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Autumn decoration with mushrooms do it yourself: Cute DIY ideas for families with children

This autumn we decorate the house and garden with cute mushrooms. We offer you several DIY ideas that are the perfect activity for families with children. But other craft enthusiasts will surely appreciate the beautiful autumn decorations with mushrooms.

Autumn decoration ideas for the front door and entrance area: door wreath with mushrooms

Autumn wreath with mushrooms do it yourself instruction

The first idea for DIY autumn decorations is for a door wreath made of moss and mushrooms. For the wreath you need a styrofoam ring, hot glue, moss mat on paper backing and the mushrooms. First, cut the moss mat into 5 cm wide strips and glue them to the Styrofoam ring.

Then make the mushrooms out of styrofoam cones, crepe paper and modeling clay. Wait until the modeling clay hardens and then you can paint the mushrooms red. For this purpose, you can use water-based or acrylic paints. Anschlißened stamp white dots on the mushrooms with styrofoam.

Autumn wreath from moss and mushrooms make yourself

In order for the arrangement to look as natural as possible, you can arrange mushrooms of different sizes and then attach them to the wreath. This beautiful decoration can decorate the front door of the apartment, the covered front door or the entrance hall.

Autumn crafts with children: Mushrooms made from plastic plates and styrofoam cones.

Autumn decoration with mushrooms tinker DIY decoration itself

Large mushroom figures are perfect for decorating a child’s room, hallway or living area. For the next craft project, you will need red canning plates, stamps, white acrylic paint, green clay paper and cones. First stamp the red plates with white dots, cut out grass from the green clay paper and then assemble the mushrooms. This craft idea is perfect for kids of kindergarten age. The mushrooms are quick and easy to put together, and there are enough different tasks for the kids to keep themselves busy.

Large mushroom figures as table decorations for autumn and winter

Table decoration with mushrooms for autumn

Large mushroom figures made of modeling clay, Styrofoam cones and fabric are a real eye-catcher and the perfect decoration for the transitional period between autumn and winter. These can be staged with pine cones and branches, as well as fruits, butterflies and other decorative figures.

Leave the stamping and cutting out of the cones to the kids. Especially school-age children will be delighted with the task.

Arrange autumn decorations with mushrooms on cake stand

Autumn decoration forest motifs make yourself instruction

You have a cake stand made of tree slices? On it you can also arrange colorful autumn decorations. Place the stand on a side table and cover it with moss and grasses in small pots. Craft different sized mushrooms out of crepe paper, styrofoam and modeling clay. Decorate the cake stand with other small decorative figures – butterflies from clay cardboard, ladybugs from modeling clay and hedgehogs from pine cones and leather.

You can make the mushrooms as simple or as complicated as you like. Thus, the craft idea can be adapted to the age of the children.

Natural autumn decoration with mushrooms for the table

Autumn decoration for table with natural materials make yourself

An effective autumn decoration that looks as natural as possible: this is how the next craft project can be described. Decorate the table with treasures from nature. Organize a trip in the forest and collect twigs, moss, cones. In addition, you can arrange herbs or other fragrant plants on the table.

Then the real work begins: you can grow mushrooms with the kids. For this purpose, you can buy a mushroom spawn in the garden center. For the mushrooms to grow quickly, they still need suitable growing medium. Large twigs or branches that you cut to size provide such a breeding ground. Coffee grounds also promote growth and can further help. If you want to save yourself the work and effort, go for a ready-made culture in substrate balls. Together with the children, you can then water the balls and watch the growth of the fungi. This variant has the advantage that the first mushrooms appear after 2-3 days.

This DIY idea is perfect for children in elementary school. They can playfully explain the cultivation of mushrooms, as well as read more about the mushrooms themselves. It is also important to teach them how to handle mushrooms properly. Explain to children that there are edible and non-edible mushrooms.

Autumn decoration for the flower box: mushrooms made of corrugated cardboard and felt.

Autumn decoration with mushrooms from cardboard make yourself

The next DIY idea is perfect as a decoration for the flower box. You will need cotton swabs for the trunk, white felt and red fabric paint, and white corrugated cardboard for the hat. First, cut the details from corrugated cardboard and shape them into small cones. Cover the cones with the white felt fabric and paint it dark red. Then you can assemble the mushroom figures.

These can be perfectly staged with moss and dry leaves and flowers, bringing a vintage touch to the house. But they also make a good figure as a decorative plug for the flower box.

Illuminated autumn decoration in natural look

Autumn decoration forest mushrooms illuminated instruction

The last autumnal arrangement makes a good figure not only during the day, but also in the evening. You will need mushroom figures made of modeling clay, bateries and led lights. Attach a led light directly under the hat of each mushroom. In the evening these will look especially charming. The subtle lighting will really set the scene for the whole arrangement. You can also use other natural materials (a large branch, fir branches, pine cones, etc.) to stylishly present the illuminated mushrooms.