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Make your own flower box: This gift idea with flowers is perfect for mother’s day, birthday or anniversary

You want to give flowers for Mother’s Day? This year, why not replace the classic bouquet with a more original idea by making a flower box yourself! What it is, we explain in today’s article. Included is also a simple tutorial for DIY, which you can adapt to your individual ideas and imagination. For example, instead of the flowers shown, you can use your mom’s favorite flowers or create motley combinations. Either way, you’re guaranteed to enjoy this project and your mom’s reaction all the more. This gift idea is also simply wonderful for other occasions, such as anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or birthdays.

Mother’s Day gift with flowers – real or artificial?

Make your own flower box for Mother's Day, birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day

You are spoilt for choice: artificial flowers last forever, which means that the open box can later be used wonderfully as a decoration in the home. Plus, high-quality artificial flowers are almost indistinguishable from real ones these days, so they’re nowhere near as tacky as they once were. They are also more suitable if you want to send the gift boxes with flowers. If you prefer real flowers, you can in principle choose any seasonal flower, preferably those that also last a long time as cut flowers. Chrysanthemums are hard to beat in this regard. A few more classics for Mother’s Day can be found in this article . Dried flowers are also a durable option and beautiful to look at.
Either way, you should make the flower box yourself as close to gift-giving as possible – on Mother’s Day itself or the night before.

Idea with peonies for Mother's Day or birthday in springtime

Cut flowers are also best put in moistened cutting foam to keep them hydrated for a few days and last longer. But now how exactly can you make the DIY gift for mom yourself?

Make flower box yourself – Here’s how:

Make your own flower box - simple instructions for a special occasion

If you are using real flowers that you want to preserve with moisture, you will also need a foil to insulate the box. Otherwise, the water would soften it. However, with artificial flowers, the foil is unnecessary unless you want to use them for decoration and let them hang out of the box a little. Here’s how you can make the flower box yourself:

  • beautiful gift box
  • flowers of your choice
  • Plug-in foam
  • water
  • optional for real flower blossoms: waterproof foil, preferably self-adhesive; bowl with water; flower wire for artificial flower heads

Make your own flower box for a round box with foam and pink roses

Line the gift box with the foil if necessary and cut the stick foam according to the shape of the box. Make sure that it does not become too high, so that the box can be closed later even with the flowers. Put it the bowl with water so that it can soak up. Meanwhile, remove the flower heads from the stems, but leaving a piece of stem to stick. If you are using artificial flower heads, you can also wrap wire around the base of the flowers for pinning.

Line the box with the foil and place the pinning foam inside. Now you are ready to start pinning.

Make your own flower box in a square gift box with foil

Option without plugging foam for artificial flowers

Make your own flower box - instructions with shredded paper as filling material

Theoretically, you do not necessarily need plugging foam when using artificial flowers, as it is actually used to provide a flower arrangement with water. However, since it’s wonderful to work with, it’s a good choice that way too. Alternatively, you can also fill the box with shredded paper and simply arrange the flowers on it.

Combine flowers and gift

Make your own flower box with space for a small gift

You do not necessarily have to fill the entire box with flowers. If you have also prepared a small gift, you can instead fill half of the box with flowers and keep the other free for the gift. Coupons and other small or thin and especially light items can again be placed directly on the flowers.

Or how about preparing two boxes: One large and one smaller for the center and the gift. You can then fill the free space between the two boxes with any type of flowers.

Do-it-yourself non-closable flower box

Combine different flowers for a colorful arrangement

If you don’t care about presenting the box completely sealed, you can leave the flowers sticking out a bit. This will make the arrangement look natural and as if the flowers are growing right in and out of the box. This is a good option if you don’t want the box to contain any other surprises, but rather take on the role of an alternative bouquet.

Transparent lid

DIY flower box with transparent lid

The original gift box will look very effective if you find a model with a transparent lid. Thus, the recipient immediately gets a small impression of what awaits him or her. At the same time, the flowers inside will look decorative, so you can save on designing the outside.

Flowerbox craft with white flowers and beautiful gift box

Do not underestimate the effect of the box, but also attach importance to a beautiful appearance here. For example, there are modern models in abstract origami style, but also noble with glossy surfaces. Dark models, in turn, make the colors of the flowers shine even more. Or how about a variant made of wood for a rustic and nostalgic feeling?

Beautiful ranunculus in a dark box to give as a gift