements, which can also be viewed from outside. And on the curtain rod, in turn, can be attached hanging decorations, so you can use the full height of the window. Do you need some inspiration? Then check out our ideas for fall decorations for windows!

Ideas for the window pane

Autumn wreath from vines and apples

Autumn decoration for windows - Easy to make autumn wreaths yourself with vines and apples

Use what autumn has to offer to craft fall decorations for windows. And there are so many options that are absolutely not complicated, but still look wonderful. So is this autumn wreath, which can decorate the house both indoors and outdoors. Use vines or other suitable branches to form a wreath, or buy a ready-made blank. Then, inside the ring, attach apples of different sizes. For fastening you can pierce, for example, wire. Make sure the wire comes out the bottom so it doesn’t show. You can also use artificial apples.

Sticking window pictures to the window pane in autumn

Window paints to paint the window panes with the children

If you are making autumn decorations for windows with children, then window pictures are perfect. You can make them with special window paints or use parchment paper to create autumnal motifs and then stick them to the window pane.

Autumn decoration for windows - Decorate the window panes with window pictures

You can also use collected and pressed leaves to create a colorful arrangement as a window decoration.

Autumn decoration for window hanging arranged – garland of autumn leaves.

Garlands from leaves and other natural materials as autumn decoration for windows tinker

Speaking of leaves, why not tie some of them together with string for a nice garland , which you then hang in front of the window. You can also add a few pine cones, cinnamon sticks, chestnuts or other autumnal elements. Very popular are also curtains of this type. Here the garlands are hung not horizontally, but vertically on a rod (the curtain rod, for example, or a branch).

Autumn decoration for the windowsill

Autumn decoration for windows – pumpkins and cinnamon sticks.

Autumn decoration for windows with cinnamon sticks, pumpkins and leaves

Of course, you can use other materials, but we especially like this arrangement, because it is autumnal, natural and at the same time not too much. A small group of pumpkins in different colors and sizes are the focal point, and are complemented here and there by a few foliage leaves and a bunch of cinnamon sticks. Leaves can be placed in a vase in the background or you can hollow out one of the pumpkins and use it like a vase.

Decorate box autumnally

Autumn decoration for windowsill with box made of copper

Depending on the style of decor, a wooden box, tray or plate (made of porcelain, wood or metal as you like) can be filled with autumnal materials and presented on the windowsill. It is advisable to choose a height that will be visible from outside and put decorations inside that will stick out of the box. For example, branches with leaves, flowers or berries can be placed at an angle in the box and stick out on one side. Or place a butternut squash inside. With a container made of copper, you create an additional shiny effect for autumn decoration for windows, and the color of the metal could not be more suitable for the season.

Window sill decorate with lights

Autumn ideas with fairy lights and candles on the windowsill

Fairy lights are simply part of every season, while candles decorate our rooms especially in the cold months. But no matter what you choose, the light will turn your windows into eye-catchers, especially in the evening hours. You can also place candles at different heights to create an even more interesting effect. You can stack slices of trees for elevation. We recommend LED candles to eliminate the risk of fire. Fairy lights, in turn, can snake around the rest of the decorations (or hang from the curtain rod).

Autumn decorations for windows - window sill with candles and leaves

Lay out leaves all over the windowsill and place some saucers. You can then place candles on them for a purist fall decoration for windows, or add more elements between the plates.

Create autumn decorations for windows outside

Decorate wooden box outside with ornamental cabbage and pumpkins

Flower boxes are just perfect to decorate the windows from outside as well, and autumn offers a range of flowers and plants that impress now with blossoms or interesting foliage decorations and can be planted. In addition to this, gaps can be filled with pumpkins, apples, pine cones, twigs and co. Plant care in tubs is not so your forte? Then just use artificial flowers and make an autumnal arrangement in the box or use dried leaves!

Autumn decoration for windows for outside - Design flower boxes

Warm autumn colors for the arrangement

Autumn decoration in flower box with autumn flowers and pumpkins