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Owl lantern craft for St. Martin’s Day parade 2021: 3 simple last-minute instructions from paper

The countdown is on: only a few days until the popular lantern parade for Saint Martin 2021. You still do not have a suitable lantern ? Then you probably need an idea that is quick and at the same time easy to make. And since the owl is popular for some time with young and old, we would like to offer you today just for this motif a few instructions. We’ve put together three variations for you to make an owl lantern, and you can even do it together with your kids and ordinary craft materials. Create unique St. Martin’s lanterns that you and your children will wear and display with pride!

Owl lantern crafting from a lampion

Owl lantern craft with lampion and template printable

Let’s start with probably the quickest and easiest idea, because you make this owl with the help of a ready-made lantern. In addition to that, we have matching templates for the owl that you can print and use, which of course makes the task even easier. Here’s how you can craft the owl lantern:

  • Lampion in any color
  • Cardboard
  • Hot glue
  • craft glue
  • Scissors

Paper lantern with owl motifs design for lanterns for lantern parade

Assemble the lantern and print out the templates. Cut them out and glue them in their respective places. You can use both owl templates for one lantern to create a two-sided lantern, or you can glue on just one owl. The best way to use the finished lantern is with a lantern stick that you can conveniently hang it from. The lantern is not only perfect for the St. Martin’s procession, but can also decorate the children’s room.

For the owl template to print

Make your own owl lantern with self-painted elements

Last minute Martin lantern to make yourself with instructions

Would you like to make the St. Martin’s lantern completely by yourself ? You need nothing more than paper and some craft materials that you already have in the house anyway! This project is also very simple, so your kids can easily help out. If you would like to make this owl lantern, proceed as follows:

  • White paper
  • Felt tip pens (or other pens/paints as you like)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • Wiggle eyes

Make paper lanterns with children and design them with felt pens

Take the sheet of paper, cut it in half, and draw feathers on one of the halves and lengthwise to make a colorful feather dress. Then fold the paper lengthwise and cut along the fold at equal intervals (don’t cut!). Unfold the paper again and form it into a cylinder by gluing both ends together.

From the other half of the paper, you can then make a handle for the owl lantern by cutting out a strip (alternatively, you can use wire or string) and paint it any way you like. Then glue the two ends of the strip to the inside of the owl lantern. You can now use the remaining piece of paper for the eyes, beak and owl feet. Draw them on, cut them out and glue them to the desired places on the lantern. Finish off the owl with the wiggle eyes.

Use this lantern with a lantern stick or glue a base and place an LED candle inside. Do not use a real candle under any circumstances, as there is a high risk of fire!

Lantern for children with transparent paper

Owl lantern craft from colored paper for LED candles for St. Martin's Day parade

You will get a nice dimmed light if you add some elements of transparent paper to the lantern. This lantern crafting tutorial is also very simple and quick to make. The tracing paper can be white as in the example, but other colors are of course also allowed and pretty to look at. Since this lantern is also made entirely of paper and can quickly catch fire, you should not use real candles. If you would like to make this owl lantern, you will need:

  • white paper
  • colored paper
  • Transparent paper
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • Glue

You can make this owl lantern with a template that you make yourself. For this, draw an owl motif on white paper and cut it out. The belly and the eyes get here ideally each a hole, which later serve as windows through which the light can shine. Now use this template to transfer the motif twice onto any colored paper. Cut out the elements. Also cut out the wings.

Simple instructions for an owl lantern with parchment paper and craft cardboard

Glue the owls on transparent paper and cut it out as well. This is how you close the prepared holes. Glue the wings in place. Now you need to glue the two parts of the owl together. For this, prepare a wide strip of paper, the long sides of which are jagged (you can use pinking shears for this). The strip should be wide enough to fit an LED tea light on it. Place a ruler on the jags and fold them upward.

Apply glue to the outside of the prongs and glue them along the bottom edge of one of the owls. Repeat with the other side and then craft the eyes (optional). Now add a handle made of paper, string or wire and you’re ready to go for the parade.

Owl lantern craft with paper, lantern and tracing paper

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