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Peace dove craft (templates and instructions): The peace sign as a window decoration for Easter do it yourself

The white dove is considered a sign of peace all over the world. Before Easter, one of the biggest Christian festivals, all people in Europe wish for nothing more than an early end to the war in Ukraine. Parents face a difficult challenge: explaining the events of the last two weeks to their children. However, you can also take up the topic by doing handicrafts . We explain how you can make a peace dove and hang it on the windows. As a peace symbol for Easter.

Peace dove craft: Instructions (incl. template) for the peace sign made of paper.

Peace dove paper and paper plates craft instructions

You only need a paper plate, white clay cardboard and pipe cleaners in green and brown to make a peace dove. In addition, you will need the following accessories: scissors and glue for paper and cardboard. You can alternatively use universal glue. This craft idea is well suited for children of child age, because cutting and gluing together does not require special skills. The dove is quickly finished and can be spiced up with paint colors as desired.

Peace dove from paper plates craft instruction

Print out the template and transfer it to white clay cardstock. Cut the body from the clay cardboard and the wings – from a disposable white plate. Then put the dove together and glue the details together. The children can actively help with this. The doves will be ready in less than an hour. Use the time to bring up the topic of “war” and perhaps answer the children’s questions. Sometimes just listening to them and being there for them is enough.

Peace dove template and instructions to make origami with the kids

After you have pieced together the body of the dove, you can move on to crafting the olive branch. Cut the brown and green pipe cleaners and assemble the olive branch. Now it only remains to glue the “branch” to the beak.

Craft peace dove: Printable template

Dove of Peace Easter Cutout and Craft Template

Craft dove of peace: “Origami” birds for Easter.

Peace dove craft tutorial for origami with the kids for Easter

The next idea is for an origami dove that even daycare-aged kids can make. Print the template, cut it and draw the beak and eyes of the dove. Then fold a white A4 sheet in the shape of a fan. Cut two slits in the body of the bird and pass the folded sheet through the slit.

Craft peace dove: Template

Peace dove craft instructions for origami folding paper

You can, of course, make a similar template yourself and give the kids the task of cutting out the body of the dove. Or you can print out the template on colored paper. You can write a message of peace on the dove and finally hang the decoration on the window. As a sign of peace and hope of an end to the war soon.

Paint peace dove: Step by step instructions

Peace dove paint step by step instructions

If the kids are already in elementary school, then you can try to paint a peace dove together. It’s actually much easier than it looks. Of course, you can help the children and pre-draw intricate details. After that, the child can write a message on it. It’s also a good way to talk about war and tell the story about the dove with the olive branch.

Peace dove craft wreath for Easter do it yourself instruction

If you are already making an Easter decoration with the children , then you can include the doves of peace in the decoration. Make a cardboard door wreath and decorate it with the white doves of peace. Alternatively, you can make a garland of several doves yourself and hang it on the window, above the mantel or the dining table. You can also stick small magnets to the doves and make refrigerator magnets yourself. The possibilities are simply endless and there are no limits to your imagination.