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Snack stadium build – instructions & ideas that make men’s hearts beat faster

Soccer fans take note – today we have the ultimate snack idea that you definitely can’t ignore. The original snack mix, known in the USA as Snack Stadium, not only looks really great visually, but will provide you and your friends with everything your heart desires during the exciting game time of your favorite team – simply because you can put the snacks together yourself and design the Snack Stadium entirely according to your ideas. How is it done? We’ll show you today!

Snack Stadium according to your own taste

Rich offer in a homemade snack bar with nibbles and vegetables for dipping

If the Snack Stadium is to be used just the once, you can use simple cardboard or other disposable materials that you can throw away afterwards. It doesn’t have to be a complicated craft project to serve the purpose, either. For example, it is quite enough to simply set up the snacks , sandwiches and dips in the shape of a stadium. However, if you want a snack stadium that you can fill again and again, a model made of wood is worthwhile.

Build snack stadium out of wood for a regular use

Since the snack stadium in the USA is usually prepared for American football, the lawn is also designed accordingly. However, if yours is intended for soccer, simply adjust it with the help of the pitch lines. But even a completely green area is enough to suggest a stadium. Fill and assemble the oversized snack bar then, as already mentioned, according to your ideas. You can put in sandwiches and chips, sticks and other nibbles, dips and sauces and even some sweets . Drinks such as beer or Coke in cans can not be missing at a soccer game, of course. You know best what you like.

Craft snack stadium

DIY Snack Stadium - Quick and easy craft and make men happy

This variant for a snack stadium is probably the most simple. However, you will agree that it is no less charming and useful than other more complicated models. For this one you will need the following things:

  • Cardboard desk organizers (either two for the two short sides of the stadium, or more if you want to create all sides of the stadium)
  • 4 tall glasses to suggest the stadium lights
  • craft or bread wrapping paper
  • two smaller aluminum molds or other shapes
  • flat, small baking sheet, casserole dish or aluminum tray
  • optional shish kebabs if you want to make flags

Easy DIY snack stadium with desk organizer

The jars for snack stadium simply wrap the paper. Then you can cut out flags from the same or colored paper (for example, in the colors of the team). Glue these to shish kebab skewers. Then you can get to filling. If you want, you can cover the organizers with foil or baking paper beforehand so the snacks don’t grease them. That way you can use them over and over again. Then you can fill each compartment any way you like. Use smaller snacks for the front, lower compartments and long sticks (e.g. tasty vegetable sticks, crunchy salt sticks , sausages and the like) for the back ones.

Healthy treats to munch on - veggies and dips

The bowls / trays / baking dishes you then fill with any sauces . Here, the middle one, which is also the largest, should be filled with a green dip or sauce to mimic grass. Guacamole, for example, is good for this. For the other two, you have free choice. By the way, you can also fill these with other things like rice, fried potatoes and the like. They don’t necessarily have to be sauces. Now arrange the individual elements like a stadium. If you are only using two organizers, you can arrange the other sides of the stadium with sandwiches, for example.

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Snack stadium build from cardboard boxes

Build snack stadium from cardboard boxes - Quick and easy craft idea for sports fans

You can also use regular cardboard boxes for a snack stadium by cutting them like bleachers. You then just glue the finished cardboard boxes together, using glue or double-sided tape. In the free corners you put, for example, cans or but jars with snacks. You can get really creative with the design. You can stick paper on the boxes if you want certain colors or arrange sweet donuts , hearty bagels, sandwiches, rolls and the like on the outside walls.

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Ingredients for sandwiches to make yourself as an idea for the snack stadium.

Snack stadium with ingredients for hot dogs to make your own

Not only chips, pretzels and sweets are suitable for snack stadium. You can also provide rolls as well as numerous ingredients for sandwiches or hot dogs so that all guests can prepare their own favorite sandwich. Of course, the selection doesn’t have to be quite as large as the picture. You could also find out in advance who likes to eat what most, so you can get a vosage of what all you could get. However, a variety of sausages and cheeses, as well as typical sandwich vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and lettuce leaves are by and large very suitable and sufficient. Don’t forget the classic sauces like ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, though!

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Fill with sweet and salty

Put together a creative snack stadium for soccer

Create stadium shape with bottles

Idea with bottles, chips and vegetables for men and women

Sandwiches as an element of the stadium

Small snack stadium with sandwiches, tacos and vegetable sticks

Simple idea with cans, baking tray and loaf pans for cakes

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