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Make lantern from paper plates: instructions for cute bunny lanterns for the St. Martin’s Day parade

St. Martin’s Day is approaching and you can use the remaining days until the feast to make beautiful lanterns with the children for the parade. In this article we explain how you can easily and quickly make a lantern from paper plates. Follow the steps and get the kids ready for the Saint Martin’s procession!

Bunny lantern craft from paper plates

Simple bunny lantern for St. Martin's Day craft from paper plates

Whether in kindergarten, elementary school or at home, kids will surely have a lot of fun when you craft this cute bunny lantern. It is made of inexpensive paper plates and can be recreated without much effort at all. So set the crafting time for the little ones and let’s go!

You will need these materials and tools:

  • 6 paper plates
  • 4 paper doilies
  • White, pink and black construction paper
  • 2 pieces of yarn or string, each about 40 cm long
  • Wooden stick
  • Adhesive tape
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Flameless tea light

DIY lanterns for St. Martin's Day procession

Step-by-step instructions for making the lantern

Start with the top part of the lantern

Take a paper plate and cut out a circle in the middle. Using a craft knife or a hole punch, cut 4 openings in the frame of the paper plate (for the strings that will later be attached to the lantern). This paper plate will form the top of the lantern.

Make the sides

Take four paper plates and cut a circle out of each. Then glue a paper doily over each circle opening and let the glue dry. These four paper plates will form the sides of your lantern.

Assemble the lantern

The six paper plates are now ready to be assembled: One top plate (which you made in step 1), four lantern sides (which you made in step 2), and another plate for the bottom. Staple these six paper plates together to make a box-shaped lantern.

Draw and cut out the bunny’s face features.

Now design the face of the bunny. Use black construction paper for the eyes, nose and mouth; pink construction paper for the cheeks and white for the ears.

Experiment with your rabbit’s facial features and expression and create the face just the way you like it!

Make the lantern handle

Take two pieces of yarn or string and tie a knot at the end of each piece. Then pull the four knots through the four holes on the top plate of the lantern. Tape the strings to a wooden stick.

Light the paper plate lantern.

Turn on the flameless tea light, place it in the lantern and attach it to the bottom plate with tape.

Now the homemade lantern for the St. Martin’s procession is ready! November 11 can come!

More ideas for paper plate lanterns

How to make a lantern from paper plates

Your child doesn’t like bunnies and wants a different animal on their lantern? No problem! You can use the instructions above, and make the sides of the lantern look like any animal you like. Whether it’s a cute hedgehog, a unicorn, a bear, or whatever your child loves, the round shape of the plates offers numerous possibilities.

Looking for more ideas? Then be sure to check out our other instructions for Saint Martin lanterns! We hope you have fun crafting for St. Martin’s Day!