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Springtime Craft Ideas for Adults – Get the perfect springtime decorations with these craft instructions!

Crafting in the spring with children is without question a lot of fun. However, we adults sometimes also want to lend a hand and make decorations ourselves, with which we would like to decorate our home on certain occasions. And since spring with its pleasant sunshine and colorful flowers after the bare and cold winter provides real feelings of happiness, of course, beautiful craft ideas for adults for spring are a great idea to turn this joy into something creative. Whether wreaths, napkin rings or window decorations – in today’s article you will find some really wonderful craft ideas for spring for adults, which you will enjoy throughout the season. What can you craft?

Craft ideas for spring for adults - wreaths, bunnies, plates, Easter baskets and butterflies

Craft ideas for spring for adults – make original wreaths as decorations.

Craft ideas for spring for adults - wreaths as decoration ideas to make yourself

Wreaths are simply part of home decoration, don’t you think? Therefore, we have two beautiful ideas for you below, which can be easily replicated and are guaranteed to create a real spring mood. The perfect spring craft ideas for adults! So take a few hours and create these pretty DIY room decorations:

Wreath with Off the Hook Wool and Birdhouses

Light blue off the hook wool and birdhouse for a spring DIY project

  • Off the Hook wool (2x) in any spring color you like
  • Styrofoam ring (here 30 cm diameter)
  • pins
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • bird house, birds or other spring decoration
  • optional for designing the birdhouse: large spatula, acrylic paints and brushes
  • hot glue, scissors

Craft ideas for spring for adults - Spring wreath with light blue Off the Hook wool and birdhouse

Wrap the wool around the wreath and pin it in place at specific intervals. You could use hot glue instead, but be careful not to stain the wool with the glue in visible places (for example, if the glue makes threads because it’s not runny enough). Then you can design the bird house as you like and paint it with colors, make roof tiles from spatula (cut 2.5 cm pieces, you need 20 of them) or decorate the opening with metal rings. You can also glue the house into the wreath as it is. Add little birds or whatever other decorations you have chosen. Tie the ribbon around the ring and hang the pretty DIY decoration.

Wreath with colorful spring flowers made of felt

Make your own wreath with colorful spring flowers from felt

  • Felt in three shades of green and matching colors for the flowers (you’ll need yarn for the pansies, too)
  • Hot glue and fabric scissors
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • Embroidery hoop

Cut out leaves in three different shades of green. To make them all the same, you can use the first one as a template for the other leaves. Then spread the leaves on the embroidery hoop and glue them. Then you can make the flowers (or buy ready-made). Of course, spring flowers for adult spring craft ideas are the best choice, but feel free to come up with other flowers. Pansies, roses, peonies, but also Easter bells or tree blossoms are best for decorating and on the Internet there are numerous craft instructions that you can use. If you glue and design this wreath on both sides, you can even use the idea if you want to craft a window decoration in spring.

Fabric butterflies for napkin rings or hair ties.

Fabric butterflies as small craft ideas for napkins, curtains or hair bands

These butterflies can be used for a variety of things. If you use small rings (you can also bend them yourself from wire), they are perfect for napkin rings and great spring table decorations. Larger rings, in turn, turn them into the perfect tiebacks, but the fabric butterflies are also great glued onto a headband and as a pretty accessory for girls. They are super craft ideas for spring for adults to recycle fabric scraps !

  • Fabric
  • Fabric scissors
  • sewing machine (you can also sew by hand)
  • erasable pen for fabrics
  • textile glue or hot glue
  • ring in desired size or hairband

Craft ideas for spring for adults - Sewing instructions for small fabric butterflies

Draw the two elements twice each on the back of the fabric (left) and cut them out. Then place them right sides together and sew the edges together. But leave a small hole open so that you can then turn the fabrics inside out. After that, sew the holes closed as well. Then cut a wide strip of fabric and fold it inward lengthwise on both sides. An iron can be very helpful here.

Sewing fabrics together and tying them to a ring for pretty spring decorations

Then wrap the obtained strip around the middle of the other two elements that form the butterfly wings. If you want to use a ring, you should now include it. Glue the fabric in place and you’re done. The finished butterfly without a ring can also be easily glued to a headband.

Decorative serving platter as spring crafts and for Easter.

Craft ideas for spring for adults - Oval serving plate design like an Easter egg

This creative serving platter is quick and easy to make and also great for kids. It is an oval platter in the example to create an Easter egg, but of course you can choose any other shapes and make other patterns if you choose such craft ideas for spring for adults. You will need:

  • Serving plate
  • Tissue paper
  • Mod Podge or napkin glue
  • pinking shears, punches or other tools
  • white acrylic paints and brushes
  • Scissors, pencil, sponge brushes

Painting serving plate with acrylic paint and designing it with tissue paper and mod podge

Paint the plate with two or three coats of white acrylic paint, letting each coat dry thoroughly before applying the next. While the paint is drying, you can cut out any elements you like from the tissue paper. In the example, zigzag stripes, circles and straight stripes were used, but you can also come up with your own designs. For example, how about flowers and leaves, a spring tree or an abstract design in spring colors? Distribute the elements on the plate.

