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What crafts for Easter for children from 3 years – How about these 11 instructions?

Easter is approaching and in the weeks leading up to Easter it would be a good idea to come up with craft ideas to go with the theme, don’t you think? But especially for small children, it is not always possible to find something suitable. That’s why we went looking for Easter craft ideas for kids 3 and up and found some great tutorials that are easy to recreate. If you often craft with your children, you will even have the materials for most of the craft ideas already at home.

Easter bookmarks for children from 3 years – Origami chicks

Bookmarks craft for Easter for children from 3 years - origami chicks

Whether for the child’s favorite book or as a gift for dad, mom or grandparents – a fun bookmark is always useful. Such a chick is, of course, especially suitable for Easter time. But you can also choose a different color for the paper and make other figures. For example, from white paper you can also make an Easter bunny, for which you then cut out a pair of ears.

Instructions for crafts for Easter for children from 3 years for the origami bookmark

In the instructions you can follow the steps to fold. As you can see, the origami is very easy to craft for Easter for children from 3 years, because for the base does not need to cut, nor glue. The smaller elements (wings, eyes and beak) you can also take over, if your child is still too small for this. By the way, instead of eyes made of paper, you can also use wiggle eyes.

Craft ideas for Easter for children with balloons

Crafting for Easter for children from 3 years - Funny idea with colorful balloons painted as Easter eggs

Have you ever noticed that balloons have a very similar shape to eggs? Painted pretty and turned upside down, they could pass for Easter eggs! The perfect Easter craft idea for kids ages 3 and up, don’t you think? Simply blow up the balloons and then let the kids paint them with brushes and acrylic paint. There are no rules. And if you like, you can also build a giant nest afterwards and put the balloon eggs inside. If you have helium on hand, they can also be hung as a bouquet somewhere in the room. If you enjoy crafting with balloons, you can find a few more ideas in this article.

Print Easter eggs with potatoes and make an Easter basket.

Crafting for Easter for children from 3 years - Easter basket from paper plates and Easter eggs from paper

This idea is also suitable for crafting at Easter for children from 3 years old. You just need to assess which of the tasks your child can do and which ones you need to do. For example, three-year-olds can just print the Easter eggs on the paper with the homemade stamp and paint, while four- and five-year-olds can already cut and glue. However, this is completely up to the individual. You will need:

  • 2 paper plates
  • light brown cardboard
  • brown paint
  • potatoes
  • ribbon
  • hot glue (for adults only; alternatively other, child-friendly glue)
  • Colors for the Easter eggs
  • white cardboard
  • paintbrush
  • scissors
  • optional: glitter glue and Easter grass

Crafting for Easter for children from 3 years with potatoes as stamps for Easter eggs

First paint the outside of the paper plates brown and let the paint dry. Then glue the plates together to create a cavity and cut off a third of the plates. Then cut strips from the light brown cardstock and glue them to one side of the basket like a grid (vertical strips first and then horizontal or vice versa).

Tip: Cut long strips, glue them in place, and then just cut off the excess instead of measuring and cutting the lengths. Then glue down another piece of ribbon for the handle. Just like that, the basket is ready and you can craft eggs for Easter with toddlers and older kids, and here’s how:

Cut a potato in half and then carve any patterns into it with a knife. For this you can first paint the pattern with a sharpie. Then apply any colors on the homemade stamp and print the colored eggs on the white cardboard. Let the colors dry and then, if you like, trace the edges of the patterns with the glitter glue. Once the glue has also dried, you can cut out the eggs, glue them together and place them in the basket.

Crafting for Easter for children from 3 years – Easter egg in the grass made of paper.

Craft ideas for young children with paper - Easter egg in the grass made of paper

Print out templates for Easter eggs or draw eggs freehand on a sheet of paper. Then the children paint the eggs any way they like. All kinds of colors are allowed, of course (finger paints, watercolor, acrylic paint, markers, crayons, etc.) and any patterns. The finished Easter eggs are then cut out. From green paper cut out wide strips and then a zigzag pattern to represent grass. The prongs need not and should not be the same, after all, blades of grass are not.

Make table decorations for Easter with young children

Then glue the ends of the grass strip together. When doing this, make sure that the circumference is not too large. The Easter egg should be able to stand in the grass and not slip through. By the way, the finished crafts are a wonderful table decoration for Easter and also super suitable if you want to try a few craft ideas for Easter in kindergarten.

