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What can 2 year old kids make for Christmas? Simple ideas for pretty decorations and small gifts

As every year, you will find a large collection of craft ideas and decoration tips for Christmas 2021. From beautiful Advent wreaths to do-it-yourself to the hottest outdoor decorations – there is plenty of inspiration on our pages. Of course, we haven’t forgotten the littlest craft enthusiasts either. In this post, we’ve put together lots of delightful ideas for what 2-year-olds can craft for Christmas. Should it be a small Christmas gift for the grandparents or why not some tags for the Christmas tree? Get inspired and plan an exciting craft afternoon with the child!

Christmas crafts with 2-year-olds: What to consider?

What to make for Christmas with child 2 years old

Christmas is just around the corner and both children and adults are already looking forward to it tremendously. So now is the best time to stimulate the little ones’ imagination with some interesting craft projects. After all, at 2 years old, children are still too young to do crafts on their own. An adult should prepare the necessary materials and help with activities like cutting, gluing, etc. It is important to keep the child’s attention, even if he or she does not always really participate in the project.

Please keep in mind that every child is different. All of the ideas on our list should be made with parents and/or older siblings. If your 2-year-old doesn’t feel like crafting right now, it’s better to try again another day. The older the child gets, the more interested he or she becomes in crafting.

Christmas gift making with 2-year-olds

Christmas gift 2 yr old painting picture frame brown with hand print decorating

And now for the ideas! Both grandparents and aunts, uncles and other relatives would certainly be pleased with a gift made by the little hands. But what can it be? A few ideas for Christmas gifts from 2-year-old children, we have collected below.

Craft picture frame as a gift for Christmas

Christmas gifts craft with children 2 years old fir tree picture frame

A family photo or a nice photo of the child is always a good gift idea for family members. Together with the child, make simple picture frames and put pretty photos in them. A good material for this are popsicle sticks. You can make the picture frames out of popsicle sticks in the shape of Christmas trees or assemble them in a classic rectangular shape. Alternatively, you can paint plain picture frames with the child and decorate them appropriately to turn them into beautiful Christmas gifts.

Tree pendant with handprint of the child

Christmas gift craft with 2 year olds salt dough hand print hanger

Children grow very quickly, which even some crafts or pictures with handprints from the previous year can confirm. A Christmas tree tag with handprint offers itself as a simple yet beautiful gift idea that the toddler can help with. As a base, you will need either Fimo or salt dough, which you shape into the desired form with the help of a cookie cutter. A glove is ideal. So the child should press his palm on the still soft mass. You should also not forget to make a hole for the hanger. Then the pendant is left to dry in the air or in the oven and then decorated as desired. Also write the name of the child as well as the year so that the gift becomes a nice keepsake for years to come.

Christmas cards craft with 2 year old children

Christmas cards craft with child 2 years fir tree motif

At 2 years old, children’s fine motor skills are still developing and simple activities such as painting, threading, sorting and gluing help. Another idea to have fun together while developing the child’s skills is to make Christmas cards.

Christmas tree painting with 2 year olds simple idea with cotton swabs

With this simple idea, even the youngest children can paint a beautiful Christmas card with a fir tree motif. All you need to do is cut out a fir tree from cardboard and glue it on the center of the card. Then it’s the child’s turn. Provide matching paints and utensils for painting (cotton swabs work perfectly) and let the little one paint the front of the card. When the paint dries, remove the template and admire the result.

Craft for 2 year old child for Christmas

Christmas bell as a small gift for the child make yourself.

Craft ideas for Christmas Christmas bell from paper cups

Would you like to make a small Christmas gift for your 2 year old child instead? This simple Christmas bell will be the perfect accompaniment as you sing “Jingle Bells” together. Here’s how to make it:

Small gift craft for child 2 years old for Christmas Christmas bell

You first paint a paper cup red, let the paint dry, and then stick some star stickers to the cup. Then you drill a small hole in the bottom of the cup and stick a pipe cleaner in the hole, tying the bell to the end. Using a second pipe cleaner, craft a handle that you attach to the first pipe cleaner. Finally, add a bow and the little gift for the child is ready.

Christmas hand puppets craft

Christmas crafts for 2 year old child simple stick puppets reindeer santa claus crafts

These stick puppets are a great toy for kids of all ages. Using popsicle sticks and colorful paper, you can turn the most popular Christmas characters into fun hand puppets. The little ones will surely have a lot of fun with them.

