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Learning games for children with clothespins tinker – counting, reading and math practice in a fun way

Learning is one of those things with kids… dry learning material, no matter what age, is just boring. It becomes more of a chore than fun to practice what they’ve just learned. But with a little creativity, you can change that, and often using simple, everyday materials is best for creating interesting games for learning. Take clothespins, for example. Everyone probably has them at home, so get them out of the closet or off the clothesline and craft the following learning games for kids using clothespins.

Learning games for kids with clothespins for kindergarten children

Learning colors for children under 3

Learning plays for children tinker with clothespins - colors assign for toddlers

The different colors are among the first things you usually teach your child. If you have already done this, you can practice and illustrate it by making educational games for kids with clothespins . A piece of cardboard on which you draw a few colored spots along the edge, and staples in the respective colors – that’s all you need. Use colored plastic clothespins or take wooden clothespins for the kids and paint them or stick colored glue dots in the respective colors.

The children must now match the matching colors by sticking a clothespin to a dot/spot. While doing this, they should also say out loud which color it is. Such games and exercises with clothespins are best suited for kindergarten, but also for rainy days spent at home. Children play with clothespins, but at the same time learn through play.

Learning games for children from 3 or in preschool.

Learning games for kids - practice counting with clothespins and paper in kindergarten

Or how about learning the numbers with clothespins? There are two variants for this type of learning games for children. Which one is best depends on the age and learning progress of your child. If the little ones have only learned to count so far, make the game with clothespins for kids with simple dots, for example:

  • Take a piece of cardboard and draw dots along the edge for each number learned so far that corresponds to it.
  • Draw the same dots on the clothespins (or on small pieces of paper, which you then stick on the clothespins).
  • The child must now match the dots correctly, counting out loud.

Circle of cardboard with dots and match the correct numbers in kindergarten

For children who can already read the numbers:

  • Draw the dots on a piece of cardboard or cardboard here as well.
  • Write the respective numbers on the brackets.
  • The child counts the dots and assigns the correct clothespin.

Cut out a circle from cardboard with compasses, draw eighths and flowers for counting practice

Clothespins games for children in elementary school

Idea for children who are already learning to read and write.

Learning games for children in elementary school - learning the letters and reading and writing

Craft games for children with clothespins, not only numbers, but also the letters can be practiced wonderfully . Perfect, therefore, for children of preschool or elementary school age. The principle is the same: you need to match the correct letters. To begin with, the game can be designed in such a way that only individual letters have to be matched. Later, whole words can be put together.

Creative learning games for children - Matching the letter motifs with the same initial letter.

With stickers, you can again craft this variant for children with clothespins. On a popsicle stick or a cardboard strip write a letter. On the clothespins again stick stickers with different objects. The children then match the motifs on the clothespins to the respective letter. For example, the letter “B” is accompanied by motifs whose names begin with this letter, such as ball, bear, banana, blue, and so on.

Learning games for children with clothespins – How to practice arithmetic

Playfully practice arithmetic with clothespin for elementary school children

On a strip or popsicle stick write a math problem. On the clothespins come the numbers from 0 to 9, preferably twice, to be able to combine the individual digits later. What follows for this variant for learning games for children, you probably already guess: behind the arithmetic task, the children clamp the result. You can also label the wooden popsicle sticks or strips on both sides to get more math problems. Or you can write the correct result on the back so that the child can check his or her own solution afterwards.

If you would like to make the task a little easier, you can also give three possible answers to choose from under the equation, with the child clipping the clothespin to the correct answer.

Design games in a variety of ways

Idea using cups and colorful plastic clothespins to practice counting

You can design these educational games for children in any way you like. From the cardboard or cardboard mentioned above to laminated versions, you can let your creativity run wild. Depending on how you design the games, even the kids can help out. If the children also tinker with clothespins, you will have additional fun learning later. By the way, the laminated version is very convenient for games with clothespins in kindergarten, where the game will be used for a long time, so it should be more durable.

Educational games for kids with clothespins and child friendly materials and motifs.

In addition to cardboard, you can use other things that you have on hand when making games for the kids with clothespins. For example, simple cups, popsicle sticks and paper plates are best to use when crafting games with clothespins for kids. A good idea would also be to adapt the motifs to the season or other occasions. For example, you can integrate bunnies and Easter eggs at Easter time or snowflakes in winter . Dinos are also very popular with children. All such details make the educational games more interesting for children.

Painting popsicle sticks and small wooden clothespins

Label popsicle sticks with number and add same number of brackets

Playful learning with children in kindergarten and elementary school

DIY games for kindergarten with clothespin and popsicle sticks