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Model making for children: ideal for fine motor skills and creativity

Playing should not only be fun for children and relieve boredom, but also develop their skills. Therefore, there are also many ideas and suggestions for promoting fine motor skills in children. Above all, handicrafts are of course perfect – but not all children like to tinker. Then model making can be a good alternative for children. The true-to-scale recreation of vehicles and other objects is great fun for many children. They quickly develop a lasting enthusiasm and it is not uncommon for even young children to find model making a real hobby. The great thing about it is that you can always provide your child with new models that can be played with once they are finished. Read here about the age at which you can start model building with your child, how to find model kits suitable for children and what else you should look out for if you want to introduce your child to this hobby.

From what age is model making suitable for children?

Model making for children from 4 four years

Your child can start model building as soon as he or she is interested in it. Of course, this depends largely on your child’s interests, abilities and development. Most kids get started at school age, some have a strong interest as early as four or five years old . But there are also kids who don’t get excited about model building until they’re eight or ten. That’s why you should always give your child the opportunity to try out this hobby.
Experience shows that children emulate their parents. So if you like assembling models yourself, it’s likely that your child will want to join in at an early age. If he or she expresses this desire, you are welcome to provide your child with his or her own model from the age of four. It is best to assemble the first model building sets together with your child. This is more fun – and you can support your child in case of difficulties.

Where can I find model building sets for young children?

Model making for toddlers made easy

Model building sets are offered by many brands. You can find a large selection online, even for younger children from four to six years old. It is important that you choose a set that suits your child’s age and stage of development. Then he or she will quickly have a sense of achievement and a corresponding interest in staying on the ball.
There is an extensive range of kits made of different materials on the Internet, some of which are also suitable for children. For children aged four and over, the team recommends a playable Revell Junior Kit that is easy to assemble – such as a parcel delivery vehicle or a fire engine with a figure.

Which model kit is suitable for children?

Car model building for kids details ideas

Children get started best with a plastic model kit. It is unbreakable and easy to assemble. In addition, the finished model can be cleaned hygienically, as it can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth. If your child has already gained some experience with assembling models, the switch to wood can then also be made.
In addition to the material, the individual parts are important. The first set for your child should contain only a few individual parts so that the level of difficulty is not too high. If there are too many parts, your child will be overwhelmed and give up if it takes too long to achieve the desired sense of achievement. If, on the other hand, he or she reaches the goal quickly, he or she can then continue to improve by building more complex models.

How does model making help your child?

Build models spaceship for kids instructions

Model making primarily contributes to the development of good fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are about the movement skills your child learns with his fingers – or even with his face and toes. The movements are precise and small, and the dosage of force is very important. Good fine motor skills are needed, for example, to paint, write, cut, fasten buttons and tie a bow. In model making, it is precisely these finger skills of your child that are addressed and promoted to a high degree.

The advantages at a glance

Model making car toddlers fun for whole family

What’s more, you can stimulate your child’s creativity with this hobby – and in a fun way. Your child will learn to find creative ways to solve problems and explore new things on their own. What’s more, your child can then paint the finished model however he or she likes. This also promotes creativity , which is an important skill for your child’s later life. Other qualities that are encouraged when assembling models are:
– Patience and perseverance: especially with more complex models, it takes many hours to assemble the set. Your child must work toward a goal and sit down again and again. This promotes perseverance, which is important in many areas of life.

Model making for school age kids wind energy craft ideas

– Imagination and spatial thinking: Your child is working off a plan at hand and needs to use their logical thinking skills. Model building also develops good spatial imagination.
– Concentration: it requires good focus to assemble the model according to the instructions. Your child learns not to get distracted so quickly, but to stay focused on the task at hand.
So it’s worth giving your child a model construction set as a gift and in this way helping them to develop an interest in this particular hobby.