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How to make beautiful butterfly wings as an accessory for homemade costumes

Many DIY costumes are only complete with the right accessories. So it is with the butterfly. Without matching wings, the butterfly costume is missing the most important thing. Therefore, today we will show you how to make different types of wings yourself. Whether made of cardboard, fabric or parchment paper with flowers, with our instructions you can make great butterfly wings that your daughter will fall in love with!

Make butterfly wings out of cardboard

Make butterfly wings out of paper or cardboard

Whether you are making butterfly wings for a child’s birthday party with a theme, carnival, Halloween or just for dressing up in your free time, with models made of cardboard you get sufficiently stable variants that are made quickly and can be made again at any time when the old ones give up the ghost.

  • large piece of cardboard
  • pencil
  • box cutter
  • paint
  • brush
  • Ribbon

Butterfly wings from cardboard - children paint the wings themselves

Take the cardboard and draw both butterfly wings. You can also take a template of one wing for this purpose, transfer it first, put the paper on the first wing in reverse and draw another wing. Then use the knife to cut out the outline. Then your child can paint the wings themselves to help when you make the butterfly wings.

Make butterfly wings - simple instructions for children's costumes

Finally, you will need the ribbons to put the wings on. Cut the wings in the middle at the top and bottom once each. Then put the cut ribbons through these holes. They can be a little longer and hang down in the back. This gives the wings a special charm. Knots are not absolutely necessary, as long as you do not make the slits too large, because then you can tighten the wings comfortably.

Tip: You are also welcome to craft this idea for butterfly wings out of paper. Then you can also use simple scissors to cut them out. However, keep in mind that the wings will then not be as stable and could tear quickly, especially at a children’s party.

Make your own butterfly wings with real flowers

Real flowers to make butterfly wings yourself

Sure you can make up a butterfly , but real wings are much better, aren’t they? Especially romantic are these unique butterfly wings, for which you will need, among other things, chlorobromide silver paper and dried flowers.

  • real flowers or leaves
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen paper
  • Glass or ceramic casserole dish (about 22 x 22 cm or small enough to fit in the microwave)
  • chlorobromide silver paper (2 pieces of 60 cm each)
  • Parchment paper (approx. 60 cm)
  • sharpie
  • a thick piece of wood, preferably with a flat side
  • hot glue
  • adhesive tape
  • rubber band

Dry flowers in the microwave and use them to create wings

Drying the flowers

Before you make the butterfly wings, you must first dry the flowers . This can be done in the classic way, where they are pressed in books, or in the faster way in the microwave, as follows:

Spread the blossoms on kitchen paper and then put another piece of paper on top of each, so that you get a kind of sandwich. If the blossoms contain a particularly large amount of moisture, you can also spread the paper out in two layers. Place the first portion of blossoms directly in the microwave and the baking dish on top to press them. This should cover all the blossoms. If not, reposition the mold after each interval.

Caution. The mold will get hot!

Turn on the microwave for 15 to 30 seconds, move the mold to another location if necessary, and turn it on for another 15 to 30 seconds. Now replace the paper with dry and continue to heat the flowers as described in intervals until they are completely dry. One and a half to three minutes total should be sufficient. The last time, remove the top layer of paper and heat the flowers uncovered.

Crafting instructions with chlorine bromide silver paper and flowers

Make the butterfly wings

Take the parchment paper and fold it in half. The fold is that area where the wings touch and is the butterfly body. Draw a wing with a sharpie, turn the paper over as it is (do not unfold) and trace the outline of the first wing again on the back of the paper. This will give you two identical butterfly wings when you unfold the paper again.

Tape the four corners to the table so that nothing can slip. On top of that, tape a piece of chlorobromide silver paper with the sticky side up in the same way. Now you can decorate the sticky side with the flowers as you like. When doing so, leave a large enough space around the edge.

Once you are done, you can seal the work by gluing another piece of chlorobromide silver paper to the wings, but this time with the sticky side down. To do this, gradually work your way from one side to the other to avoid air bubbles. Then cut out the wings.

Original Accessiore for costumes for children and adults.

Making butterfly wings for kids – butterfly body and rubber bands.

Finally, glue a piece of wood in the middle of the two wings to make the butterfly body. Light driftwood works best. Then glue the rubber band to the two ends of the body, measuring its size from your child beforehand. Now the wings can be put on.

Make your own black and yellow butterfly wings from felt

DIY monarch butterfly made of felt as an accessory for the butterfly costume

If children are to wear the wings, it is better if you use lightweight materials. Felt is not only super suitable, but perfect for crafting beginners. With its help, you can make attractive and colorful butterfly wings. In a small format, they can also be used for decorating in the spring.

  • black felt
  • yellow felt
  • fabric or hot glue
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • adhesive tape
  • wire
  • Rubber band

Make your own wings with yellow and black felt and wire

Use any template to transfer the butterfly wings and patterns onto the felt. You can find a suitable one below. You will need two pieces of the black wings. To transfer, use the chalk for the black felt and a simple pencil for the yellow. Cut out all the elements, arrange the yellow ones on one of the black felt wing elements and glue them.

You now have one black felt piece left that has not been decorated with yellow. About two centimeters from its edge, now place the wire and fix it with tape. Now glue the felt wings with the yellow pattern on it. Now you can still cut the wings in the middle as in the first tutorial and add elastic or ribbons to tighten them.

Template to print here .