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Make decorations for barbecue party yourself: With these ideas you conjure up a great atmosphere for the barbecue!

The summer barbecue season is open and nothing stands in the way of long, relaxed barbecue evenings under the open sky with good conversation and delicious food. Of course, the perfect barbecue also requires a beautiful decoration. Here we show many ideas how you can make the decoration for barbecue yourself and thus conjure up a great atmosphere.

Table decoration for barbecue with colorful napkins

The best way to entertain your friends and family during the summer months is with a barbecue! The weather is perfect, the food is just right, and everyone can have a great time outdoors. Here we’ve gathered lots of DIY ideas for your next outdoor event! No matter if it’s for a birthday or just to celebrate the weekend, with a nice decoration the good mood is guaranteed.

Table decoration ideas for the barbecue party

Barbecue party table decoration simple ideas to make yourself

At a barbecue party, everything revolves around the table. Since it is quickly overloaded with food and drinks, it would be recommended to integrate the place setting into the decoration. Embellish the dishes, use pretty napkins and serve the food in an original way. Many great ideas for barbecue party table decorations that you can make yourself can be found below.

Decoration for barbecue party make yourself from natural materials.

Table decoration for barbecue party DIY with natural materials

For an original decoration for the table for the barbecue or any other party in the garden, natural materials are just perfect. They look very natural and are also quite inexpensive. To conjure up a beautiful natural table decoration, first cover the table with a table runner made of burlap and arrange two birch logs on it. Gather grasses and shrubs and place them in a glass vase in the center of the table. Fill wooden bark with small sticks, moss and whatever else you can find and place a few tea lights on top. Then stick a little green twig in each napkin ring and you’re done with homemade barbecue decorations.

Table runner made from green twigs

Table decoration for barbecue make yourself with rosemary branches

Rosemary twigs are another natural decoration idea for the table at the barbecue. They look very elegant on a wooden garden table and still give off a wonderful aroma that keeps insects away .

DIY decoration ideas for the barbecue party

DIY decoration for barbecue party fabric flowers and jeans napkins

Craft enthusiasts can decorate the table for the barbecue party with DIY decorations. Fabric flowers along with some decorated lanterns arranged in a small bucket and paired with original cutlery sets made from old jeans are quite enough for a beautiful table decoration.

Fold napkins – Simple folding instructions for cloth napkins.

How to fold napkins for barbecue party step by step

The beautifully folded napkins perfectly complete the table for a party. We will show you two ideas how to fold cloth napkins yourself for your barbecue party. You will need a square napkin with motif of your choice.

  • Fold the napkin into quarters. Place the folded quartered napkin with the free edges on the bottom of the plate so that the monogram or motif is facing down.
  • Fold the top point of the napkin 1/3 of the way down.
  • Fold the left tip just past the center and repeat with the opposite side.

How to fold a napkin as a pinwheel

Napkins folding as pinwheels instruction first steps

Here’s another interesting idea for impressing your guests with table decorations at the barbecue.

  • Spread your napkin or bandana flat on the table.
  • Fold each corner inward to create a square.
  • Fold in each outside edge to form a rectangle.
  • Then fold the top down and the bottom up so it looks like the last picture above.

Pinwheel napkin folding for barbecue party instruction last steps

  • Pull the triangle fold out from the bottom right corner.
  • Fold out the opposite corner so it looks the same.
  • Fold the right triangle down.
  • Flip it to the opposite side so that the side you were working on is now on top.
  • Repeat the same steps as above, pulling each triangle out from each corner.
  • Fold the right corner down and you’re done!

Make your own barbecue party decorations – creative ideas for cutlery

DIY cutlery holder for barbecue from clay pots

At a barbecue party, you don’t necessarily have to set the whole table. For example, you can place the cutlery in beautifully decorated cutlery holders, so that each guest can help himself. These can be decorated glasses or painted clay pots, for example. There are no limits to creativity.

