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Autumn decoration with flowers do it yourself – Beautiful decoration and craft ideas for autumn for adults

Already looking for interesting autumn decorations for 2022? Then let yourself be inspired by our ideas! Nature spoils us one last time with beautiful colors, which are reflected not only in the discolored leaves, but also in the autumn flowers. And these flowers can not only decorate your flower beds and window boxes, but also be elements of autumn decoration both indoors and outdoors. We’ll show you some pretty ways to create fall decor with flowers.

From when to put up autumn decorations?

Autumn flowers planted in wooden tubs or barrels and decorate the front door

Of course, you are allowed to do whatever you want in your own home and garden, and accordingly, this also applies to decorating. Just start with the autumn decoration when it suits you best. Some choose the beginning of autumn for this, which is on September 23, others do it as soon as they get into the autumn mood, which is usually when the first leaves begin to change color and the weather becomes fresher and foggier. So when is the best time for you and your autumn decoration with flowers, you decide.

Autumn decoration with flowers – Make the entrance pretty.

Autumn decoration with flowers in tubs and pots in front of the house

If there is one element that is probably not missing in any autumn decoration, it is the pumpkin. And this one you can just wonderfully complement with flowers, extending the warm play of colors and creating a beautiful autumn decoration with flowers. Place pumpkins of different sizes and shades in groups in front of the front door and add a few rustic tubs, in which you plant typical autumn flowers – chrysanthemums, for example, or varieties with beautiful foliage decoration. Clay pots are most suitable, but also cachepots (barrels) made of wood look super in such a composition and autumn decoration in the entrance area.

Pumpkins and succulents – a color contrast with yellow dried flowers.

Ornamental pumpkins with yellow dried flowers and succulents on a wooden disc

As an autumn decoration for the table, the combination of ornamental pumpkins and succulents has become almost a must. You can hollow out the pumpkins and then use them as vases by placing greenish-silver succulents inside. Add some typical fall flowers, like dried flowers for example, to create a beautiful bouquet. Instead of a contrast of colors, you can also get a harmonious interaction by choosing succulents with orange, yellow and reddish shades. The small pumpkins look especially sympathetic in groups on a wooden disc.

Autumn decorations with flowers and hay bales

Autumn decoration with flowers - show off autumn flowers on hay bales

Why not go on a search for a hay bale at the local farms, because it is just perfect as a decoration for autumn. Not only can you easily place flower pots with autumnal flowers on it and put them on display. It can also be used as a base for a flower arrangement.

Make your own arrangement in a bale of straw for autumn

To do this, simply stick the stems of flowers (artificial or cut flowers as you like) between the straws. You can also get a long-lasting decoration with dried flowers . Also, add other autumnal elements to get a lush arrangement. For example, leaves and ribbons in matching colors are suitable, but also branches with berries.

Table decoration for autumn

Autumn cut flowers in a vase and mini hay bales for a table decoration

The idea with the straw or hay bale is also suitable for the table , by simply crafting a bale in mini format yourself and place it in front of a small flower pot. Alternatively, you can also glue a flower pot all around with hay or straws and create the desired effect for autumn decoration with flowers. It is important that the flowers also match at least in color. But even better are equal real autumn plants and flowers.

Make your own dried flower arrangement as an autumn decoration

Autumn decoration with flowers for the table - arrangement of grasses and dried flowers

A pretty container, stick foam and some beautiful decorative elements – that’s all you need to make a stunning autumn floral arrangement yourself . Dried flowers are especially good because they will last forever, but of course, you can also opt for fresh flowers and simply moisten the stick foam for longer shelf life. Either way, you have free choice regarding the arrangement and can mix and match what you like. Grasses are also super for adding texture to the arrangement and creating different heights. Such autumn arrangements are wonderful craft ideas for autumn for adults with a little imagination.

Autumn decorations with flowers – floral frames

Autumn decoration with flowers and frames - puristic, rustic and romantic

So simple, yet so beautiful – this purist DIY idea for an autumn decoration with flowers can be made by even the biggest beginner. Just get large picture frames in desired color (or paint them yourself) and you can start designing.

Instructions for making an autumn decoration - tying flowers to a frame

For this purpose, it is best to use artificial or dried flowers and branches, which you first arrange on the frame as you like. When you are satisfied with the composition, tie everything well with floral wire. After that, you can shorten protruding stems and branches that are just too long. Done!

Wall decoration for autumn with autumn flowers and wooden frames in groups

These frames look especially attractive in groups of three, especially if you combine horizontal and vertical varieties. If you attach the flowers on both sides, you can also use the frames as window decorations for fall. Or simply turn the side with the flowers towards the window.

Autumn decoration in front of the house in flower boxes.

Autumn decoration with flowers in the flower box in front of the window with pumpkins and hydrangeas

Inside shines the autumn bouquet of flowers, outside it should be the planters, which you use for autumn decoration with flowers. Especially the flower boxes offers plenty of space to create pretty arrangements. And here, do not just rely on vibrant autumn flowers that you plant in it. No, add other elements to create a lush and interesting composition. Dried hydrangea flowers, for example, just fit beautifully and can be stuck between the flowers, as well as pine cones (just wrap them with wire and stick it into the potting soil), twigs with and without berries, and even ornamental pumpkins, which you can paint beforehand as you wish.

Autumn decoration with flowers, pumpkins and straw for the entrance area