Christmas tree decorations craft with toddlers

Christmas tree decorations craft with 2 years old child reindeer

Would you like to decorate the Christmas tree with homemade baubles and pendants this year? Then now is the best time to organize a small workshop with the whole family. Here we have a few ideas where the toddlers can help. For example, you can fill empty plastic balls with colorful paper strips and turn them into cute animals. The kids can help put the paper scraps inside the ball and glue the decorative elements to it.

Christmas tree decorations from salt dough craft with 2 year old child

Another idea would be to use salt dough and make any shapes out of it with the help of cookie cutters. Your 2-year-old child can help with both cutting and decorating. For example, how do you like these Christmas tree charms with colorful lights made from fingerprints?

Christmas decoration with 2 year olds tinker from cardboard and yarn

You can also make beautiful pendants with 2 year old children from some cardboard and yarn in different colors. To do this, first cut out any shapes from cardboard, such as circles, stars, wreaths, fir trees, etc., and cut the colored yarn into small pieces. Then apply liquid glue to the cardboard shapes and let the child sprinkle the pieces of yarn over them. The more of it that sticks to the mold, the more beautiful the tree charms will be.

Make crafts with natural materials at Christmas: ideas for 2 year olds.

Craft ideas for kids 2 years old Christmas decorating Christmas tree from sticks

Your 2-year-old wants to decorate the Christmas tree, but you say he’s too young for that? Instead of saying “no” directly, you can simply provide the little one with another tree to decorate. You can then use it to decorate the nursery. So how about such a Christmas tree made of sticks? As decorations for it, the child can make colorful paper balls and glue them to the sticks.

Christmas trees from natural material DIY idea for 2 year olds

To make Christmas trees from natural materials, pine cones are also perfect. These must be as dry as possible, so that their cover scales open and the cones resemble the shape of a fir tree. For decorating, children can use pipe cleaners as garlands and small pompoms, sequins and beads as Christmas balls. On the other hand, with brushes and white paint, they can cover the pinecones with “snow”.

Christmas craft ideas for 2-year-olds to develop fine motor skills

Decorations for Christmas craft with 2 year old child Christmas tree from contact paper

Just looking for Christmas-themed ideas that will develop your toddler’s creativity and skills? We have some suggestions for you. For example, you can cut out a Christmas tree from contact paper and either place it on the table or, even better, attach it to the wall. Then cut Christmas ribbons into pieces, provide pom poms and decorative bows, and let the 2-year-old decorate his own Christmas tree. Fun is guaranteed!

Here are a few more similar ideas that little ones can make on paper.

Make snowman on colored paper with cotton balls, pipe cleaners, paper and bows

Snowman craft with toddlers 2 years old

Cut out gingerbread men from brown paper and decorate with different pre-made shapes

Christmas crafts with child 2 years decorating gingerbread men from paper

Simple reindeer with 2 year old child to make for Christmas from brown paper bag, paper handprints, wiggle eyes and red pompom for nose.

Christmas crafts with 2 year olds simple idea reindeer

What can 2-year-olds craft with popsicle sticks for Christmas?

Crafting with child 2 years old at Christmas with popsicle sticks

In addition to pretty picture frames as Christmas gifts from 2-year-olds, you can also use popsicle sticks as craft materials to make beautiful tags for Christmas decorations with your child. For such simple snowflakes, for example, you need four popsicle sticks per snowflake, glue, acrylic paints for painting and small decorative elements for decorating.

Santa hats craft 2 year old kids popsicle sticks absorbent cotton

These Santa Claus hats are even easier to make. To make them, first make triangles out of red-painted popsicle sticks and red paper, and then have the kids glue cotton balls on the hats to finish them off.

Make Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls with toddler

Christmas tree craft with 2 years old child from toilet paper rolls

No expensive materials are needed when crafting with 2-year-olds at Christmas. Even household items like the empty toilet paper rolls can be used to create beautiful crafts. The little ones will have quite a lot of fun while crafting and decorating these mini Christmas trees.

The toilet paper rolls can also be used to make cute figures like snowmen and reindeer

Christmas crafts with toddler Olaf and Sven from toilet rolls