Cutlery holder from colorfully painted preserving jars

Make colorful serving trays yourself

Colorful serving trays for barbecue party paint yourself

Not only the children will be happy about a colorful decoration for the barbecue party. Bright colors and fun motifs will put you in a good mood and are the perfect addition to a summer party. These colorful boards that you can use for serving are nothing but wooden kitchen boards decorated with paint. To turn the serving boards into serving trays, bend two old spoons and screw them to both ends of the board.

Table decoration for barbecue party with a difference – Decorate the table with food.

Table decoration for barbecue party times different make barbecue from watermelon yourself

If you arrange the food for the barbecue beautifully, it still works as a decoration. A carved watermelon, for example, will quickly become an eye-catcher on your party buffet and in this article we show you how to make it.

Decoration for barbecue party do it yourself from canning jars

Decorations for barbecue party DIY with cut flowers in vase from preserving jar

Canning jars find great use at barbecues. You can use them as cutlery holders, drinking glasses, vases, candle holders and even for serving salads and sauces. If you want to make your own barbecue party decorations, be sure to check out the ideas below.

DIY watermelon jars

DIY watermelon drinking glass from canning jar for garden party

From canning jars, for example, you can make these great watermelon drinking glasses. All you need is green string, black paint and glue.

Simply wrap the bottoms of the jars with green string and hot glue the string to the back of the jars. Then paint or draw black seeds on the glasses and fill them with a pink drink! If you are not serving pink drinks, you can also paint the outside of the glass pink in advance.

Design sauce bar

Serve sauces at barbecue party in decorated canning jars

At a party, sauces like ketchup, mayo and mustard can’t be missing, of course. To serve them, you can again use some canning jars. Here’s an idea on how to decorate the jars with a bandana.

Decorate jars for sauce with bandana and labels

First, cut your bandanas into four pieces and trim the edges. Then cut those four squares into triangles as shown above. Before cutting, make sure the long edge fits around the top of your canning jar.

Then add the cut triangles to the tops of the canning jars as shown. Secure them in place with hot glue. Mark the sauces with matching tags. Write the contents of the jar on the tag with a marker before tying it around the neck.

Then, simply place all the jars in a wooden box, fill each of the jars with the selected sauce, and add the sauce box to your buffet table.

Simple idea for lighting

Decoration with lighting for barbecue party DIY simple lanterns

If the barbecue party takes place in the evening, then you also need to think about appropriate lighting. Here is a super simple last minute idea that is perfect for the table. For these simple lanterns, all you need are empty canning jars of any size and some tea lights. If you wish, you can also hang the lanterns above the table, for example on a tree.

DIY cooler for drinks

Make your own original beverage cooler with flowers

For the summer barbecue, a drink cooler is essential. Here are some original ideas that you can make yourself as an alternative to store-bought coolers.

You will need two buckets, one larger than the other. When doing this, make sure that the smaller one fits inside the larger one, with plenty of space in between. Furthermore, you will need flowers and a few rocks to weigh down the smaller bucket.

Make your own drink cooler for barbecue

Fill the bottom of the larger bucket with water, about five inches. Freeze the bucket for a few hours until the water hardens. Once frozen, remove from the freezer.

Place several stones in the smaller bucket so that it will stay in place when you pour water into the outer bucket. Place the container filled with stones in the center of the large bucket, directly on top of the hardened ice. Cut the stems of the flowers and start pushing them down, paying attention to your position and color choices. Fill water into the outer bucket to about two inches below the top. Place back in the freezer and freeze overnight.

Run water all over the mold and ice to loosen the sides of both the outer and inner buckets. They should come off fairly easily after 15 or 30 seconds. Immediately add your chilled bottle of wine and enjoy the view!

Make a beverage tub yourself

Decoration for barbecue make your own bar on straw bales

If you want to cool several bottles at the same time, then you can make a large beverage tub for the barbecue party itself. This way cold drinks will always be at hand at the party and the tub can still function as a great decorative accent.

DIY ideas for drinks tub from wheelbarrow

All you need is a large container that you decorate as you wish and fill with ice cubes. For example, you can use a tub, a wooden crate, a wooden barrel, or as in the example above, a wheelbarrow. The whole thing will look even nicer if you decorate the tub with some flowers or other decorations.