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Autumn decoration for outside do it yourself – Beautiful and simple ideas with flowers for garden, house entrance & terrace

Let’s complement the natural beauty of autumn by decorating our outdoor space in an autumnal way too! Whether it’s the garden, front door, patio or balcony, a little autumn cheer can’t hurt any of these areas, so that not only we get into just the right mood while relaxing outdoors, but also our neighbors or passers-by enjoy the beautiful sight. How about making or putting together your own outdoor fall decorations? We have some beautiful ideas for you!

Decorate in autumn with old garden tools

Autumn decoration for outside with a rake and artificial flowers

Search the shed for old garden tools that you can no longer use or temporarily use for autumn decorations. In the example, it is a rake (fan broom), but shovels or rakes and brooms are also suitable, of course, as well as a ladder or the like. You decorate these with autumnal elements, which you can choose freely. Here you can see a variant with corn on the cob. For this autumn decoration for outside you need the following materials:

  • Rake
  • Brush and paint/lacquer (optional)
  • parcel string
  • dried corn cobs
  • fresh, artificial or dried flowers with stems ( e.g. hydrangeas or typical autumn flowers).

Autumn decoration for outside with dried corn cobs and garden tools

If you like, you can paint the rake first. This step is optional. Then give the paint enough time to dry. When you proceed with the craft project, the paint should no longer be sticky. Spread the cobs on the rake and tie them with the string. Leave the dry leaves sticking out towards the bottom. Then, tuck the flowers between the cobs to fill in the gaps between them.

Outdoor crafts with rustic charm and fall colors

You can simply lean the finished outdoor autumn decoration against a wall, or you can stick it in a flowerbed. It is recommended to combine it with other decorations so that it does not look so bare. For example, place wine boxes and pumpkins or tubs with flowers next to it or how about an old window as a background?

Decorate house entrance with a wreath

Autumn decoration for outside do it yourself with embroidery hoops, flowers and wooden discs

If you are looking for a quick and easy craft idea for an autumn wreath, you can take an embroidery hoop to help and as a base. In principle, you can then decorate it however you like. Dried flowers, for example, are a wonderful and popular option. For the design in the example you need the following:

  • Embroidery hoop
  • Wooden discs
  • letter stickers or sharpie to write on it
  • artificial flowers and leaves
  • hot glue
  • Floral wire

Tie and glue artificial flowers to a wooden ring for an autumn wreath

Start with the flowers. If necessary, cut them to size and length and tie them to the ring with floral wire or use hot glue, preferably on just one side as an accent. Then add the leaves and possibly other elements (how about branches with berries?).

Then put stickers on the wooden discs with the word you want or write the letters with a sharpie or acrylic paint. Then glue them inside the ring opposite the flowers. Tip: Instead of a word, you could also write your house number on the wooden discs, for example.

Simple autumn decoration for outside – autumn wreath with dried hydrangeas and roses.

Dried flowers represent autumn in the best way and are therefore the perfect autumn decoration for outside and inside. Since we were just on the subject of “door wreath” anyway, we would like to show you another beautiful variant, which even craft beginners with two left hands can easily manage. Hydrangeas and roses or any other dried flowers are used. This is how it is done:

  • Wreath blank from willow branches or vines
  • dried hydrangeas
  • dried roses
  • floral wire
  • optionally other filling material such as artificial moss

Door wreath as an autumn decoration for outside with hydrangeas and roses

All you need to do is arrange the dried flowers to form the wreath. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, tie everything tightly with floral wire, always trying to wrap the wire so that it is not visible from the front (let it run along under the flowers). Tie still wire or string for hanging and you can decorate the front door or a wall with the autumn decorations for outside .

Combine autumn decorations

Vintage birdcage with hydrangeas and wooden logs as autumn decoration for the house entrance

Here are a few great fall decorating ideas for outside that you can quickly and easily do yourself. For example, an old vintage birdcage is a perfect container for flower vases, flower pots, pumpkins or other decorations and you can fill a woven basket with rustic and/or autumnal decorations, like here with logs. The wilted hydrangea flowers in brown autumn color also fit especially well. If you want a decoration with wooden boxes for the entrance to the house, why not use them in the form of a shelf or simply to raise, for example, the bird cage a little.

Autumn decoration for outside: design garden with autumnal elements

Garden bed design in autumn with pumpkins and flower pot

If you make autumn decorations yourself for outside, do not forget about the flower beds . Especially those that have not been planted with autumn flowers could use a few autumnal touches. How about this idea for an autumn decoration for outside: dig a larger flower pot partially into the bed. In front of it, spread pumpkins of different sizes (you’re welcome to different varieties), as if they had rolled out of the fallen pot. To make the decoration last longer, it is best to choose a shadier location (or use artificial pumpkins). The fresher temperatures in autumn also make fruits and vegetables last longer as autumn decorations.