Once you’re happy with the arrangement, brush Mod Podge or napkin glue over it with a sponge brush, smoothing the paper out nicely. Once the elements are dry, apply another layer of glue, but this time all over the plate. This serving plate is for decoration only and to show off decorations, colorful Easter eggs, or other non-edible items, for example. It’s best not to serve food on it.

Pretty spring basket with artificial flowers

Craft ideas for spring for adults and children - Pretty Easter basket with artificial flowers

This stunning basket is really quick to make and great as a last minute project for Easter and if you are looking for spring craft ideas for adults. Children can also make this spring craft idea and have their fun. The finished basket is not only very suitable as an Easter basket, but can also serve as a table decoration (for example, to serve muffins) or to store other things. Instead of a basket, you can also use a woven tray and decorate your home with it. This is how easy you can make this decoration yourself:

  • Basket, tray or other woven container.
  • artificial flowers, grasses and leaves
  • Hot glue

Easter baskets as spring decoration do it yourself with colorful flowers

Remove all the leaves and flowers from the main stems. You will probably need to cut off the nubs on the ends so that the flower and leaf stems will fit through the gaps in the braid. Start with the larger pieces and spread them all over the outside of the basket, again and again in different directions. Insert the elements into the gaps as you do this and then fix them in place with additional glue.

Then add the largest flowers (in the example they are willow catkins ). Make sure that you do not distribute these large flowers too close to each other and not too symmetrically. Finally, take all the other smaller flowers and also distribute them evenly here and there to create more cheerful splashes of color. You can fill in the inside of the basket with artificial grass or another material.

Craft ideas for spring for adults – Easter bunnies from wooden discs.

Double-sided bunny from wooden discs tinker in the spring for the window or the mantelpiece

Wood is great for adult crafts and if you’re also looking for an idea for crafting with natural materials for adults, these Easter bunnies are really the perfect idea. Quickly and especially easily made, incredibly cute and suitable as a decoration for the whole spring – so you can craft the bunnies for a pretty room decoration and use them to decorate the wall or window and create a window decoration for Easter:

  • Wooden discs in different sizes: 2 large ones for the body (about the same size), a medium sized one for the back legs, three small ones for the ears, head and front paws.
  • Saw
  • Wood glue
  • pencil
  • right-angled ruler
  • clamps
  • Cotton twigs
  • hot glue and gun
  • optionally a ribbon

cut and glue wooden discs

Build bunny from wood for beginners to decorate in spring and for Easter

Take the medium disc and two of the small ones and cut them in half with the saw. Take one of the middle halves and glue it with wood glue on the bottom of the large disc and on top of it again one of the small halves. Repeat these steps one more time with the other elements to get the other side of the bunny. Between these two body elements, glue the disc for the head and clamp everything tightly together with the clamps. Now glue the remaining small disc halves to the head as ears and let the glue dry well. Finally, you can stick or glue cotton twigs for a tail between the body slices and decorate the bunny’s neck with a bow. Since the bunny can be used on both sides, you can also lean it against the window and get a great window decoration .

Cute bunny made of wooden discs for the mantel or closet

Of course, this arrangement of wooden discs is just an example and you can come up with other bunnies as in the example above in the front view. Besides, the bunny is not the only possible figure. With a little imagination, a wide variety of spring motifs can be implemented as craft ideas for spring for adults. And crafting with natural materials in spring will definitely entice them to spend more time in nature.

Cool craft ideas – flower decoration to hang up

Flower wreath to hang above the table with colorful flowers and vines

Still looking for a nice idea to spice up the dining area a bit? This hanging decoration with colorful flowers will surely turn your head. You can use real as well as artificial flowers as you wish for spring crafting for adults, although you will enjoy your homemade decoration longer with the fake ones. Why not make several for different areas in the house! For these spring crafts ideas for adults you will need:

  • Hula hoop in green or green paint for painting.
  • wire ring with a diameter of about 30 cm
  • transparent yarn
  • green florist tape or washi tape
  • floral wire
  • real or artificial flowers and vines

Tie real or artificial flowers

Hula hoop with artificial or real flowers design

If you haven’t found a green hoop, first paint it with green paint and let the paint dry. Then tie the two hoops together with the clear yarn. You will need four pieces of the same length, and tie them so that the two rings have a distance of 40 cm from each other at the end. Alternatively, you can tape the yarn. To the small ring you also attach yarn for hanging. It is better to leave it a little longer at first and shorten it later when hanging, if necessary.

Craft ideas for spring for adults - Craft instructions for floral decorations

Then wrap tendrils around both rings and secure them with the floral wire or florist tape. Always leave the ends of the tendrils hanging down. Then you can add the flowers by attaching them with tape as well. Start with the largest ones and it is best to always create small groups of 3 or 4 flowers. Then gradually fill in the gaps with smaller flowers. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, hang it over the dining table or anywhere you like. Spring craft ideas for adults with flowers are perfect for both indoors and outdoors!