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Winter window decorations craft in January – instructions for children and adults

In January, winter is in full swing and just because the Christmas season and New Year’s Eve are over, it does not mean that you can not continue to decorate the window pretty. Just use motifs and decorative elements that fit the season for this. Whether you use ready-made items for this or craft and put together some beautiful arrangements yourself is entirely up to you. We show you some great ideas for window decorations in January, which you might even like.

Window decorations in January - ideas for a winter atmosphere after Christmas

With the window pane, the window sill, the window frame and even the curtain rod, you get plenty of scope that you can use to get really creative. Hang fairy lights or garlands, decorate the windows with evergreens or put a few candles on the window sill that can also be seen from outside and you have the perfect winter decoration that makes the heart beat faster.

Craft window decorations in January with candles and evergreens

Window decoration in January with glittering candles and hanging pine cones

This idea for window decorations in January, we have already indicated. Now we would like to briefly explain how you can make them. You will need:

  • Pine cones
  • Spray glue
  • Glitter
  • evergreen twigs
  • chains, string, yarn or similar
  • a branch (or the already existing curtain rod)
  • eyebolts
  • hair dryer

Start designing the candles using the decoupage technique (or get ready-designed candles). Using the hair dryer, heat the sides of the candles very briefly over a base. While the wax is still soft, sprinkle glitter on top. Then continue with the pine cones. Screw the eyelets into the lowest point, then spray the cones with the spray adhesive and sprinkle glitter over them, just as you did with the candles. After the glue dries, tap off the excess glitter.

Craft window decorations in January with candles, evergreens and pine cones to hang

Then tie string, chains or other types of binding material to the eyelets to hang the window decorations in January. Now you can spread the evergreen around the window. On the window sill put the finished candles, and the pine cones hang on a thin branch, or else on a curtain rod, as you like. If you wish, of course, feel free to add other decorations. For example, in the example of window decorations in January, snowflakes were also used.

Snowflakes from cotton balls

DIY window decorations in January - Vertical garlands made of absorbent cotton for winter with door wreath

The perfect window decorations in January and February, but also for December and the Christmas season are such garlands that you can hang vertically on the window. And the best thing is that they are not only cheap, but they are made so easily that you can make window decorations in winter in elementary school. All you need are 3 things:

  • Needle
  • white thread or transparent yarn
  • absorbent cotton or cotton balls

Garland as window decoration in January with cotton balls imitating snowflakes

Thread through the needle any length of string. Then prepare cotton balls, if you have not already obtained ready-made balls. These do not have to be ideally round or the same size, but can be quietly different. Tie a knot at the bottom end of the thread if needed and poke the needle through the first cotton ball. Pull the thread through to the knot. It serves to fix the ball in the desired place and prevents it from slipping down. Alternatively, you can use a drop of glue.

Then tie the next knot at any distance from the first little ball and thread a new snowflake. Continue like this until you get the desired amount of snowflakes for decorating and garlands. Then simply hang the finished garlands as window decorations in January in front of the window (for example, on the curtain rod). Instead of absorbent cotton, you can also use white pom-poms.

Window decoration in January – garlands of winter flowers

Romantic window decoration in January from flowers and berries and feathers

Since we were on the topic of garlands, we would like to show you this beautiful idea for a window decoration in January. The instructions are not too different from the variant with cotton balls. Still, there are a few differences and additional materials you will need:

  • blue and/or white blooming dried flowers
  • thin wire
  • white feathers
  • any other decorations, such as artificial, white or silver berries, etc.
  • optional white or silver spray paint, in case you want to recolor some decorations
  • white or transparent thread

Use winter flowers and other decorations for a floral curtain for the windows

First, cut all the blossoms of winter flowers and other elements into the same length (about 4 cm is ideal). Then wrap wire around each flower stem. You can also use fresh flowers. However, keep in mind that the stems will shrink as they dry. Therefore, the wire should be wrapped nice and tight. Then you can tie flowers and decorations together with a thread. You choose the spacing yourself. After you make window decorations in winter, you can hang them on the curtain rod or stick them to the window with tape.

Beautiful decoration in winter – decorating with gingerbread

Creative idea for window decoration in January and February with a winter bouquet with gingerbread

Gingerbread is one of the sweet treats that should not be missing at Christmas time. But that does not mean that they are not useful for other times in the winter. In fact, they are the perfect window decoration in January and can be used in different ways:

Gingerbread house as a decoration for the window in winter

  • You can decorate a large window with a larger little tree or bouquet of branches, on which you then hang various gingerbread – whether purchased or home-baked and -designed does not matter.
  • Place a gingerbread house on the window sill directly in front of the window pane. Other decorations can also be placed around it. Fairy lights or candles create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the dark afternoon and evening hours. Or how about different houses for a winter village on the window sill?

Create a village on the window sill with gingerbread houses

  • Hang several gingerbreads at different heights in front of the window (like the garlands in the instructions above). Keep in mind that the gingerbread is quite heavy and fasten them accordingly.

