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A different kind of presents: creative ideas and games for unwrapping presents for an unforgettable celebration!

Baking cookies, drinking mulled wine and decorating our homes festively – there’s just something magical about the Christmas season. And the warm feeling we get when we give our loved ones a great gift or receive something beautiful ourselves is truly indescribable. But does the following scenario sound familiar – you’ve spent weeks trying to find the perfect gifts and then lovingly wrapping them, and the Christmas Eve gift-giving is already over in less than 10 minutes. Faster than we can look, the room turns into a total mess of bows, wrapping and torn paper. Quite a shame, isn’t it? The gift-giving is undoubtedly the absolute highlight of Christmas Eve, looked forward to by children and adults alike. To make this year’s Christmas unforgettable and special, let’s plan a different way of giving presents. With a little creativity and a few fun games, unwrapping presents is twice as much fun. Would you like to try something new too?  Then read on and remember our creative ideas for Christmas gift-giving!

Dice games to the Bescherung times differently

Funny games for giving presents Creative ideas for Christmas presents

Just now all the gifts were under the Christmas tree and 10 minutes later it has become a real paper battle. Christmas is first and foremost a celebration of love and togetherness, and so that you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest, we have a few fun ideas for you on how to make the gift-giving fun. For the first game, all you need is a dice and you will have an incredible time – we promise. To do this, sit in a circle with the youngest in the family starting to roll the dice. The game continues in a clockwise direction. Below we have a meaning of the dice numbers for you, but if you like, you can get creative and change them to your heart’s content as well.

  • 1 – The dicer takes one of his gifts and puts it in front of him.
  • 2 – The dicer must recite a Christmas poem or sing a song.
  • 3 – The dicer must give a gift to someone else.
  • 4 – One of the gifts that is in front of the caster must go back under the tree.
  • 5 – Sit out one round.
  • 6 – The dicer finally gets to unwrap one of the gifts that is in front of him.

Secret Santa to distribute gifts times differently

creative ideas for Christmas presents distribute Christmas presents times different games

Let’s face it – finding the right gifts for family, friends and colleagues (if you like them, of course) is no easy task and not particularly budget-friendly. Secret Santa is a beloved classic and is perfect for large families who want to organize gift-giving in a different way. The concept is actually super simple: set a prize limit and then put everyone’s name in a hat. Each participant draws a name and keeps it for themselves. So on Christmas Eve, each family member picks their gift and unwraps it. And if you want to make the gift-giving fun, turn it into a fun game by trying to guess who the gift came from and exactly why they bought it for you.

Pot banging as a game for gift giving

Gifts distribute times differently games for Bescherung Christmas

Who doesn’t know this game? “Pot banging” is a classic we all know from our childhood and an equally great and creative idea for Christmas gift-giving. Again, we start with the youngest player, blindfold him with a scarf and give him a wooden spoon. Now, within 90 seconds, the player must find the pot that you have previously hidden somewhere in the room. To help himself, he can scan the various objects with the wooden spoon. The other participants, on the other hand, can orient him with shouts such as “cold” or “hot” to see if he is going in the right direction. If he finds the pot, he gets to open a present, and if not, it’s the next player’s turn.

Singing Christmas carols

Christmas gifts distribute times different Bescherung playful ideas

The fact that the children first have to recite a Christmas song or poem in order to receive their presents is a tradition that has stood the test of time in many families to this day. But this year, to make the gift-giving a little different, we’re doing a role reversal! For a change, how about letting the little ones play the Christ Child or Santa Claus and have you sing songs or recite poems instead? Not only is this really fun, but it will also remind you of your childhood and the times you spent with your parents. And Christmas is all about quality time with family, right? Even if singing isn’t your thing, you can still make the gift-giving fun. Instead of poems and songs, you could tell Christmas jokes and only after you make Santa laugh, you can get your present.

White elephant as a game for Christmas gift giving

Bescherung times differently ideas funny games to unwrap gifts Christmas

White Elephant is a Christmas classic from the USA that is also very popular in this country. The game is a naughty, silly and amusing way to make gift unwrapping more fun. Again, set a price limit first and choose a specific theme for the Christmas gifts. Creative ideas for Christmas gift giving might be DIY gifts, homemade cookies, alcoholic treats, etc – unleash your creativity and have fun with it. On Christmas Eve, have everyone draw a number and open a package in numerical order – that’s your gift. Unless, of course, you want to steal someone else’s gift. In that case, the person in question has to unwrap a new package and the game continues until everyone gets something. The game is even more fun, for example, in combination with a delicious Christmas cocktail with eggnog .

With Christmas music the Bescherung times differently arrange

creative ideas for Christmas presents distribute gifts times differently

“All I want for Christmas is you”, “Last Christmas”, etc. – Christmas songs immediately put us in a festive mood and according to a survey, about 40% of Germans listen to Christmas music during the holidays. Are you one of them? Then we have a great idea how you could arrange the Bescherung times differently. Sit everyone in a circle and turn on the stereo. Take a package and pass it around until someone randomly turns off the music. The person holding the gift in their hands gets to open it and hand it to the person receiving the gift. It gets even more exciting if one gets to keep the package – even if it’s not directed to him. However, this requires some caution and you need to be sure that the gifts you get could in principle please everyone.