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Secret Santa door in the children’s room: the magical Christmas trend can decorate the rooms at any time

Don’t you think that there is something magical about Scandinavian traditions and decorations. Surely, the gnomes have already conquered your home and decorate various areas, especially during the Christmas season. But recently, Secret Santa doors have been added to the list, turning even the most nondescript and boring corner into something special. Is there still just such a corner in your child’s room for which you just can’t think of anything interesting? Then we would like to suggest Secret Santa door in your child’s room, regardless of the season.

Where does the magical tradition of the Secret Santa door come from?

Children's room decoration for the whole year with a dollhouse door

Surely you are wondering first of all: what is a Secret Santa door actually, respectively what is the tradition of the Secret Santa door all about? The secret of the Secret Santa door comes from the Scandinavian countries, where the Secret Santas come out of their hiding places at night to help with the housework. During the Christmas season, this is of course decorating and other preparations such as preparing the cookie dough or other Christmas dishes – combined with one or two pranks of course.

Secret Santa door in the nursery with ladder and flower pot as decoration

Especially for children, this story becomes even more believable if there is also a door somewhere to be seen. This is how the magical Secret Santa door was created, in front of which the Secret Santa occasionally leaves a small gift for the little ones, and this can also be a simple letter. Another charming detail of the Secret Santa door story is the glitter dust that can be found not only in front of it, but everywhere where the teasing helpers have stayed.

Crafting a Secret Santa door from popsicle sticks

From popsicle sticks make a simple wooden door for the wall

Although it may seem complicated at first glance, it’s really not witchcraft at all to make your own Secret Santa door for your child’s room. We have already shown you in another article how you can easily use popsicle sticks for this. These can also be conveniently cut with scissors and then painted and designed as you like to match the style of the room.

Use ready-made doors for dollhouses

Secret Santa door in the children's room from a ready-made door for dollhouses make yourself

There are kits for beautiful dollhouses and, accordingly, you can purchase individual doors for this purpose. How convenient that you can also wonderfully use these very doors for a Secret Santa door in the children’s room. The advantage over the above variant with popsicle sticks is that you get a door frame included and the door can even be opened. Whether you leave the wall behind it as it is, or paint or have painted a beautiful motif (for example, a glimpse into the Secret Santa house), you decide.

Secret Santa door in the children's room combine with stickers and accessories such as a mailbox

Very often such doors are placed directly on the trim, which runs above the floor. Then you can add a cute ladder, which will also be an additional decoration for the whole arrangement. By the way, you can also find such additional accessories in the dollhouse supplies.

Of course, you can also paint the dollhouse door as you like. Whether plain or with delicate decorations – it will certainly be a real eye-catcher!

Secret Santa door in the children’s room – create wooden boards for cute designs.

Secret Santa door for children's room craft with wooden panel and moldings

Surely you know those wooden boards on which deer antlers are attached to hang on the wall. In small format, they are just perfect for making a Secret Santa door for kids’ rooms. They come in different shapes and can be painted any way you like with wood varnish or painted with acrylic paints. If you want, you can also add more ornaments if you want to make the door even more romantic.

From thin wooden strips, you can also imitate the typical boards for a wooden door. They are best cut with a cutter to fit the shape of the door. Then glue them to the wooden board with glue or hot glue before starting the color design.

Customize the area with creative Secret Santa door ideas

Secret Santa door in the children's room put on the book ledge

Typically, most choose to install the door directly above the floor. However, as you know, the pixies are magical, so they can come out of their homes from other heights as well. So the can be happily placed on a shelf or low cabinet. Depending on where the door is finally located and how much space is available around it, you can also decorate a little in front of it. For example, create a front garden with fence or add few accessories like a mailbox, clothesline with laundry, a table with chairs and the like.

Secret Santa door in the children’s room as an alternative to the Advent calendar.

Secret Santa door in the nursery as an alternative to the traditional Advent calendar

Of course, the Advent calendar can not be missing, especially for the little family members. But how about designing it a little differently this time and instead of the classic variant with little doors or bags, use the Secret Santa door from the Secret Santa house in the children’s room?

Secret Santa door in the children's room over the bed or sofa in pink

As we have already explained above, the Secret Santa usually leaves a small gift after their work is done. So you can tell the kids about how the elves appear every night and do something around the house, then leave a little something – so the little ones will then find a new gift every morning until Christmas Eve.

Build a door yourself from plywood and hinges

Made of plywood and hinges

The magical tradition and story from Scandinavia about elves

Little door on a shelf

Decorate shelf with a door for gnome house

Cute Secret Santa doors as wall decorations

Secret Santa sneak out of their houses to help around the house