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What can you craft with pine cones in autumn? Try these craft ideas for young and old!

If you are looking for craft ideas in the cold months, you will always come across the cones as a material. No wonder, there are these then in abundance and who can escape the temptation to take one or the other home. Go outside with the kids and collect a few more right away, because we have cool ideas for crafting with pine cones in autumn. Included are suitable ones for kids, as well as ones for adults!

Autumn decorative glass for the table with lighting

Decorative glass crafting with pine cones in autumn and fairy lights

Let’s start with a really simple craft idea, for which you do not even need scissors and glue. You will get a beautiful decoration that you can use to light up the dreary autumn days and make them more friendly. Just get a wider jar, some pine cones and a string of LED lights and you’re ready to craft the decorative jar with pine cones in autumn.

Autumn decoration with glass bell or jar and fairy lights

Put a first layer of pine cones inside and then spread some of the fairy lights. This is ideally mainly on the outer sides, so that the light can penetrate to the outside. Then add the next cones and continue in this way until the decorative glass is full. You can also decorate the neck of the jar with ribbon, yarn or linen fabric.

Colorful cones in basket craft with pine cones in autumn

Colorful table decoration craft with pine cones in autumn in a wicker basket

A similar variant is also this colorful craft idea. However, you don’t use a glass, but a woven basket and you don’t need a string of lights either (unless you want to spread them all over the top). Instead, use a candle. Depending on how deep the basket is, add another object on which you can place the candle stably and lift it. Paint the cones as you like and then spread them around the candles. If you prefer it more plain, you can bleach the pine cones or leave them brown.

Autumn crafts with natural materials – a beautiful, rustic mirror frame

Crafting with pine cones in autumn - create frame of a mirror

Would you like to craft with pine cones in autumn? Do you have a mirror whose frame is no longer the most beautiful? Or would you just like to spice it up a bit ? Cones are your saviors in need. Just glue them along the frame and here you can either arrange them parallel to each other or tip to tip as in the example. If you like, you can also paint, bleach or glitter the pine cones in any color you like. Of course, cones of other conifers are also suitable.

Crafting with children in autumn – make forest landscape yourself.

Forest landscape craft with pine cones in autumn and pine cones in bright colors

Create an autumn forest on a tree disc by using standing pine cones. The cones here are the tree tops, while wooden dowels are used as tree trunks. You will need short, as well as long cones – for example, fir and pine cones. The perfect idea for crafting with natural materials in autumn!

  • Cones in two sizes
  • Acrylic or poster paints and brushes, as well as any other decorations (e.g. glitter)
  • Wooden dowels (or materials with a similar shape, like pasta tortiglioni or sticks)
  • Hot glue
  • Plasticine
  • Wooden disc

Autumn craft idea for children with acrylic paints - make your own trees

Glue the wooden dowels to the bottom of the cones. Once the glue is dry, you can start painting (fall colors are best to mimic colorful foliage). Place the finished “little trees” on newspaper or other backing to dry. After that, you can spread the trees on the window. Put a blob of glue on any spot and press the trunk down. Apply more glue all around and hold the tree until the glue dries.

If you wish, you can also paint the tree slice and imitate a meadow or forest landscape. Also, place the taller conifers in the background and the lower ones in the foreground so that the tall ones don’t cover the low ones. With plasticine you can still make mushrooms or even forest animals and spread them around the trees.

Wooden disc decorate with made trees from cones

This way you can create a winter landscape for Christmas.

Hedgehog made from pine cones and plastic bottle.

Hedgehog craft with pine cones in autumn from PET bottle

This hedgehog looks complicated, but it’s made very simply and with only a few materials. We explain how to make this cute little animal step by step with pine cones in autumn. Tip: If you want, you can use a glass bottle instead of a plastic one. Ideal is a black lid as a nose. But if necessary, it can also be painted black.

  • Bottle
  • Yarn
  • Pine cone
  • Hot glue and craft glue
  • scissors
  • large brown and smaller white buttons

Instructions for a hedgehog from a bottle and cones

Wrap about a third of the bottle with the yarn, starting on the side with the opening (this will be the hedgehog’s snout), by applying a little craft glue and securing the beginning of the yarn to it. Then put glue on the surface again and continue gluing the yarn around the neck of the bottle. Continue like this little by little until you have covered the necessary area. You should work in steps because otherwise the glue will dry before you get there with the yarn. Be careful not to leave any gaps between each row. Cut off the excess yarn.

Use plastic bottle or glass bottle for DIY hedgehog decoration

Then, where the yarn ends, hot glue around the half bottle of pinecones. Then repeat behind that for a second row and on and on until the rest of the bottle is covered. Glue the white ones into the brown buttons and these in turn to the left and right above the nose on the bottle. Finished is the autumnal hedgehog!

Tip: Instead of using yarn, you can also color the inside of the bottle by putting some color in and then spreading it all over by moving it back and forth.

What else you can craft with PET bottles, you can learn here .