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Autumn decoration with candles make and arrange yourself: Stylish ideas for a cozy atmosphere at home

What a beautiful season autumn is! The leaves are starting to change color, the air is cooler but fresh, and every bakery smells of cinnamon. Pumpkins, warm sweaters and scarves peek out of store windows. This season, there are few things better than snuggling up in your favorite comfy chair with a good book. What goes better with this cozy afternoon than a cup of hot tea and the warm glow of a candle on your side table? You don’t really need much for a cozy autumn decoration with candles. Take a look at our ideas and conjure up a cozy atmosphere at home.

The most beautiful decoration ideas with candles for autumn

Mantel decorate in autumn with fall colors and candles

As for autumn decoration, candles can not be missing in any of its aspects. Whether outside on the terrace or in front of the front door, at home on the mantel or on the table, the candlelight always goes down well and gives a cozy feeling to any room.

There are countless variations for a stylish autumn decoration with candles. You can choose between tapered and pillar candles, tea lights and scented candles or combine them as you like.

Do you want to decorate your home for the new season? Then get inspired by the following ideas! They are easy to recreate and will immediately put your home in an autumnal atmosphere!

Autumn table decoration with candles

Autumn table decoration with stick and pillar candles and pumpkins

A beautifully set table is popular in every season! Whether it’s for everyday use, or for a special occasion, with a few autumnal elements you can conjure up a beautiful, seasonal table decoration without much effort. All you need is a suitable container, such as a serving bowl, and the decorative items that should go on it. In autumn, you can collect a large part of it for free in nature, but for hygiene reasons it would be recommended that you use only artificial leaves, twigs, etc. for the dining table.

Candles of various sizes can then perfectly round off any arrangement, giving it a warm glow.

Festive decoration with natural materials and tall taper candles.

Festive autumn decoration with candles for wedding

For an autumn wedding, candles are a must for the table decorations. This will perfectly accentuate the other decorative elements and create a whole ensemble that looks modern, but natural at the same time.

Simple ideas on how to make an autumn decoration with candles yourself.

Autumn decoration idea pillar candles decorate with leaves and arrange in bowl

If you are handy, you can get to work yourself and turn the candles into an interesting seasonal decoration. The following ideas are perfect for the coffee table, windowsill or dining table.

Decorate pillar candles with autumn leaves and arrange them in a bowl.

Pillar candles decorate with autumn leaves tutorial

For this DIY project, in addition to pillar candles, you will need double-sided tape, artificial leaves and jute tape. Use these materials to decorate the candles and then arrange them in a matching bowl with other fall materials like more leaves and cones.

Make candles from ornamental pumpkins

DIY autumn decorations with decorative pumpkins and tea lights

You always see these little pumpkins during the fall season, but what should you do with them? You could just display them in your home, but this project has a little more personality. Give your front entryway or dining room table a warm, inviting feel by putting some tea lights inside hollowed out decorative pumpkins!

Tip: You can use other fruits, such as apples, instead of decorative pumpkins for this project. If you want to make a taller table decoration, you can make the holes in the fruits smaller and replace the tea lights with taper candles.

Autumn decoration with candles in glass make yourself

Fill glass bowl with autumn leaves and arrange three pillar candles

If you have a suitable glass bowl, you can use it to make a pretty autumn decoration with candles. Pick sturdy pillar candles of suitable size, place them in the center of the bowl and add materials such as autumn leaves , berries, cinnamon sticks, etc. in the space between them. The decoration in the jar is quick and easy to make, and is great if you need a last minute idea.

DIY tea light holder made from tree bark and pine cones.

Autumn decoration with tea lights and natural material

With this idea, you can turn a broken piece of tree bark into a pretty, natural candle holder for tea lights. After all, no instructions are necessary – just fix pine cones and tea lights to the bark and that’s it!

Note: For safety reasons, prefer to use tea lights in a jar.

Use candles to make the decoration on the mantel glow

Autumn decoration for mantel with candles garlands and pumpkins

Especially when a fire is burning in the fireplace, the decoration on the mantel above it is often overlooked. To show off your beautiful arrangement in the evening, you can complement it with candles. Choose a size and model that matches the style of your decor and add them to the arrangement.

Tip: To further enhance the effect, add a small string of lights.

Beautiful autumn decorations with lighted lanterns

Ideas for autumn decoration with candles tea light in lantern

Lanterns are a beautiful and safe option for decorating with candles. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and decorated as you like. Large lanterns with XXL pillar candles inside are a great decoration idea for house entrance and terrace. In a smaller lantern, on the other hand, tea lights fit well and you can use this idea both for the table and for the area above or in front of the fireplace.