Easter bunny and chick from pipe cleaners and popsicle sticks

Fun craft idea with popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners - make your own Easter bunny and chick

  • Acrylic paints in white and yellow
  • Popsicle sticks
  • yellow and/or white paper
  • white and yellow pipe cleaners
  • wiggle eyes
  • black, orange and pink felt tip pens
  • scissors, glue

First, paint the popsicle sticks when you make these figurines at Easter for kids ages 3 and up and let the paint dry. In the meantime, you can cut out a simple circle from the yellow paper and a circle with bunny ears from the white. The circles do not have to be perfectly shaped, but you can still use a round object as a template (for example, tape roll, a coin, etc.).

Use the felt-tip pens to draw the beak or rabbit’s mouth and nose, as well as the ears, and glue on the wiggly eyes. Place the dried popsicle stick in the center of a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the stem a few times. On the back side, the two sides should always cross over for a better grip. Then form loops with both sides to represent the wings and bunny paws, respectively, and continue wrapping the rest of the pipe cleaner around the stem.

Easter bunny craft for Easter in kindergarten or at home.

Simple DIY tutorial for toddlers - Pink Easter bunny from a cup

  • foam cup
  • pink paint
  • paintbrush
  • white and pink paper
  • black and pink felt pen
  • wiggle eyes
  • pink pipe cleaner
  • pink pom poms
  • scissors, glue, tape

Paint the mug pink and let the paint dry. In the meantime, you can cut out the bunny ears from the pink and white paper. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and glue one of each half to the back of the ears. You can use tape or glue for this. Next, glue the wiggle eyes to the mug and use the markers to draw on the mouth and nose. Finally, just stick the pipe cleaners of the ears through the mug and glue a pom pom for the tail to the back of the bunny. Finished are the crafts for Easter !

Simple Easter eggs from aluminum foil for toddlers

Wrap a cardboard egg with aluminum foil and design as you like

Depending on their age, kids can help prepare the Easter eggs or just paint them later. Cut out a large egg from cardboard and then wrap it with aluminum foil. The children can then use waterproof markers to draw any patterns they like. If you like, the patterns can be pressed into the foil in advance by simply drawing with the lid of the pen. The pre-drawn patterns are then traced in color. The difference is that the patterns get texture this way.

Crafting for Easter for children from 3 years – bunny garland with pompons.

Garlands to Easter tinker with pompons for rabbits

Such an Easter DIY garland not only looks super cute, but is also pretty easy to craft, where you have different options. You can either add pom-poms with bunny ears made of paper or felt and then attach the bunnies to string, or cut out bunny figures from paper and use the pom-poms as tails. Both variations are beautiful. You can also vary the colors as you like. Moreover, not only pom-poms made of woolen thread are suitable, but also from felt.

Bunny ears from different materials

Disguise for children with homemade bunny ears as an accessory.

A simple idea for Easter crafts are also such bunny ears, which your child can subsequently wear at any time, but are also super suitable for a bunny costume. Depending on the age, you can use different materials that are more or less easy to process. Would you like to craft the ears at Easter for children from 3 years, is suitable, for example, pipe cleaner, which is simply bent into ears and then attached to a headband. Instead of a ready-made headband, you can instead bend one from pipe cleaners.

Somewhat more complicated and for older children are again the ears made of paper or felt. At the top of the tutorial you can see once a way to attach felt to the headband. Loops from pipe cleaners, in turn, can be provided with a piece of paper or fabric.

Make your own Easter animals out of wooden spoons with children 3 and older

Quick and easy crafts with wooden spoons - Easter bunny. Chick and hen with feathers

Depending on which animals you want to make, you will need different materials. But other than that, the spoons are super easy to craft for Easter for kids 3 years and up. You will need:

  • Wooden spoon
  • White or yellow acrylic paint for chicks and chicken or white and gray paint for bunnies
  • felt in pink and white and/or gray for the bunny
  • orange and/or yellow felt for the beaks
  • white and/or yellow feathers for chick and chicken respectively
  • wiggle eyes
  • black sharpie
  • scissors
  • hot glue or other glue

Paint the spoons in the colors you want and let them dry. In the meantime, you can prepare the other elements. Cut triangles for the beaks and noses, as well as the parts for the bunny ears and glue them on the dried spoons. Add the wiggle eyes as well. You can decorate the chicken and chick with feathers on the back, while you draw a mouth on the rabbit with a Sharpie. You can also paint some eyelashes on the animals.

Crafting for Easter for children from 3 years – Simple door wreath.

White pom poms for a cute DIY Easter wreath with bunny ears

Cut out a ring from cardboard that is narrower than the diameter of the pom-poms, so that it is not visible later. You can get the circle shape, for example, by tracing the outlines of two different sized bowls or plates. Then glue large pom-poms along the ring. Finally, you will need the bunny ears, which you can cut out of paper or felt and glue to the back of the wreath. Also, do not forget to attach a ribbon or string between the ears so you can hang the door wreath.