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Make bag from wrapping paper and wrap last minute gifts in style: simple folding instructions

Everyone knows the problem: you have already bought or made the gifts and realize that some of them have a specific shape. Wrapping unshaped gifts with paper can prove to be a difficult task. But at the same time, you don’t have any gift bags with you. In this case, only one thing helps: to make a bag out of wrapping paper. With the right folding technique and instructions, you can quickly succeed in this.

Folding a bag from wrapping paper: Step-by-step instructions

Gifts wrapping bags folding

The next folding tutorial proves to be really helpful when you need to wrap last minute gifts. Or, if you have bulky gifts that are otherwise a hassle to wrap.

You need only a few materials and supplies besides wrapping paper, most of which you surely have lying around at home. So you will need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Tesa tape
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • bow as decoration – optional
  • tulle ribbon for the handles – optional

Measure the gift

Gift paper to bag folding tutorial

1. first measure the gift and cut the wrapping paper to size. Leave a little extra space up and down. Place the right side of the paper piece down and layer the two sides to the center. Then glue them in place.

Make a bag out of wrapping paper: Fold the bottom

Paper gift bag folding tutorial

2. For the bottom, fold the bottom open side up. This is crucial for the bottom depth and should be matched to the gift size. Next, pull the open bottom side apart and fold the top and bottom sides to the center and tape them together, overlapping slightly.

3.Fold the top side down and press the bottom from inside. Check if everything is well glued. You can close the top side with decorative clips if you wish. Our tip: take mini wooden boards on clamps. So you can write on it the name of the gift recipient. If you do not have something like that at home, then you can simply use Advent calendar clips or hair clips.

Decorate the gift bag appropriately, close it and provide it with handles.

Wrapping gifts from paper instructions and ideas

4. so the gift bag is basically ready. However, you can continue to decorate and embellish as you wish, or add organza ribbon handles. You can also make a gift tag and attach it to the gift bag. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • If you have a tag, attach it to the decorative bow and attach it.
  • Optionally, punch four holes in the top of the bag. Cut organza ribbon and pass them one end through two holes facing each other and the other end through the other two holes. Optionally, you can also use twine.
  • Tie the two ends together and the gift bag is ready.

Gift bag making instructions from wrapping paper


  • The wrapping paper is only suitable for light gifts, as it tears quickly. If you have heavy gifts, then better take kraft paper.
  • Cut a piece of clay cardboard and place it inside, on the bottom.
  • If you use depressed wrapping paper with words or patterns, then when folding, make sure the designs are facing up.
  • If you want to wrap many gifts, then you can make many bags. If there are some pieces left over, then fold them so they don’t take up much space.

Craft wrapping paper

Wrapping gifts bag craft and decorate

You do not have wrapping paper at home? Then you can simply make it. All you need is kraft paper. Let your imagination run wild and stamp beautiful patterns on it or arrange fir branches, cones and rose hips as decoration. You can also sprinkle the kraft paper with glitter, stick stickers on it or embellish it with the napkin technique. You can also paint it any way you like or decorate it with fabric scraps like lace. It looks especially beautiful when you stick various decorative ribbons on it. The possibilities are simply endless.  By the way, you can also fill a gift bag with crepe paper. So you make sure that the gift remains undamaged.