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Staging holly for Christmas: Create creative Christmas decorations with the classic

Christmas decorations do not have to be complicated to make a stunning impression. Scandinavian decorations are proof of that. And although holly is usually associated with Christmas, it’s not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Christmas decorations made from natural materials. A big mistake, we think, because this native and evergreen plant impresses in so many ways – the leaves last a long time, bright red berries can be seen on the branches in winter, making any arrangement even more beautiful, and the leaves have that characteristic serrated and thorny shape. So, if you want texture in your natural decorations, while at the same time you value the traditional color combination of red and green, holly holly is just the right choice. But what can you craft from holly for Christmas 2021?

Use holly for decorations at Christmas - ideas and instructions.

You’ve pruned your holly in the garden, but you feel too bad about throwing away the cut branches. We totally understand, and you don’t have to! Instead, you can use the holly for beautiful DIY decorations this Christmas. Here are a few ideas:

Use holly at Christmas for napkin rings

Use holly at Christmas as a napkin ring or decoration

Sure, the dark green ones are very pretty, but what if you actually don’t want to do without the classic branches with needles? Then just take the berries of holly at Christmas and make such pretty napkin decorations with small fir branches. Tie a bow around a napkin with a pretty ribbon and just stick the natural materials in between. Alternatively, you can form rings from thin sprigs of holly with berries and leaves and attach pine branches or other evergreens to them with florist’s wire or hot glue.

Holly at Christmas – star instead of door wreath

Star from holly at Christmas tinker as an alternative to the door wreath

A door wreath like this is a classic and really pretty to look at, but tying it can take some time. Would you like an alternative that is no less beautiful, but is made quite quickly? How about such a poinsettia ? You really do not need much:

  • round stick foam
  • holly branches, preferably branches with red berries
  • yarn
  • optional ivy flower

Make your own poinsettia with plug-in foam and holly branches

With the help of pencil or felt-tip pen and ruler draw a star on the foam. Then with the help of a knife cut it out. Already you have the basis for your future door wreath alternative , which you should now soak in water for about 30 minutes. Wrap and knot yarn around at least two of the star spikes. This will serve you later for hanging and at the same time will be covered by the branches. Now you can spread the twigs on the star by sticking them into the foam. If you want, you can still include ivy flowers.

Make your own door wreath

Make a beautiful Christmas wreath with holly and thuja

You would prefer the classic round wreath ? Then proceed in the same way as for the star version, except that you use a ring of foam. Soak it in water beforehand and tie a string to hang it up. In addition to the holly branches, you can, of course, incorporate other elements.

Mini wreath with fir branches and red berries of hollies

However, you can hang such a wreath not only on the door or window. Also as a table decoration, and more precisely as an Advent wreath, it is perfectly suitable. In this case, you just need to add four candles. How to make an Advent wreath from a foam ring, we explain in this article . The same technique you apply to plug foam.

Red roses and fir branches in a jar with mini wreath of holly as accent

Red berries for Christmas as a color accent in the green wreath

Combine fir branches and holly in a wreath for Christmas

Berries for red splashes of color in the lush green wreath

Green door wreath with red berries as accent for DIY project with plug foam ring

Make your own Christmas decorations with Christmas ornaments and holly

Simple craft ideas for Christmas decorations with natural materials

Christmas decoration in the vase

Christmas bouquet with sprigs of holly, pine cones, fir branches and ribbons in a wrap-around jar

Whether in a regular vase, a glass vase or in vase alternatives like a preserving jar and a bottle, a Christmas decoration with sprigs of holly will look simply stunning. And here you can use for the bouquets what you can think of and like: fir branches, fir cones, artificial berries in addition to those of the holly at Christmas and, and, and….

Christmas decorations with poinsettia and holly in a jar

The fir cones glue beforehand with hot glue to shish kebabs (if you can not find ready-made cones with stems), so that you can arrange them in the bouquet. Spiky leaves, like those of holly, will stand out beautifully amid the needles of fir branches, despite the similar shades of green. If you use longer branches and materials, you can also use holly to decorate a floor vase for Christmas. Or turn a bouquet of holly branches into a Christmas bouquet by hanging a few Christmas balls here and there.

Christmas decoration in glass vase

Arrange in glass with water holly at Christmas

Smaller branches can be displayed in an interesting way in a glass vase or other glass container: Put them inside and fill the container with water. That’s all it takes! With a wider container, you can even float floating candles above it.

For stairs make a garland for Christmas.

Garland with holly as Christmas decoration tinker with floral wire

The banister of the stairs is just a perfect area to decorate at Christmas time. Therefore, you can also consider it to decorate with holly at Christmas. Simply tie the individual branches together with floral wire until you get the desired length and thickness. Then carefully wrap the Christmas garland around the railing.

You can also use this technique for shorter garlands and then place them along the center of the table. Or how about hanging them along the door frame? Especially outside at the front door, garland like this will last a long time because of the low temperatures. And while you’re at it, decorate outdoor areas and stair railings with holly for Christmas, don’t forget the railings of the balcony, porch or outdoor stairs!

Vintage idea with Scandinavian flair - plant holly at Christmas in a pot with moss

Create decorations in a pot with apples and holly

Decorate holly for Christmas in pot with apples

Ilex with berries as an accent in the green Christmas bouquet

Natural materials for a bouquet of twigs for Christmas

In the birch trunk create decoration with branches for Christmas

Arrange bouquet in a birch tree trunk for Christmas season