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Make gifts from sweets yourself: Cool ideas for Christmas with Ferrero and children’s chocolate

We do not deny that the manufacturers of popular sweets do not make an effort at Christmas time and do not package their goods according to the occasion. Theoretically, they are already worthy as a gift. Nevertheless, you often want to do something yourself and make something individual for your loved ones. With our instructions, you can do just that! Use any chocolates to make unique (and, above all, delicious) gifts from sweets themselves.

Rocher Christmas tree as a Christmas gift homemade

Gifts from sweets make yourself - Christmas tree from Rocher and Raffaello

There is probably hardly anyone who can resist Ferrero Rocher. If you know someone like that, this cute Christmas tree is perfect if you want to make gifts from sweets yourself. The idea can also be implemented with Raffaello or other round sweets. All you need is the cone-shaped base. How to make:

  • Cones made of papier-mâché (Styrofoam is less suitable, as you will be working with hot glue), about 10 cm high.
  • 16 Rocher balls or others
  • red ribbon
  • Hot glue

Small gift idea for friends and colleagues for the Christmas holiday

Place the base in front of you and put a blob of glue on the bottom of a chocolate (do not remove the paper, of course). Then press the ball to the cone – start at the bottom and level with the work surface, the ball should not protrude. Then glue the next ball right next to it, gladly this time Raffaello for example . Once you are done with the first row, continue with the second, where the chocolate balls should be glued offset from the first row. Place the last candy directly on the top.

Tie a bow from the red ribbon and glue it to the tip. Finished is the Ferrero Rocher gift !

Make your own candy gifts - Christmas tree with Rocher balls and cones

Note: If you want to work with a cone made of Styrofoam or foam, you can use toothpicks instead of hot glue. Insert one into the ball from the bottom and then into the cone.

How about baking a Rocher cake ?

Make your own gifts from candy – Ü egg gift idea for children and adults.

Make your own candy gifts for kids with surprise egg, kids bars and chocolate candies

Probably the easiest way to package sweets nicely, while also combining in large quantities, is to use a ready-made box. Not only sturdy cardboard boxes are suitable, but also metal cookie tins of any size and shape. Collect the desired sweets and get started. In our case, we are talking about various products of “children” – surprise eggs, children’s bars, chocolate candy, mini bueno and also Duplo.

Metal cookie jar dress up with kids bars as a Christmas gift

No matter what kind of box you chose, if you make gifts from sweets themselves, it is recommended to dress up the outside with them as well. For example, long chocolates such as Duplo or children’s bars are perfectly suitable. Stick wide, double-sided tape all around the outside of the box. Then remove the top protective film as well and start taping the bars tightly together upright. After that, tie another pretty ribbon with bow around it and fill the box. You can form two tiers by covering the first layer with a piece of cardboard and spreading the next one on top.

You can now leave it open, or you can make the lid the same way as the box and then close the contents.

Tip: You can also work with Merci chocolates and Ferrero Rocher in the same way.

Make gifts from sweets yourself – candy holder as a hostess gift for Christmas

Make your own candy gifts with Lindt Lindor - tree and gingerbread templates

You can make such cute candy holders and much easier than you might think. If you make such gifts from candy itself, even the kids can help. The small gift ideas are best as a hostess gift or as a pendant to the actual Christmas gift, if you still attach a loop. How to do it:

Use candy to make gifts for Christmas - gingerbread man template

Print out any design on white paper. Feel free to search for others on the internet, as anything will work. Cut out the motif and now use it as a template on colored paper. Place it on top and trace the outline. Since you need a double motif at the end, which you can fold over as in the example, draw the same motif again mirror-inverted directly to the first (see example with reindeer). Then cut out the double motif completely without separating the two parts.

Make your own gifts from candy - print out and cut out a Christmas tree

Now add another hole. This should be the same circumference as the candy you want to put in it. Don’t worry if the hole gets a tiny bit too big. You can additionally fix it on the inside with tape. At the point where both part motifs meet, fold carefully. Now fix the Lindor in the hole, fold over the other side of the paper and glue both parts together at the top edge.

Printable template for Rudolph the reindeer

Homemade gift ideas for everyone

Template for bell to print as a template for crafts

Here you will find delicious recipes for Raffaello cake .