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Window garland for Christmas: Craft these magical decorations from different materials!

Your Christmas decorations are already up and conjuring up the old familiar atmosphere in your home. But somehow the windows are still missing one or two decorations? A beautiful Christmas garland would be just the right idea! How good that we have a few pretty variants for you, which you can easily and quickly tinker yourself. Made of paper or natural materials such as dried fruits, for the living room, the kitchen or the children’s room – decide for yourself which window garland for Christmas you like best!

Dried fruits and spices as decoration for windows to hang

Window garland for Christmas from dried fruits and wheat

With dried fruits and spices, you can make a really beautiful window garland for Christmas, which not only fits the occasion, but is also subtle and delicate. Especially, if you value natural decorations, you will discover just the right idea here. You could also use the finished Christmas garland for the banister, Christmas tree or mantel.

Limes instead of oranges as Christmas decorations

Window decoration hanging horizontally with limes and ears of corn

Everyone knows dried orange slices as a traditional Christmas decoration and probably you have also used them enough. If you want to use something different without losing the traditional charm, try using limes instead for a whole new color combination. Combine as you like with cloves or cinnamon sticks or – wheat ears!

Thread yarn onto a needle and poke through the dry slices to string them together. In between you can add any other materials. The combination will be especially puristic if you just tie ears of wheat between them. Very nice also fits the star garland, for which simply glued ready-made cardboard or plywood stars from the craft store to yarn.

Window garland for Christmas – ideas with Christmas tree decorations

Beautiful window decorations for Christmas with oranges and Christmas tree decorations

Christmas tree baubles and figurines are only for the Christmas tree? Not at all! Use mini-sized models to make a horizontal window garland for Christmas at will, or several vertical ones that you can hang like a curtain.

Colorful Christmas decoration with vertical garlands from mini Christmas tree tags

Such ornaments come in a wide variety of styles these days, so you’re sure to find just the right one for your needs. Of course, it would be best if the selected models also fit the rest of the decoration. Tie yarn to the eyelets of the pendants and create a window garland for Christmas just from the pendants or combine with other materials. For example, we really like the idea with the orange slices and fir trees, which creates a great color contrast.

Decorate windows for Christmas with paper fir trees

Cut out fir trees from paper and glue them to yarn

Paper is super suitable if you want to do crafts together with the kids. In fact, one of the ideas below is designed for just that purpose. See how you can fold origami fir trees for a window garland for Christmas and how to make your own fir garland from paper trees as a window decoration for Christmas for the kids’ room.

Window garland for Christmas – Cut out plain fir trees

Window garland for Christmas craft with children from paper

If you want to make this window decoration for Christmas yourself, fold paper in half and draw a half tree on the fold, which you can then cut out and use as a template for the other trees. Feel free to combine several paper colors (green and white in the example). Then glue long strands of yarn along the folds and between each fir tree still white pom poms that imitate snowflakes .

Christmas craft idea for young and old with construction paper

Hang the Christmas window decorations on the curtain rod, for example, or find a nice branch that you can use for this purpose if you do not have curtain rods. Of course, you can also create these garlands horizontally.

Ideas for window decorations with origami for Christmas.

DIY window garland for Christmas with origami Christmas trees

For the little trees used origami paper, which is usually square. In this case, it has a length of 15 cm. After folding the base, cut the triangle with scissors to get the typical prongs (fir tree branches) at the end. How exactly to proceed, you can best follow in the video.

After you have made enough Christmas trees, you still thread string lengthwise through the little trees. This probably works best with a needle, as you can get through the top easier that way. To keep the fir trees in place, you will also need to tie knots in the twine, otherwise they will slip down.

Christmas garland in white and black

Window garland for Christmas - Scandinavian Christmas decoration for windows in black and white

With the templates to print out, you can quickly and easily craft such pendants, which you then either use as in the example for a window garland for Christmas or decorate a Christmas tree and other areas with it. Either way, the craft project is really easy. You can also implement the idea with patterned paper to make a colorful children’s garland for the nursery together with the little ones – just as you like.

Instructions for window garland for Christmas with printable templates

Print and cut out the templates. Fold each element lengthwise in half. Take one element and glue to one of its halves the half of the other element. From this you also do with two more pieces until you get the fir tree. So per tree you need four elements. However, before you glue the first and last together, put a small loop of yarn for hanging in the top.

Of course, you can combine different patterns for one tree.

Templates for the fir trees:
vertically striped, with diamonds and black stars.
zigzag, snowflakes and white stars
black, white and horizontal stripes