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Upcycling autumn decoration: Craft pretty accessories for the home from everyday objects

You spontaneously feel like a bit of crafting? Then use what you already have at home and make cool fall decorations that can not only decorate your own home, but are also perfect for gift giving. Using old materials that would otherwise end up in the trash is trendy, because this way you are doing something good for nature. But what could you use and more importantly, what could you craft from it? We provide you with some great ideas for upcycling fall decor!

Pumpkins from bottles, cans or lids

Upcycling fall decorations - pumpkins made from cans, bottles or lids

No autumn decoration is complete without the pumpkin. But it does not necessarily have to be the real thing, because it can also be made from different materials to look so particularly interesting. We have once three variants for you:

Upcycling autumn decoration from glass bottles.

Upcycling autumn decoration - simple craft ideas for autumn

In groups, this idea looks all the more interesting, especially if you combine bottles of different shapes and sizes. But how do you achieve the look of a pumpkin? It’s really very simple! You will need:

  • empty and clean bottles
  • orange acrylic paint and brush
  • parcel string
  • artificial leaves or self-made from paper
  • hot glue

The bottles should be well cleaned both inside and outside, and most importantly, dry. Then you can apply the first layer of paint and, once it dries, a second one. Another variant would be to color the bottles from the inside. For this, put paint inside and spread evenly by swaying and turning the bottle back and forth. Finally, wrap string around the neck of the bottle, first fixing the beginning with hot glue and then applying a drop of glue at intervals. After a few rows, add the leaves and continue wrapping the twine around the neck above the stems until you reach the top.

From cans and knobs

Make fun imitation pumpkins from canned goods and knobs

In the same way, you can use cans. Again, the combo of different models looks particularly attractive. You simply paint the cans with orange paint (feel free to use different shades for all the cans) and glue a cabinet knob to the outside of the bottom with hot glue. You can also use another matching object instead of a knob. Instead of leaves, you can tie green ribbons.

Upcycling fall decor – recycle lids for cool pumpkins.

Make your own pumpkin with metal lids

Admittedly, for a spontaneous craft afternoon this idea is not suitable, because you will need so some lids. However, you may be able to shorten the collection time by buying and using new lids. You don’t necessarily have to cut out the inner part of the lid to make rings, as in the example. It is enough if you just pierce holes through which you can then thread them string. And so you then thread it through as many rings as necessary to get the shape of a pumpkin.

You stick the pumpkin stem in the middle. For this you can use a wooden dowel, or you can use a thicker stick. But also a roll of felt is best suited or cinnamon sticks. Just be creative! Leaves can also be cut out of felt or paper. If you want, you can also put a string of LED lights inside for interesting lighting in the evening hours.

Tray as a door wreath alternative

Upcycling autumn decoration - tray or plate with blackboard paint as a door wreath alternative

A tray is best suited for this creative idea, but a metal plate will also work. Here you are free to choose the shape of your base. Paint the inside with blackboard paint and let it dry well. If necessary, apply a second coat. Then you can add additional decorations: a bouquet of wheat, berry branches and leaves of leaves, for example, or dried flowers , pine cones and whatever else fits autumn. Finally, glue with hot glue a ribbon or string to the back in the form of a loop to hang the finished upcycling autumn decoration on the door. Do not forget to write a nice saying with chalk!

Upcycling autumn decoration – door wreath made of wrapping paper or paper bag.

Bread paper upcycling for an autumn wreath with leaves and grasses

The wrapping paper or bag you use should not be thrown away lightly, because the material is perfect for crafts for autumn! For example, it can be twisted into a roll and then shaped into a wreath (tape the ends together). You can then create this wreath any way you like with materials from the decoration store or those you have collected during a walk. The advantage is that this autumn wreath is quite light. However, you should also keep that in mind when stronger winds come up and better bring the wreath inside if the place is not sheltered from the wind.

Design jars of weck with the decoupage technique.

Make jars autumnal with the napkin technique and pine cones

Get napkins with autumnal motifs and napkin glue. Paint the inside or outside of the jar as you like (see instructions for glass bottles). Once the paint has dried, you can cut out the motifs using the napkin technique and glue them to the outside of the jar with the napkin glue (only the layer with the motif). You can decorate the neck with ribbons as you like and the lid with a pine cone, for example.