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Lantern craft for toddlers: beautiful and simple ideas for the very young for the St. Martin’s Day procession

Lanterns for the lantern parade bring great joy to children, especially if they are homemade. Because the little ones can also participate in this, and then proudly present the finished work to their friends. There are really very simple craft ideas that you can implement even with toddlers and that’s exactly what we have prepared for you today. An adult will do the cutting, while the little rascals can glue to their heart’s content. This is how you can make a simple lantern craft for toddlers:

Attention. No matter what kind of lantern you are going to craft for toddlers, use it afterwards with LED candles only, as there is a high risk of fire! Also, do not use dangerous materials such as glass.

Design plastic bottles with tissue paper

Lantern craft for toddlers with plastic bottle and tissue paper

Use a ready-made container instead of making the lantern body in a complicated way yourself (although that’s also a great option). For example, a PET bottle lantern is very quick and easy to make, and little kids’ hands are perfect for the project. The finished Martin lantern is also very light and can be easily carried. That’s what you need when making such a lantern for toddlers:

  • Plastic bottle of any size
  • Punch, hole punch or other tool for punching holes
  • Pipe cleaner or other wire or string for the handle
  • Tissue paper
  • Napkin glue, paint brush

Cut the neck off of the bottle. All you need is the belly. Poke holes in the bottle at two opposite points below the rim. To these you will later attach the handle. Before that, however, design:

Lantern craft for toddlers and recycle a PET bottle

Tear the tissue paper into pieces (what fun for the kids!). But you can also cut out motifs. Use different colors, then the lantern will not only be motley, but you can also try to create simple motifs. Prepare the glue and brushes. It is always applied glue with the brush on one area of the bottle, and then glue the paper on it. On top of that, add another layer of glue to seal the paper. Continue like this until the entire outside is covered.

Then let your work dry well. Finally, if necessary, cut a piece of wire of the desired length and thread the ends through the prepared holes (pierce them if you covered them with the paper). Knot the ends of the wire and the lantern is ready.

Make a lantern for toddlers with a paper bag

Paper bag decorate with tissue paper for a simple martins lantern

In a similar way you can also make this lantern for children under 3 . Tissue paper is simply shredded and then glued to the outside of the bag. Inside you then put the candle. Instead of tissue paper, you can use leaves or have the kids paint them. The bag should ideally be white to allow more light to shine through. But if you can’t find one, the classic beige one is also suitable.

Tip: An LED tea light would always slide back and forth in the bag. Therefore, a lantern stick is better suited or you can glue the metal part of a real tea light in the bag and put the LED candles in there.

DIY idea with popsicle sticks and parchment paper

Make and design your own cube with parchment paper

For a toddler, of course, the lantern should not be too heavy and also with this project you get such a suitable model. With the help of popsicle sticks you make a frame, which you then close with paper. Learn how to make the lantern for toddlers:

  • Popsicle sticks
  • Parchment paper
  • Materials for decorating: Paper scraps, paints to paint or mandala to trace, glitter stones, etc.
  • Washi tape
  • Glue and hot glue
  • LED tea light
  • Hole punch and string or wire for the handle.

St. Martin's lantern for children's disguise make your own from popsicle sticks

Make four frames from the stems by gluing four of each together like a square. Then cut out parchment paper squares that are the same size. You can now design the paper however you like. For example, a great idea is to put any design underneath and trace it. Then you can glue the frames together to make a cube. To do this, stick tape (washi tape) to two touching stems inside the cube.

Now glue the parchment to the outside of the cube to close it. Leave only the top open so you can place the candle inside later. On two opposite sides, punch holes in the paper just below the popsicle stick. Tie string or wire that will serve as a handle.

Tip: If you want the tea light to stand stably in the lantern afterwards and not slip back and forth with every movement, you can also glue the metal container of a real tea light to the bottom of the lantern, in which you then place the LED candle.

Quick lantern craft for toddlers from lanterns

Lantern craft for toddlers from a lantern - sticking with paper

The project will be even faster if you make a Saint Martin lantern from a ready-made lantern. It is best to get a white model and then design it to your heart’s content. However, do not draw with felt pens, because the paper of the lantern is very thin and could quickly tear due to the pressure of inexperienced hands. Instead, however, it is best painted or glued. It is perfectly illuminated with a lantern stick, to which the finished Martin lantern is hung directly.

Lantern craft for toddlers - Quick and easy ideas for St. Martin's Day