Evergreen branches and gingerbread for winter decoration on the kitchen window

By the way, baking and creating gingerbread houses and men is a popular activity for children. So, if you are looking for craft ideas for a January window decoration for children, the window decorations with gingerbread are just the right option. Not only school children can try their hand at it. Even if you want to make a window decoration for winter in kindergarten, you can go for it. 5 to 6-year-olds will certainly not have any difficulties with it.

Window decoration in January with lanterns

Spread lanterns and candles on the window sill for romantic winter evenings

You can’t go wrong with lanterns. You can get the necessary touch of winter by using a few additional decorations that are typical of or match winter: Fir or other evergreens, fairy lights, artificial snow, snowflakes, pine cones, red berries or small fir trees. Just be careful not to make it too Christmasy. After all, that time has passed by now.

Decorating with poinsettias after Christmas

White poinsettias in green vases on the window sill in winter

Poinsettias often continue to bloom after Christmas and are easy to find in garden centers or flower stores. Use them even after the holidays as window decorations in January to create a nice mood. If the red varieties are too Christmasy for you after all, you can also reach for the white ones and create a modern look this way. Here are a few ideas on how you can show off poinsettias at the window:

Romantic kissing ball idea with moss and red poinsettias as a winter window decoration in January

  • In colored jars, vases or bottles: Containers made of glass provide the cut flowers with water and also add a few color accents, so that the decoration with white flowers is not too plain. Wooden decorations also go well with this.
  • Poinsettias in moss balls: Have you ever heard of the so-called Kissing Ball, this idea for a window decoration in January may remind you. You can also use our Kissing Ball instructions as a basis for this variation with poinsettias. You then hang the finished moss balls in front of the window.

Modern decoration for winter with bright poinsettias, branches and concrete vases

  • Combined with branches, the bright poinsettias look just as pretty. Bare branches also look wintry and can be decorated as you like like an Easter bouquet with pendants. But in order for these to match winter, the right motifs must be chosen. For example, small pine cones or snowflakes are well suited. In the example, the arrangements are in homemade vases made of concrete, but also vases made of glass, porcelain or metal are super suitable.

Winter window decorations craft with children

Craft ideas for decorating after Christmas - Designing flower pots with moss and pine cones

If you are looking for an idea to craft a January window decoration in elementary school, this one is equally suitable. The children can then give the finished pots to their mother or grandmother. You will need:

  • Clay pot
  • Potting soil
  • Pine cones
  • Moss
  • Ribbons, yarn, newsprint or music paper, dried citrus slices, snowflakes or any other decorations.

It’s really fun to craft with moss . If you want to craft the decorations with kids, you can opt for smaller flower pots so they can easily carry them home later and they won’t be too heavy. Fill the flower pot with the soil, stick a pine cone upright in the middle and spread moss around it. The flower pot can be decorated afterwards or in advance with any decorations. Moisten the moss with a spray bottle. It should not be in direct sunlight later.

Homemade snow globes as window decorations in January

Homemade snow globes and fir greenery - idea for crafting with children

Snow globes are quick and easy to make yourself and are also suitable as a craft idea for a window decoration in winter for children . Choose wintry figures with which to fill the glass containers. If you make several snow globes, you can distribute them in groups on the window sill. But, of course, you may also put only a single model, which you then combine with other window decorations.

Make snow globes yourself and use as a window sill decoration in January and February.

Evergreen branches, LED fairy lights or plenty of absorbent cotton on the board imitating a blanket of snow, for example, are all good. So, once you’ve made your DIY snow globes, you have free choice when it comes to window decorations and can let your imagination run wild.

Hanging pine cones as window decorations after Christmas

Hanging pine cones decorated with ribbons and bows

Pine cones, ribbons in any colors and glue – that’s all you need to make such pretty pendants for the window and use them as decorations after Christmas. Especially silver, white and light blue for the ribbons fit super to the theme, but of course the decision is entirely yours.

Decorate the kitchen window simply and beautifully in winter with natural materials

First, glue loops of any length to the cones, with which you can later hang the simple decoration. Use the other ribbon to make bows and glue them to the cones as well. And that’s it. Craft enough cone tags to be able to design the entire window. They can be attached at different heights and spice up the window wonderfully.

Winter window pictures

Making window pictures out of paper for winter landscapes

Our final suggestion is simple paper window pictures or ones made of cardboard that can be stood up. You can easily cut these out yourself from a template using a sharp craft knife. We have already shown you how this works in our article about window pictures for Christmas. There you will also find a few templates that you can use for winter decoration after Christmas.

Decorate the window in winter with pendants and candles

Put white poinsettias in groups on the window sill

Put poinsettias in groups in front of the window in winter

Artificial snow, small sleighs and lanterns with other winter motifs

Artificial snow on the window sill, lantern and star pendants

Decorate with branches and berries

Idea with branches and red berries in transparent bottles as vases

Create a winter bouquet instead of Christmas bouquet

Decorate with twigs, berries and small fir trees

Beautiful and simple idea with fairy lights and snowflakes

Decorating the window with fairy lights and window pictures in the kitchen for dark winter evenings